It is not always a bad thing to leave your phone in silent mode 24/7. It is rather a bad thing sometimes that it keeps vibrating non-stop. For some reasons, I have meetings back to back this very day and only had a short 1-hour lunch break for me to breathe. The higher-ups from the US and other Asian countries have come for an important annual meeting and I was to be part of the meeting. I think my brain is going to rot for the next 3 days that the meeting will run. It’s a sunday night and I was thinking of resting early.

[…] […] […]

That’s the sound of my phone’s vibration.

“Now who is it this time at 8pm of the day.” I thought to myself. I was lying lazily on the floor because it was so hot into the summer that I can’t stand moving an inch. I slowly crawled my way to the coach where I remembered I last threw my phone at.

“Woori Jagi” It reads; which means “our baby”. At the top, it wrote, “Missed Call”.

“So, that was a call. No wonder it vibrated for quite some time.” I speak to myself and stared up at Jiji who’s sitting in a small corner because of the heat.

“You’re hot too right?” I shouted out to Jiji. “Your owner just called.” He just stared at me not having a single reaction.

I tapped on the redial button and the phone starts dialing. He picked it up at the first ring.

“baby, where are you? at home? It’s extremely hot today, right? Have you had dinner? I’m actually thinking of going for a drive. You want to join me?”

“Am I supposed to answer all that questions?” How impatient, I thought.

“ah… I’m sorry. Shall I pick you up?”

“Sorry, oppa. I don’t feel like moving an inch.”

“Ahh…” “Shall I drop by then?”

‘Oppa, I have 3 days of full days meeting from tomorrow and after that I’d have loads to clear. The whole of next week will be busy. I’m thinking of resting early tonight.”

“I know. I have 2 months of holiday before I start my new assignment so I want to see more of you. I’ll drop by in a while. See you!”

With that, he hung up before I can continue. I stared at Jiji and he remained at his original position seemingly knowing what I had intented to say. I threw the phone back onto the couch and kept my position. I’m very lazy tonight.


*Ding Dong*
The door bell rang and I was getting ready to get up when I heard the sounds of someone pressing the password. “It’s him.” I thought to myself and simply refused to move an inch still. Jiji started to stand up and walk towards me.

The door opened and shut and the self-auto-lock sound of the door rang into my ears.

“Aigoo. What happened to my baby? Why is she lying listlessly on the floor?” He noitced Jiji in his standing position and Jiji was staring at the direction of the door. “Did you get up to welcome me, your owner, to this house? How nice, Jiji. Did you miss me?” He started off with Jiji and he took off his shoes and put on my indoor sandles.

“Oppa, you’ve come?”

“You’re so tired?”

“ung T.T I don’t feel like moving an inch. Like it’d cost me all my strength.”

“Still, you shouldn’t lie on the floor like that. You’d catch a cold. Sleep on the couch if you want.”

“It’s too hot.”

He walked over to the aircon remote controler and pressed the “Switch On” button.

“You didn’t even switch on the aircon that’s why you’re complaining it’s hot. But it should be fine since the wind is blowing and you left all your windows open. Why is it you’re so hot?”

“I have no idea.” I gave him that please-leave-me-alone tone.

He walked over and carry me up on the sofa. I sat upright. He placed both his palms on either sides of my face and went, “Finally you’re getting up? ung, our baby…” and “I bought your favourite food from the roadside store. The ahjumma gave me more. I think she knows who I am.” I looked over him to see what he has bought. “hmm… 1 person’s share of ddeokbeokki, sundae and fried food.” He bought that much for the 2 of us was the first thought that came to my mind.

“Oppa, you bought 1 person’s share for each of those items?”


“sundae does looks like it’s more than usual.”

“I asked the ahjumma to give me more. You love it, don’t you. And the internal organs as well.”

“ung…but it looks like a lot for the both of us…”

“i’ll finish everything.” I stared at him for his exlaimation and took his word for it.

I was preparing to stand up when he said, “Just sit where you are. I’ll get the utensils and plates.” I started to unwrap the food. It’s the kind of thicker rice cakes that I love with fish cakes. He seemed to have requested for more sauce knowing that I love to dip those fried food into the spicy sauce and eat it. I took 2 huge cushions and put it on either sides of the long table. He brought the bowls and emptied the food. I started eating before he’s done with it.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?” … “I heard it’s nice there so I drove and went there to buy it.”

