It’s their last stop for their World Tour in the US. The last time round when they had their US tour, I remember telling one of the unnie I know that I’d make sure I go. But it’s crazy because of the 16 hours long flight. I manageed to get myself an air ticket and a VIP ticket to their concert. I was glad I did manage because it was really chaotic. Many people have come to know about them because of their great performance abilities and vocals. They are moving from idol singers to professional singers. I am proud of my man.

11 hours more and I’ll be sitting on the plane.
32 hours more and I’ll be seeing him.
I’m so excited I can barely focus.

Time is passing so slowly and I can hear myself cursing under my breathe.


[—- 10 hours later—-] [—-airport—-]

“I’m sorry, madam. It seems that there’s some issue with your ticket. Do you have any other identification. It seems I can’t find your ticket with your passport details.”

“What?! You’re kidding me. I haven’t got anything with me.”

“Let me try again…”

Panic, I searched franticaly through my bag but there’s no print-outs of the confirmation nor did I write anything in my notebook. “Darn!” I sweared.
Then I got a call from Ju…

“Woman, are you at the airport?”

“Yes, I’m trying to check-in and they say they can’t find my reservation. I remembered I paid by credit card. How is that possible? They are asking for some kind of identification. Where can I find it now?” I sighed and spoke like a bullet train.

“Calm down. Did you get a confirmation email?”

“Right! Confirmation email! I’ll call you back, thanks dear!”

I hung up the phone and logged on to my email account. I searched through the dozen of junk emails and found a subject titled “Asiana Airlines, your e-ticket confirmation.” I clicked in and it took so long to load. But luckily the confirmation number is stated on the file name.

“Excuse me, I think I have my confirmation number. It’s AXJ3278Q. Please check it.”

“Yes. Please give me a moment.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me by telling me you can’t find my reservation.” I said under my breathe.

“Madam, I found the reservation. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Let me check you in immediately.”

“I think I’ve done that and the seat is 10A. It just need my boarding pass.”

“Yes. Let me get that for you.”

2 minutes and I’ve checked my baggage and got my boarding pass. It reads “seat number 10A” on the boarding pass. I giggled at the number. It was the same flight and the same seat that he had sat on, departuring from Incheon. I am like a silly fangirl.

But the point is, he didn’t know that I am going. It was meant to be a pleasant surprise.


[—-on the plane—-]

“Excuse me, how many hours more before we land?”

“It will be another 2 hours more. Do you need anything?”

“No, I’m fine. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”


[—-1 hour 30 minutes later—-]

“Dear passengers, this is the captain speaking…”

“Great! We’re landing soon.” I thought excitedly in my head. I was blasting his solo song “Still in Love’ for the last 16 hours and it makes me wonder what was on his mind when he recorded the song. Maybe I will get to ask him next time. His voice keeps ringing in my head even after I’ve landed, checked out at the customs, fetched my baggage, in a taxi on the way to the hotel…

“…it’s so true i’m nothing but a fool for you. But I don’t care, I’ll always be here loving you with all I’ve got. I don’t care if you love me or not…”

I checked into the hotel, the same hotel that they are staying and realized I still have time for a hot bath before heading off to the concert venue. I actually get to know which hotel they are staying through online research that has been updated and spread around by the fans. I managed to get a room because it’s a more expensive room. I was complaining to Ju about it but was totally ignored.

“Are you going to go to see him, or not?” Was all that she said to shut me off. She has always been cool. That’s why I love her.


[—- Concert Venue—-]

I heard music and singing at the stadium and fans screaming and cheering each time they play the music. I head a familar voice saying “Let’s start this all over again.” I paced myself to walk towards the back stage door so I don’t look suspicious. I want to try and see if I can enter. No one know I was coming.

I was leaning against the door hearing for voices within when I heard someone approaching the door and turning the door knob. I was frozen at that spot. The door slid opened and I saw the man standing. It was their manager and Junsu was behind him.

“Hyung,…” Junsu started.

Stunned at me, he continued. “Oh! You… Hyung!” He screamed to a direction behind him.

Freaked out, I stepped forward and pulled him. “He doesn’t know I’m here.”

“He doesn’t? You didn’t tell him? Why not? Let me get him for you.”

“No, no, no. I don’t want him to know yet. Are you guys rehearsing?”

“We’re done and taking a rest for now.”

“Can I go to backstage later after the concert?” I should asked their manager instead of Junsu but I was so glad to see him that I forgot that the door is still opened.

“Ahhhhhh…………..” I heard screams from behind. And next time I knew, Junsu had pulled me inside.

“You can come to back stage but… Hyung, can she go to backstage after the concert?” He was asking the manager on behalf.

“Yes, of course you can. You can…” He started to brief me. I understood and excited the area through another exit. I was hoping nobody know I was the one who went through the other door. I went to find a quiet place to seat, but there was no quiet place. I settled on a chair. Everyone has started to queue and enter. It’s another hour before the concert.


The concert was great. The stage was great. The lighting was great. Their conditions were great. The stage was hot. But the dance was not so great; No, his dance.



