I was happy even just thinking about what happened that night. I mean who the hell would get such chances to meet him? And it’s not even at an official event. There was this Oppa that I had known during my school days. He’s 3 years older and I am always happy that he treated me as good as his own little sisiter. It was 2 years since I last called him. His last message to me when I left was, “You pursue your dream, I pursue mine. We shall meet again when you come back as a successful woman.” He still weighs a lot in my heart as an elder brother. I’ve never had any siblings and I was always showered with his care and concern until I left for overseas to work. I contacted him 3 days again and he had requested to meet this evening. He has become a dancer now and I am glad, for his dream came true. He didn’t said much over the phone and say that he would be bringing someone along if I didn’t mind.

Perhaps it was because I hadn’t been back for 2 years, I couldn’t find the place and was running late. My phone is ringing like no body’s business.

“Oh.. Oppa, I am still trying to find that place. I don’t seem to know… I took a taxi and the driver says it’s round the corner but I can’t… ah.. I found it!”

I entered the place. Oppa was sitting at a small corner and indeed someone was with him. Lucky thing was Oppa was facing me so I didn’t had to seach much. Though it was a hard time noticing him in that small corner. He waved as he saw me walked in.

“Oppa, why are you sitting here? I almost couldn’t see you.” I started off as I approached the table even before I sat.

“Oh… Say hello. This is a dongsaeng that I’ve always liked….”

“Hello.” I cut him off.

His friend looked up and I saw his face. I shriked but didn’t made a sound.

“Oppa, isn’t that Kim Jae Joong? You know him? Wow! That’s amazing. You’re famous!” I was so excited.

Oppa ushered the waitress to bring me a soju cup and introduced me to Kim Jae Joong. I was so excited and I wanted to butt in but I thought it better. After Oppa has finished with his talking, I started spazzing to Kim Jae Joong.

“Do you remember me? Do you remember how we met? I meant the other day at the airport.. ah… no.. it was the plane…”

“Wait! Wait! You mean you guys have met before?”

“Not really met, Oppa. It was a coincidence. I doubt he even remembered me.”

“I do actually. Because you always have that lost look in you.”

“Lost look?” I was slightly offended. No matter how much I admired him, it’s no excuse of him to say something so. But Oppa butt in.

“Lost look?” Oppa laughed out very loudly. And I was really pissed now.

“Oppa, what is this. You’re laughing at me after so long that we’re met again? You’re laughing at me? I’m leaving.”

“Ah…ahh.. I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to laugh. But what JaeJoong said wasn’t entirely wrong…”

“I know it’s not.. but still…”

“See! Even you’re saying so… ”

“It wasn’t really a lost look but I am just..”

“No excuses. Come, have your first glass.”

I held out the glass to take the soju that Oppa poured out for me. We hit the glasses and finished up the shot. And started chatting. I was very curious so I asked about how they get to know each other. And as if telling a fairy tale, Oppa told me every single thing. And the conclusion was, it wasn’t a pleasant first meeting but they hit it off well after that.

“Why not? He was the one that caught my attention when I first saw them and..”

“Stop interrupting if you want to hear the story. You haven’t changed at all.”

Jae laughed at that comment. It was true that I amd always impatient and always butting in. We chatted for another hour or so and went to another place for another round of drinks. It was actually very near so we walked. Of course Jae was well disguised so no one recognised him on the street. We entered a bar and Oppa told me that it’s the place that he always come. I love the ambience. It was Jae’s first time being here as well.

At that bar, I talked about what I’ve been doing over the past 2 years while I was out of Korea. Oppa was teasing me now and then about how bad my Korean had become. I wasn’t upset because he was speaking the truth and I was quite frustrated about it as well. 2 years of not using and it caused such a huge impact.

It was about 3am when we left the place. Oppa settled the bill and we all went to hail a cab. The first cab arrived and Jae sat Oppa in the cab.

“Oh, Jae Joong ah.. take care of my small sister.”

“I’m not that small, Oppa.”

“Just listen to this Oppa, you understand.” I giggled at that.

“Oppa, have a safe trip home.” “Hyung, have a safe trip home.”

He waved and the driver drove off. I let out a heave of sigh and Jae looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“Ah… no.. I was glad I met Oppa… and I get to know you too.”

“I’m glad to know you too. Shall I fetch a cab for you?”

“Ah… I want to walk a little to clear up the alcohol.”

“Oh.. I’ll walk with you then.”

“Will you? I’ll be more than happy.”

For a couple of seconds we didn’t conversed.

“That… perhaps…”


“Is it alright if I call you Oppa too? Since you’re actually older than me.”

“Oh.. sure…”

I giggled at the thought.

“Thanks for coming out today.”

“You said that many times.”

“Did I?” I was hitting my head. And he smiled at that. I smiled feeling embarassed.

For a few moments, we didn’t conversed again.

“Is it impolite if I ask for your phone number?”

“My phone number?”

“Yes. Ah… but it’s alright if you don’t want to give too.”

“No, it fine. It’s just that fans usually spy on me and they know my number. So…”

“I’m well aware.”

“Oh… right.. you said you’re a fan.”

“ah… fan…”

“Give me your mobile.”

I searched my bag for my mobile and passed it to him.

“what’s the password?”

“Password? Ah… It’s Oppa’s birthday.”

“My birthday?”

I nodded. He giggled at that.

“You like me that much?” He teased.

I gave him that “do you have to do that” look. And he laughed more.

I walked faster and he caught up with me in moments and passed me my phone.

“I entered my number. You can update the contact name if you wish.”

I looked through my contact list and it reads “Jae Joong Oppa”

I hit on the “edit” button. He was looking at my every move as we walked. I had it edited to “Jae Oppa”.

“So people wouldn’t know.”

“I see…”

We walked for quite a long period and at the next approaching cross junction, he fetched a cab for me. I sat in and he urshered me to move to the next seat. I moved. I stared at him and he explained, “I promised hyung to see you home.”



[—At my door step—]

“Can I text you?”

“Isn’t that the reason you asked for my number?”


“Rest well. Good night.”

“Good night.”