“ung…” My mouth was too full to answer much. “How am I to sleep on a full stomach?”

“So, you’ll be busy for the rest of the week?”


“Even the weekends?”

“ung.. I’m meeting Ju on saturday. And on Sunday, there’s birthday bash to go to.”

“hmm…” He sounds slightly sad.

“Sorry, oppa. I know you’re on a long vacation. Maybe you can take the weekends and meet up with your friends? I’ll be free the weekends after that. You can have that weekend.”

His face lit up slightly at my exclaimation. At times like this, he looked like a 3-year old. We ate and chatted a little here and there about random stuff. Like that, 3 hours just passed. He offered to wash the dishes upon seeing me stood up. And he switched on the TV for me.

“Watch the TV. I’ll wash and be back.”



I don’t know how I end up sleeping on the bed when I awoke. But heck with that because I am late for the meeting. I remembered that I had set the alarm clock to be 30 minutes earlier so I will reach the office earlier and now I won’t even be early. At that though, I rushed my way through washing up and preparing. I stepped out of the lobby and started walking towards the train station in a faster speed than usual. I couldn’t help looking at my watch and was reminded that I won’t be early at my desk today. I heard someone calling out to me from behind. I turned and looked.

“Get on.”

It was him.

“I wanted to fetch you to work and so I purposedly adjusted your alarm clock.” He started off as soon as I board the car as if it was written all over my face that I demanded an explaination.

“So I thought I had set the wrong time which seems impossible.”

“Sorry. I wanted to tell you last night. You remembered how you get to sleep?”

“Not… exactly… But I think you put me on bed?”

“Nevermind if you don’t.” He giggled.

I saw it and wasn’t too please that he’s not sharing. However, many other things were weighing on my mind so I didn’t have that extra mind space to pursue about the issue. I was early at work.

“What time is your lunch?” He asked as I exited the car.

“Why?” I didn’t wait for him to answer before I said, “1pm.” And I didn’t wait for him to answer and said, “I’m going off. Bye.”

“Do a good job.” I can hear him from behind me and I waved without turning back.


I was a tedious start of the day for that 4 hours of meeting. I wasn’t ready to join any of my colleagues for lunch lest they discuss about work over lunch. I gave the excuse that I had an appointment but actually I didn’t. At 1pm sharp, my phone started to ring. It’s him. I glady take the call signaling to my colleagues that my appointment is calling.

“Hello. Oppa, why did you call?”

“can you come down now?”

“did you say now?”



“Just come down.”

“Ok, I get it. Give me a moment.”


I dropped everything on my desk, took my wallet and mobile phone and headed down to the lobby. I look around the lobby and for his presence and someone sitting outside with his back facing the inside caught my attention. I walked towards that person.

“Oppa, why are you still here?”

“Still here? No, I went home and clean up and came again. Jaa, your lunch.”



“You came because of this?”

“ung… I wanted to make sure that you eat. You seemed to have lost weight.”

“I was stresed out because of this meeting.”

He moved over and massage my shoulders for me.

“What will I become without you?” He smiled at my exclaimation seemingly very satisfied.

I finished up the 20-piece with him eating 5 pieces and went to buy coffee for the both of us. We actually moved up to the roof top because he claimed he wanted to be under the sun. Much as I wanted to, I didn’t have the time to stay for a long chat.

“Oppa, I’m so sorry but what can be done? I need to sort out some issues before the next meeting.”

“ung, okay. I’ll walk you down. I should leave before people sees me.”

We headed for the lift and I alighted at the 20th floor while he took it all the way down to B2.

“You’re not going to be late today, are you?” A text message from him came as soon as I start to seat in for the next meeting. I didn’t had the time to reply.


“ung? What is this?” I said out loud as soon as I stepped into my house.
“Jiji, you’re still here? Hyung didn’t bring you home?” Jiji showed the look like he couldn’t care less. “Does that mean you prefer to stay here?”

He came out of the kitchen wearing my apron and a soup scoop.

“Oppa?” I gave him the why-are-you-here-look.

“How is it? Superstar Kim Jae Joong is cooking specially for you.”

“I’m tired.”

“Yes you look very tired. Go get a shower and dinner will be ready.” He’s all smiles. He’s enjoying all these. He’s making me feel bad that I didn’t have time for him. I threw my bag and the documents I had brought home to read on the couch and head off for shower. When I stepped back into the hall, my bag was sitting nicely on the couch and the documents were sorted out and placed neatly on the table.

