After the chance meeting of JYJ at Hong Kong, I was determined to meet them again. Somehow, someday, somewhat. I was to be posted  back to the main office for an important project for 6 months and we have a round of recruitment which I am to be the in-charge of it. Though experienced, I feel the pressure of it because afterall I am not perfect with my Korean. Having travelled around for work and living around in many countries for that many years, I haven’t get the chance to speak Korean the right way.

Tough work, but I am all prepared for the fight. That’s me. Never giving up; stubbornly.

It was really a coincidence. I was originally to be scheduled on a flight 3 days later but because the house was ready by then and I wanted to walk around Seoul before officially starting work, I requested to be released earlier. I had rounds of meetings and lots of gatherings before I actually took off to Korea. So, I was totally locked away from JYJ’s news. There wasn’t even time to really rest either.

I checked in, dropped all baggages, shopped around duty free, bought some things – alcoholic drinks, check my mails and boarded the plane as soon as they announced I was ready to be boarded. I was glad I am going home for the first time. So looking forward in fact. I am seating in on a Business Class and I had reserved my seat to be somewhere in the middle on the right hand side window seat. Window seat is my comfort zone actually. I had my small pouch which stored only my wallet,  mobile and my music player. My hands were actually full of duty free shopping. I’m guilty to my wallet but who cares! When I board, I saw a man behind the seat I was supposed to be seated on and he had his cap and sunglasses on.

“What’s with that cap and sunglasses on a plane.” I wondered but ignored my curiousity. I was too burderned with the weights on both my hands to bother about that man. I was trying very hard to put those things onto the overhead department but it wasn’t easy. It was too heavy. It wasn’t that I wasn’t tall but it was too heavy for me. I was trying to put the last piece in when I lost the balance and the bag almost slipped out of my hand. Someone saved my shopping from behind. It was him – Kim Jae Joong.

“I got that.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” *smiles*

“Wow! Kim Jae Joong” I thought.

I settled the items properly as he continued to stand beside me and I closed the door with his help. I took a glance at him thinking “Such a nice guy, Kim Jae Joong. But why is he still here?” I shook my head and settled in to my seat. He moved slightly and sat down beside me. I stared hard at him.

“Your expression is too obvious.”


“You look shock.”

“oh… I am… shock.”

“This is my seat.”

“Ah….” I noded.

15 minutes later it was take off. We didn’t exchange any conversation. He plucked in his music and seemingly taking a small nap. I observed him from beside. I plucked in my own music too and soon fall asleep. It was a night flight to Korea.


The smell of food awoke me. I didn’t realized I was hungry. I checked the time and it says 4am. I checked the screen and it says 3 hours to landing. “Why the smell of food?” I thought as I unplucked the earphones from my ears. I heard the sounds of trolley down the walkway and at once I knew they were serving food. Maybe I fidgit too much I woke him. I was stucking my head out a little to glance at the walkway when I accidently touched him and he moved. He opened his eyes slightly.

“I’m sorry. Did I wake you?”

He removed his earphones.

“What did you say?”

“I said I’m sorry and asked if I woke you?”

Politely he said, “It’s alright.” And I nodded and smiled. The food was served and I ate, probably in a haste because I was tired. He didn’t touch on much of the food. The air steward passed by me and I tried to stop him but failed. I needed more juices. Perhaps he saw that and he requested for it for my behalf.

“How nice.” I murmured under my breathe.


“Oh… I said thanks.” I smiled awkwardly. He didn’t responded much but just nodded.

Out plates were cleared and he went back to his music. I too went back to my sleep. I was dead beat. After quite a long time, I felt someone shaking my shoulders. It stared at the direction of the shook and saw him standing. I noticed my shopping bags at his seat and I looked towards my right only to realize that we had landed. I smack my right palm to my forehead. I looked up wanting to thank him but he was already gone. I hurried out.


[—Immigration Counter—]

I saw 3 distinctive figures right in front and some other shorter figures around them. It was them. I hurried behind their line and passed the immigration in somewhat like 30 minutes later. I went to the baggage area to pick up my items. I have a lot of things. My assests that have since accumulated during the 2 years I was away. I saw them standing at a small corner waiting for their baggages  and a whole group of youngsters outside the waiting area. Inside, it was just them and me and some elderly people who had taken the same flight. There wasn’t much youngsters around. I moved on to stand beside their group. As I have a lot of baggage, I took a trolley and started moving them on the trolley as they come about. It was my last piece and the biggest piece but they seemed to be still waiting for many other pieces of their baggages. My baggage appeared in some 10 arm length view. I focused my sight on it, waiting for it to come to me so I could pick it up. It was really heavy. Was it about 30kg? I had difficulty putting it up the trolley and I saw a pair of hands helping me. I looked up and saw that it was actually their manager. Feeling grateful, I said “Thank you.” and started to walk off. While walking off, I turned many times and took glances of him. Was it my eyes playing on me or did he really glance at me for at least once?


[—Next Day at a Dinning Place—]

“ahjumma, please give me….” I placed my order and the owner stared at me for a long second. I had ordered more than what I can finish actually. I just need to taste all that. Afterall, it has been 2 years since I was away.

There was an area where the doors were closed and I heard loud laughters from inside. Open opened the door to ask for more drinks and I saw who was inside. It was him – Kim Jae Joong and some other unknown men. The door was opened for quite some time and I didn’t realize I was staring at his direction until he caught my eye. I shifted my attention back to my dining utensils.

5 minutes later, my food started coming out one by one and I slowly ate each of them I ordered soju too since I wasn’t driving. 1 hour of eating and I’m full. I didn’t manage to finish everything of course. I moved on to the counter to pay and the people from the room started exiting. It was 10pm. I turned around and saw him bidding goodbye to those people he called “hyung”. And once again, he caught me staring at him. He walked towards my direction and requested for his bill. I signed on mine, grab a few sweets and headed out. I was standing by the roadside trying to flag a taxi when he came out. I flagged but the empty cab did not stop. I sweared and found him walking pass me. He stopped a taxi and turned back to usher me to hop on. He closed the door behind me and I stared at him.

“Ajeosshi, please send this lady home safely.” That was all and the driver drove off.

“Thank you!” I wind down the window and shouted to him.