Early Wednesday morning, as soon as I reached the office, I received a call from my boss who’s in Europe. He says that there’s an urgent meeting for the board of directors and I was to fly over to attend it with a few other colleagues. The notice was short and I was to be booked on the next best available flight. I was given a flight that would leave that very afternoon at 3pm. There was no time because an hour later we were to have a short meeting and I’d need to head home and pack and leave. Time was very tight.

As per usual, the meeting took longer than we had all expected. I did an online check in and my colleague drove me home so I could manage my time better. I was grateful for that. It was about 12.45pm when I left the house and the airport is about an hour away. I was rushing against time. I decided to drive as my colleague said she could pick up my car at the car park. I reached and dropped my bags and head off to the lockers to drop my car key. And headed straight in.

The rest of the people were boarding so I thought I could use that time to give him a call. He didn’t pick up the first nor second call so I decided that I should leave a voice message.

“Oppa, I’m really sorry. I’m at Incheon Aiport now getting ready to fly off to Europe. I’ll be back only in another 2-3 weeks time. I’m not too sure yet. I’ll call again when I reach. Don’t worry. I love you. Bye.”


It was still day when I touched down at Europe. We didn’t have time for any decent rest and I wasn’t the kind who would be able to sleep on the plane. As soon as we touched down, I switched on my phone, expecting something from him. It took a while for the network to get connected. But there was nothing from him. My phone was low in battery so I shut it off again and headed for the hotel. Someone had picked us up and will be sending us to the office once we drop our stuff.

I didn’t had the time to charge my phone. I changed into a new set of clothes and packed for what I thought would be required documents for the meeting.


We reached the office slightly earlier than expected and it was just in time for lunch so everyone decided we could all head out for a meal and the start the meeting.

“Do you think you could help me with this? The battery died.”

“Why not.”

We went out and were back in less than 2 hours. I had switched on my phone while it charged.

There were quite a couple of text messages and voicemails. I didn’t bother to look at the contents but at the summary. It was sent throughout the long hours I was on board; from family, friends and from him. I thought he should be worried since I didn’t call so I decided to call instead. It took a long while for the call to get connected.

“You arrived safely? You said to call but you didn’t.”

“I’m sorry. My phone died on me. I didn’t had the time to charge.”

“ung… so where are you now?”

“in the office. Oppa, I’ll call again. I need to run.”


Time check. It was 5am Korea Time when we ended. I was dead tired. But I decided I should drop him a text message as promised.

“Oppa, I know I said that this weekend is all yours but there was an urgent call for meeting. Are you sleeping?”

It took a while for the text reply to come in so I thought he was asleep. While I pack to head back to the hotel, his text came in.

“No, I’m not exactly sleeping.” There was some typo error and I know he’s half-awake.

“ung. Continue to sleep. I just finished and am about to head back to the hotel. I think I should be able to catch some sleep.”

“Got it. Have a good rest. Good night, baby.”


Many days passed and we conversed through text messages all this while because of the time difference. I was scheduled to go back tomorrow and when I touch down in Korea, it would be a Monday morning. Through text message, I let him know of my flight details. I was half dead when I got off the plane because I didn’t manage to sleep a wink.

I grabbed my baggages and head out. As soon as I stepped out of the sliding door, out of the crowd, I saw a figure standing some distance away from me up front. I could barely open my eyes to see who that was. I continued to walk. I walked and passed that figure.

“Hello there…” I thought I heard a voice calling out to me. But then again I imagined it was my hallucination. I ignored and headed off.

“Ya..” I felt someone grabbed my hand from behind. The person was standing so close I nearly knocked into him.

“Yes?” I replied while I looked up. “When did you come? I didn’t see you.”

“Of course you didn’t! You sleepy head.”

“Sorry. You know how bad it is on the plane.”

“ung… ung.. ung…”

“Why are you like that? I’ve just come back from a tiring trip.” I defended myself.

“What did I say?”

“You…” I gave him that annoyed look and continue, “you never said anything.”


I ignored him totally and tried to walk off. He pulled my hands off the trolley and took over my place. He stepped forward to walk. I stood at the same spot with my hands crossed over my chest and had a angry look on my face. He noticed that I wasn’t following so he turned back and shouted.

“Aren’t you coming?”

I ignored.

“There are a lot of people here.”

I took a glance around. But no one was staring or looking at us. So I ignored his statement again.

“You’re serious you’re not coming?”

I ignored once again. Frustrated, he left the trolley there and walked over to me, grabbed hold on my hands and pulled me along. At the carpark, he seated me first before putting the baggages at the boot. I fastened my seat belt while waiting for him. I wasn’t angry or anything but just plain tired. We didn’t speak the whole while and upon reaching my place, I stepped in and notice that Jiji is still around.

“Did you left him here all this while?”

“No, I just dropped him here again this morning.”

“ung? really? alright.” I turned around and put my hands around his shoulders. “I’m going to take a nap. You can make yourself at home which I think you did for the past 2 weeks that I wasn’t around.”

He didn’t say anything but smiled at me.


I woke up at what smelled like bean paste soup. I always loved that soup he cooked. It tasted differently. The smell led me by the nose and brought me to the kitchen. No one was around. But the stove is still hot. I went on to open up the lid, took a spoon and dipped it into the soup so I could scoop up a spoonful and have a taste. He hugged me from behind.

“ah! What a sudden!”

“You’re awake?”

“ung. That’s nice.”

“You always like to do this to my soup.”

I giggled at that exclaimation. I didn’t realize it until he mentioned.

“soups are meant to be eaten.”

“Yes, madam.”

I tilted my head slightly so I could see his face.


“Nothing, sleepyhead.”

“Is that a new nickname for me?”

“I like the look on your face after you’ve had a good sleep.”

“Is that a compliment?”

He broke into a laughter as he release me from his hug.