[…] […] […]

The vibration sound of my phone could be heard 2 tables away. Without having to check the phone I know exactly who’s the one who sent that message. I walked over and reached out to my phone.

It reads “babe, i’m back in Seoul. You…”

I had no time to check his text message and had to rush for the next 2-hours long meeting. I’m dreading it. But there was a lot to discuss over this important meeting and I can allow no distractions.

[… 2 hours 30 minutes later…]

A check on my phone and it says:

[… you have 10 missed calls…]

[… 2 new voice messages…]

[…5 text messages…]

I was about to slide open when the 3rd voice message came in.

“How impatient.” I sniggled at the thought.

For some reason, I decided to clear up all the missed calls. I’m gonna ignore those voice messages because it would be his nagging of why am I not picking up those calls nor am I replying his messages. I’m just going to read those text messages.

I could hear his voice ringing in my head saying “babe, I know you are busy but could you just reply that text message or pick up that call…”

Knowing him too well.

First text message says “babe, i’m back in Seoul. You free tonight? I missed you.”

Second text reads “are you in a meeting or in the middle of an important work? Please reply soon. Love. (with a heart)”

Third reads “I called you like for 5 times already.”

I went to check at the timings of the calls and it appears that I had a miss call almost every other minute. The last missed call was 1 minute ago. I ignored the rest of the text messages and decided to hit the redial button.

At the first ring “FINALLY!!!!!!!!!” he sounded like he was desperate to get me on the phone.

“I was in an important meeting and I couldn’t get away to answer any calls. I left the phone at my desk… so I…”

“You free tonight? Let’s meet. I’ll pick you up.”

“I have a date with Ju tonight. We had arranged to meet some time back and it’s been a while since I’ve last seen her.”

“no matter how late…”

“Alright. I’ll try to end off earlier. I’ll see you at your place?”

“I’ll see you at your place.”

“Right… my place… okay…”


[Time: 12midnight]

I was on the phone with Ju.
“I didn’t know we’d end off so late. I didn’t even watch the time. I’m almost at my door. Where are you.”

“I’m still a couple minutes away. Lucky thing we manage to get cabs at that area else it’d be even later.”

“yeah.. right… have a good rest when you get home.”

I was standing outside the door when I hung up the call.

[di-du-di-di… *music*]

My door opened. It was total darkness and I couldn’t see a thing. I took off my shoe and left it on the shelve and took a step forward up. I feel someone dragged me and I was being hugged so tightly.

I forgot.
The fact that he had returned today.
The fact that he was at my house.
The fact that he was waiting for me.

I opened my mouth “oopa…”

“shhh…. Just stay like this for a while…”

I understood. No words required.


“you look so tired.”

“I slept a little just now while waiting.”

I never talked to him about his work because he gets all that support required. No words required.

“Are you hungry?”

“Not really. I miss you more. *smiles*”

He moved on to seat at the couch. And I walked towards my room to put down my belongings before walking over to the couch.

“It’s late. Let me take a shower.”

He pulled me towards his direction and I ended up sitting beside him. He gave me a hug, implying that he doesn’t want me to move an inch.

“oopa.. I smell from the day. Let me take a quick bath. *smiles*”

“It’s saturday tomorrow. Let’s go out.”

I know he meant now and not the next morning.

“I get all that energy when I see you but let me bath and change to a new set of clothes, alright?”

With that, I walked off and came back in 30 minutes. He seemed to have timed well the time I’ll take. He was gone when I came out of the shower and then my phone vibrates at my dressing table. In the darkness the phone shows “Jjoong”.

“I’m in the car at the basement. Wait for me at the lobby.”

I got out of the house and waited for him at the lobby. There’s a car that came and stopped right in front of me. The driver lowered the window and it reveals JaeJoong sitting at the driver seat.

“Hop on.”

“Why the change in car?”

“It’s manager hyung’s car. I borrowed his. To avoid the fans tracking me down.”

“you’re getting really popular these days. *giggles*”

“have always been… *laughs*”


It was moments and we were on those express bridges. He is always a fast yet safe driver, plus it was night. He drove along and we didn’t speak. The night scenery was beautiful as usual and I realized that it was quite some time when I had the chance to look at this beautiful view. He scrolled down the window for me and the cool breeze filled my face. The feeling was very good.

He drove on for the next hour or so and I didn’t know that I had fallen asleep.


My eyes started to open though it wasn’t dawn yet. I had slept for quite some time. My seat has actually been put lower so I can sleep more comfortably and there was a blanket over me. I remained in that posture and focused my sight to my left hand side. He was there, lying with his eyes closed facing my direction. I couldn’t tell if he was just closing his eyes or fast asleep. I could hear the waves hitting some solid objects and I knew at once we were at the beach. It was still too dark to make out what’s around me. The lights were dim but visible. I saw his fair face. I always hated the fact that he’s fair – fairer than me.

For an unknown reason, I started to inch towards him like I was controlled by an unknown force. He looks tired but somewhat happy. He’s working really hard these days, working on things that he really like. I am glad that such a man is in love with me. I remembered how he had looked when he said “I only want your love above everything else.”

Maybe that’s why I love him.
Maybe that’s why we have built up this trust between us.
Maybe that’s why even if I don’t get to see him, I know he’s there.
Maybe that’s why we are in love.

He moved.. And I went back to my original posture freigning I was still asleep.

“I know you’re awake.”

I failed. As always.


He switched on the light in the car so we could see each other better. Dawn is starting to break.

“Let’s watch sunrise and go for breakfast. I’m hungry.”

“I’m hungry too. I want coffee.”

“I know you do. Shall I go get some now?”

“No, it’s alright. I can have it later.”

“Have you been drinking coffee on an empty stomach?”

I just grinned at that question.

“You know you should at least…”

“oppa… seems like the sun is coming up… ”

“Don’t you try to change topic.”

Too late. I was getting up and getting off the car. He follow suit behind.

“The morning breeze is cold. Put this on.”

“What about you?”

“I’m warm enough.”

“I seem to have a higher body temperature than you.”

“You have been sleeping all night. Not moving.”


We sat down and I leaned against him. It was another 20 minutes later that the sun started to rise and another 10 minutes later that the sun rose. We took a slow walk along the beach, holding hands. It was peaceful.

“I’m hungry. Let’s head for breakfast.”

“I know there’s this place that serves good soup. Let’s go there. It’s a 5 minutes drive.”

We spent an hour eating and another 30 minutes enjoying the breeze and coffee.

It was a perfect moment.

We didn’t speak.


[—-sound of the start of the engine—-]

I hopped on the car and he moved towards me, wanting to fasten the seat belt for me. I let him do the job.

We listened to slow music throughout the drive back to Seoul. It was pretty fast because of the smooth traffic and his driving skills. At about 11am, I was back at my place. He had dropped me off at the lobby. I bid him goodbye thinking that he will be going off.

5 minutes later, I heard someone opening my door. It was him.

“I thought you left.”

“There’s nothing on today. I thought I could just stay here. I only have an appointment this afternoon.”


“The interview is at 3pm and it’s only a couple of hours left so I thought it’s pretty time consuming to head home and go out again. I’ll take a shower.”

He passed through me and enter the place with me starting at him in amazement. I had planned to clean the house a little before I head off for a nap.

He took a shower and it was all quiet. I was cooking up something in the kitchen so I didn’t bother. I went to check on him after I was done. He’s dead asleep on my bed. He’s that tired yet he insist on a date to the beach.

“That boy.” I thought and smiled.