“You packed these?” I asked, pointing at the documents.

“Ung.. you brought those to read at home?”

I didn’t bother to reply.

“You’ve had a hard day’s work. You need some rest.”

“I’ve read some parts of these documents and put it that way. I need to finish reading them all before the 3rd day meeting.” I sounded slightly frustrated.

He ignored the fact and came over to pull me to the table. Jiji had shifted himself and settled down beside my pile of documents but seeing that we’re moving to the dinning table, he followed suit. I allowed him to seat on my lap.

“Jiji, noona is going to have dinner. How is she to have with you on her lap?” Jiji ignored him. I smiled at Jiji and ignore JaeJoong as I tugged in.

“Eat more.” He said as he stood up.

“Oppa, you’re not eating?”

“I’m going to get some water from the fridge.”

I nodded and carried on eating. I tried not to rush myself through dinner. He washed up the plates and cut fruits while I settled myself in my study room and read my documents on my bean bag. I had bought 2; red for him and dark pink for myself. He settled down with the fruits. And started forcing me to eat while I carried on reading. He laid quiet for the next hour or so. I looked up from my papers and realized it’s already midnight. He was fast asleep. I leaned closer and look at his face. He’s so perfect I’m jealous. He woke.

“Oppa, it’s late. You should head home and rest. You look so tired.”

“Why time is it?” He asked as he rubbed his eyes.

I started packing my bag for tomorrow while he headed for the toilet. I heard him shout, “I’m leaving. Locking the door for you behind me. Rest well!”


Again! I woke up at later than I expected. I had snoozed the alarm and slept longer. I rushed my way through preparing and even skipped breakfast. Walking down the lobby, I saw him leaning against his car.

“Morning, agasshi.”

I smiled at his exclaimation and hopped on.

“Oppa, i’m late.”

“I know. You sleepy head.”

“Aren’t you tired?” He asked as he hopped on the driver’s seat and turned to the back seat and fetched me what smelled like coffee.

“Breakfast!” He said delighted. I gave him the how-did-you-know-I-didn’t-had-breakfast look. And he continued, “I’m a perfect boyfriend, aren’t I?”

I ignored. I finished my breakfast just in time as he reached my office.


For the whole of the remaining weekdays to come for that week, he fetched me to work, brought me different set of lunches everyday, made dinner, cleaned my house, bathed Jiji and more. He seemed to have decided that Jiji is to stay at my house permantely. He may seemed like a perfect boyfriend, but I think it’s overloading for me. I thought it would stop after Friday. But, on Saturday night, at my date with Ju, I got a text message.

“Baby, it’s coming midnight and you’re still not home yet?” I showed Ju Jae’s message and all she said was, “He’s at your place, isn’t he?” I nodded. I didn’t have to ask to know. And Ju added, “My dear friend, many people would have wanted this kind of boyfriend but as of what I know you to be…” I nodded at that as well.

He called.

“ung oppa.”

“you’re still outside?”

“ung… with Ju.”

“Where are you ladies?”

“We’re going to head off soon.” I said as I looked at Ju and she gave me the we-should-really-be-going look.

“Where are you?”

“We’re at ….” I let him know of the location we’re at. “We’re going off soon. I’ll give you a call as soon as I get home. Don’t worry, I’ll take a cab.” With that, I ended the call.

15 minutes later, Ju notice a familar looking car outside the cafe and signaled to me. “Is that your husband’s car?” I turned back and realized that it really is his car. I took in a deep breathe and we headed out together.

Ju and Jae said hello to each other and Jae decided that we should fetch Ju back before heading home. On the way, we were all quiet. As soon as Ju alighted, I turned to him.

“Oppa, I know you’re being nice doing all these for me. But it’s a night out with Ju.”

“I know. But it’s already so late. I’m worried.”

“I know you’re worried. But I can make it home myself. I’m not a kid.”

“I’m not saying you’re a kid. I’m just worried.”

“It’s the same at work. I like it when you fetch me and stuff but doing it everyday. It’s just…”

We fall silent after that.

I know a lot of people would love a boyfriend like JaeJoong. I do too. But he’s a little too extreme sometimes.

I couldn’t sleep that night.