There were many negative news about him that happened recently. But luckily, he didn’t seem at the least affected by it. He was suddenly schedule to shot a commercial for Nature Republic. But as it was still Spring in Korea, it didn’t match with the new concept of the commercial that was to be released during Summer. He was to go to Singapore.

It wasn’t much of a coincidence, or perhaps was it. There was an urgent meeting in Singapore that I am required to attend and I was to fly in to Singapore 3 days before his scheduled flight. I had come to know of his flight details through a close friend of mine. In my heart, I was praying so hard that I could get to catch a glance of him in Singapore.

3 days have passed since I arrived. It was time for me to leave for a meeting in Japan and his flight was scheduled to arrive 2 hours before I depart. It wasn’t a coincidence. I checked in at the counter and heard crowds of cheer from the level below. Needless to know, it was his fans. I ignored it. But I couldn’t ignore the anticipation I had in me. I was nervous.

I went to grab a bite at my favourite Starbucks Coffee and went in 1 hour later.

Me: His flight should have touched down by now.

I said that without realizing I was talking to myself. But my anxiousness washed over the embarrassment which I failed to realize at the very moment. I was walking around the Duty Free shops and I stopped in front of the alcohol section. I remembered that he, like me, loves to drink. I packed my trolley near the exit of the toilet and went it to shop around with my wallet and passport.

I grabbed 2 bottles of wine when I realized that I barely had an hour left. I was queueing up to pay behind a man who is at about 10cm taller than me. I overheard his conversation with the cashier.

Cashier: Sir, are these the 2 items that you want. Anything else.
Man: …… how much?
Cashier: we have a promotion… if you… (the lady tried to explain)

The man started to look around seemingly to be looking for a friend. He turned. I saw him. It was him. My heart skipped for a moment. I didn’t recognised his voice. My thoughts were elsewhere, thinking what could he have walked to—-immigration or baggage pick up…

He looked lost. But help was not there.

Me: Shall I help you with it?
Jae: Yes, please.

The cashier started explaining again. And I translated the exact same words into Korean.

Me: She needs your passport and boarding pass for payment.
Jae: oh, alright.

He passed me his passport and the already used boarding pass. I was tempted for a moment to flip open to see. But I resisted the temptation.

Cashier: I’m sorry, madam. This shop is only for departure. For arrival, he will be able to get it at the other area.
Me: oh, right!

Dumb me! I have been travelling around for so many times yet for that moment, it didnt cross my mind that he needs a depature boarding pass to get the alcohol.

Me: It seems like you’re unable to get those drinks here. You can only get it at the arrival hall which is at the next level.
Jae: oh, really? It’s such a pity. I saw the same one in Incheon but because of Manager Hyung, I couldn’t…

He started to explain.

Jae: Anyways, thank you for your help!

Once again, his killer smile flashed across his face.

I forgot that I’m in a rush and I need to pay for my bottles of wine…