I managed to sneak in and I was walking through the corridor when I saw the dancers’ room open and I decided to peep in. I saw those dancers and I gave that hatred look. I have no idea if they saw me or not and I couldn’t be bothered. I need to get to their room, before they do. I took a turn and walked along another long stretch of corridor. I heard voices within a room and I opened and peeped in. The door sign reads “Coordinator”. They went around giving their thanks. I found the room that reads “JYJ” at long last, gave a knock, no answer and stepped in. I settled myself on the long sofa and waited patiently.

[—- 10 minutues passed—-]

I heard footsteps and his voice. He was talking so loudly in excitment. I heard someone holding the door knob. I rested my ears against the door trying to listen who it was. He spoke again, “Ya.. Yuchun ahh.. seriously, it was so…” The door flew open and I greeted him with a smile.

My focus moved from his face to the other 2 faces behind him. They were giggling, especially Junsu because he knew I was here. But it seemed he told no one about it. JaeJoong was still shocked after 10 seconds. And YuChun broke the silence,

“Hyung, are you going to stay like this?”

“uhh? Oh… no.. I just.” And he shifted his focus to my face.

“You didn’t tell me…”

“She says it’s a surprise.” Junsu butted in as he pushed JaeJoong aside to get through.

“You knew about it yet you didn’t let me know.” JaeJoong exclaimed strongly.

“Oppa, it was meant to be a surprise. I asked Junsu oppa not to say. We met at the backstage door just now. He didn’t know about it until then.” I was trying to explain while holding on to him. “Aren’t you glad to see me?” I continued.

“I am but..” He was lost for words.

It was such a pleasant sight I can’t help but giggled at him. He face reflected of shockness and glad and slightly angry with Junsu. He walked into the room towards his belongings and I followed behind. The room is big for 3 person and they have all their belongings put on the dressing table. He searched through his bag as if looking for something. Feeling ignored, I walked towards the sofa and sat down.

I started talking about the concert and praising the other 2 members, giving glaces to JaeJoong which he caught looking through the mirror at me. He knew I wasn’t please about something and he showed the face of guilty. I can’t help but to tease him further. I was jealous at the same time too.

“I saw your solo…”

“Yes… my solo… yes…”

Yuchun and Junsu started to laugh slightly.

“The dance was… how should I say it? Amazing… you performed well. So… you liked your solo?”

“baby, it was just the cheorgraphy. We’re trying to express the lyrics of the song and protraying it through dance.”

“Protraying it through dance. Right… dance… all those touchy stuff… and… your eyes… the fans were crazy about your solo.”

“Yes, it’s.. eh…” He couldn’t find words to defend himself. He wouldn’t want me to see and he didn’t know I was there.

YuChun and Junsu was taking glances at us, looking at how I’m teasing JaeJoong. It wasn’t an awkward moment, not for us but perhaps JaeJoong. I didn’t know what he was guilty for. But it was fun teasing him sometimes. I just missed him badly.

I went to sit down at the sofa again. And they walked around packing and getting ready to leave.


[—-on the car—-]

“Hyung, let’s head out for supper, shall we?” YuChun started as we all sat on the car and JaeJoong is boarding.

I was seated in right at the back earlier to avoid the fans. They purposedly left the back seat for the both of us. I remained quiet as I started at the drawn curtain. I can hear talking from outside the van. In less than a few seconds after he settled himself down, we’re off. He didn’t heard YuChun. From the moment he boarded, his focus was on me. He was trying to read my thoughts. I took glances at him secretly, through the sides of my eyes.

30 minutes of drive and we’re at the hotel. There were fans waiting for them at the hotel. They stepped out of the car. Before he left he said, “Come out only after we’re gone.” He was trying to protect me from the fans.


[—-at my room—-]

“Ding dong”

It was him. I just know it.

I opened the door, turned and was about to walk away when he closed the door behind him and hugged me from behind.

“Thank you for being here. I really didn’t expect.” He whispered into my right ear.

I let out a sigh. There’s no way of winning with him. I was no longer angry or jealous about his solo. For as long as I don’t see a video of it.

“Where are the others?”

“They went for supper. Junsu is in his room.”

“And you’re…”

“I’m here… for you…”

“How sweet…” I sounded not in the least sweet at all.

“You’re still brooding over that matter? It’s just a dance. Plus, it was all along cheorographed this way.”

“Even in Asia? uh… that I didn’t seem to know.”

“It’s different in Asia…” He seat me down on the bed and tried explaining.

I escaped, grabbing along with me the TV remote control. I settled the pillow again my head and sat upright at the bed. He was standing right in front of the TV when I tried to switch it on.

“You’re blocking me.”

“Don’t me mad…” He get on the bed beside me and I heaved another sigh. He settled his head on my lao which I laid a pillow on, covered by the blanket.

I stared at him while the TV rants on about the latest pop song in the US.

I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He looked totally like a 3 year old child tugging into mommy’s arms.

He kissed me and whispered “Don’t be angry.” looking into my eyes.