I had booked a flight to get me to Vancouver and I had to transit at Hong Kong. The moment I landed in Hong Kong, I was in a dreamy state. I needed some coffee. I have done all my readings for the next meeting and I had to wait about 1 hour for the next flight. So I decided I would drop by Starbucks first to grab a cup of hot coffee and head of to the book store to shop for a decent book.

There were groups of people rushing around seemingly to be searching for something in particular. Or perhaps, they were just rushing to board a plane. But for whatever the reason, my brain juice couldn’t let me go further to think more into it. I was so busy I couldn’t even remember what date exactly it was today. I walked into Starbucks, surprised to see that it was quite bare. I made a quick order and headed out, walking towards the book store. I was so familar with the airport because I was there several times. Barely 2 minutes I walked and I took the first sip of my coffee; forgetting that it was hot. I was scalded so it shook me up from my daze and I realized that I had fogot to grab some napkins. Frustrated, I head back towards Starbucks.

I took a step in and I heard a voice so familar.

Micky: Hyung, you want some coffee? It’s still a long wait for our flight.
Jae: hmm…. what about Junsu?
Su: let me see…
Jae: manager hyung, we’ll get you some coffee?
Manager hyung: I’ll get for you. What do you want?
Micky: no it’s okay. I can get it myself.

[the conversation continues…]

The shop assistant recognised me.

Shop: How can I help you?
Me: Oh no… I scalded myself and guess I forgot some napkins. I think I’ll seat and finish my coffee. Can I get a cake?

I ordered my cake so I had a reason to be there longer. They didn’t think I was a fan because I had acted normal. I tried so hard to be normal but it was really difficult to surpress that kind of excitment.

It was after 10 minutes that they decided what they wanted. I guess they really do have much time left for their flight. I remembered I took the longest time ever to finish my cup of coffee and cake. And I even regretted that I didn’t get a grande size! I was sitting back facing them at first. Then I switched around to the seat opposite. Making it seemed like it was uncomfortable. I wanted to look at them, hear them.

After I switched, I took out my phone, pretending to be checking my mails.

Me: Is there wireless here that I can tab to?
Shop: yes, it’s…..

And of course, being a fan, I took pictures but not under a single suspicion that I was a fan. It wasn’t as clear for a iPhone camera but I was satisfied. I started playing around with my phone and listening in…

Jae: I didn’t get much of a sleep yesterday.
Micky: why?
Su: why not? I slept quite well…
Micky: something’s on your mind?
Jae: not exactly…

I wanted to know why…but he’s not continuing his story!

Micky: you’re thinking about something again?
Jae: it’s more of work actually…

Like he wasn’t ready to share, he changed to another topic.

Jae: I didn’t realize we’re so popular here.
Su: hmm… our popularity is quite intense looking at those fans.
Micky: yeah.. it’s quite.. scary sometimes… those kind of fans..

I knew exactly what kind of fans they are referring to. We just love them too much we didn’t realize it ourselves sometimes.

Manager Hyung: it’s almost time…
Jae: do we need to go now?
Manager Hyung: it’s quiet here but can be chaotic outside. We can wait a little more and head there when we can board.
Jae: we reached a little earlier this time.
Micky: yeah we did so we had coffee time…