I was a long time fan of Kim Jae Joong. But I have never for once think that I can ever meet him; not this way. It was hard to get tickets to his concerts. Thus, I was able to go to only 2 of his concerts. Out of the 2, none of it was in a good seat that I can see him closely. But I was satisfied just to hear him sing.

I and another good friend of mine, Ju went to Rome for the first time ever. We were jest with curiousity about the place that we’ve always wanted to set foot on. It was summer but it was pretty windy. It wasn’t as hot as we had imagined to be.

There were many places that we had planned to visit and one of it, is that of a church in Rome. I was never interested about churches but I came across this particular church on a cultural book and had always wanted to see it. We saw some interesting handicrafts at a store and decided to check it out.

Me: Ju, I think I accidently left my notes at the restaurant we ate earlier on.
Ju: Why are you so careless? Let’s go back and get it.
Me: It’s fine. I can go alone. You look around the place here and get me a couple more nice shots.
Ju: You sure about this?
Me: It’s very near. I will be back in less than 10 minutes.

With that, I started running towards the direction of the restaurant. To me, photo diaries meant anything more than just plain memories and words. The restaurant is at the opposite direction that I was heading and so was the church. It was at that church that I met him for the first time. He wasn’t alone.

I saw him walking out of the church at the staircase and somehow my footsteps slowed and came to a halt. Many people were around, fans perhaps; fans like me. He was with his members, Kim Junsu and Park YuChun. I couldn’t help but stare at the trio. There were flashes of lights shooting from everywhere. People were taking pictures.

I scanned around my environment and somehow my gaze stopped at him. He was staring at me. I wasn’t dreaming. He was looking at my direction. I looked around me and realized that everyone around me was making space for them to pass. I stood there for another couple of seconds. He was in his blond fuzzy hair which looks a mess yet so suitable for him. He wore a white singlet with a red checked long-sleeve shirt and his usual kind of jeans. My gaze didn’t shift from him. We were staring at each other’s direction for only a short few seconds but so many things has gone through my mind.

I manage to get my senses back and continue to head towards the restaurant…