It was barely 2 months after I come back from Rome. I was riding the subway back home when I received a call from my all-time good friend, Dia. Over the phone I could feel her excitment but I couldn’t make out what she was trying to convey because of the bad reception underground.

Me: Dia, I’m reaching my stop in a while. I can’t make out what you’re saying. I’ll call you back in 5.
Dia: What? You *@##@)& hang #*@)(# now?
Me: Call you back!

I knew. There’s something in my mind that tells me it’s unusual for her to be this excited. What is it that’s going on? It wasn’t even 2 minutes and I reached my stop. In that short 2 minutes, I have at least a 100 thoughts that flashed through my mind.
I didn’t even wait until I get out of the subway. I didn’t wait for the receiption to come back and I started on my phone already.

Beep… Beep…

Me: Come on! Pick it up now! Dia… where are you?
Dia: Hey cutie pie! I’m so excited! I heard @#@$@^R(*))&)@ concert in Bangkok.

Dia had spoken a huge amount of unimportant stuff to me which obviously I failed to catch. The only thing I remembered was her telling me about a concert in Bangkok.

Me: What has a concert in Bangkok has got to do with me? You know I just came back…
Dia: NO!NO!NO! Girl, you gotta go! It’s him! Don’t you want to hear him live again?
Me: Him? Kim Jae Joong?!

I didn’t realized that I was speaking in a high pitch tone in such excitement that everyone in front had turned to look at me. I blushed and walked towards the other end of the train.

Me: You serious? He’s going to have a concert in Bangkok? When is that? Oh shit! I better have enough money to fly me there. What about mom? What should I say? Oh no.. Dia!
Dia: I’ve already look through all that. All we need to do now is get tickets during the pre-sale! And why wouldn’t your mom allow you to go? You have me with you, dear!
Me: Dia, I love you a bunch! I really do!


[Music and singing at the background]

Me: Dia, what time do you think they will end their rehearsal?
Dia: No idea. But it’s almost 10pm. They should be ending soon.
Me: I hope they have sufficient rest for tomorrow’s concert.
Dia: Silly! Is that what you should be thinking of now?
Me: Is it not…?

I was being ignore by Dia for being silly once again. But nevermind, the anticipation that I have in my mind now rules over everything else. Much that I want a perfect performance from them, I want them to be at perfect condition.

The music stopped. People waiting outside were anticipating them to be out very soon. But, it was also during that period of time when I needed to use the toilet urgently. The toilet was at another side of the stadium just a few steps away.

I didn’t realized that there was another enterance to the stadium at this exit. I went in the toilet and was out in barely 5 minutes. I didn’t want to miss the chance to catch a glimpse of him. I stepped out of the toilet and 3 other ladies entered. They were talking in Korean. I realized that they were their dancers and was talking about him. I rushed out. Something that has stopped in front of me has blocked my view of what’s in front. It was the high beams of the car. I stressed my eyes so badly to make out what’s in front. At that moment, 1 broad figure walk passed me, followed by another 1 and then 2 and 2 more. I tried to move out of the beam to catch who were those people. He was walking behind the crowd with their manager.

His skin was a perfect white under the strong beam of the lights. His hair was a shiny black, straight and neat. He smiled.

Jae: It’s already 10.30pm. It’s dangerous for a lady to be alone at this time.

I didn’t realized he was looking at me and speaking to me.

Jae: Hello? You heard me?
Me: huh? Oh… oh… my friend… (I pointed towards Dia’s direction)
Jae: *smile*

He smiled at me while walking away.

Me: I’ll be at the concert tomorrow!
Jae: See you tomorrow!

He smiled his usual smile that shows his perfect white teeth and board the car.

I stood there in a daze, unable to make out what exactly had just happened.

I had met him… for the second time… And, we exchanged conversations.