Listening to Kim Junsu’s That Man full version for the first time. I have things to say!

Junsu hardly ever sings in low notes. Most of the time, he would be given high notes parts for all of his songs. So he didn’t get a chance to show his low notes singing capability.

From the song, I can tell that he’s very cautious at singing those low notes. But he manage to protray the song well. It has a different feel created as compared to the original version. But of course, given the credit that he’s one of the best Korean singers there’s no reason why Junsu will fail to give the song a credit.

What I feel is that, actually he sounds good singing low notes too. He should sing and practice more so he can gain more confidence and find more stability in his voice for low notes. Although there’s a slim chance he can do that unless he’s singing solo songs.

This sound is recorded live.

Thumbs up for Junsu!