Oh~ Oh~~~~~~~~
난 너의 Pierrot 정말로 웃겨 Me, as your Pierrot, it’s really a joke
너에게 다 받쳐 찌들어 my mind getting it all from you, it dirty my mind
낸 눈 앞에 our bro 돈 앞엔 뭣도 없는 In front of me, my bro. in front of money, I’m nothing
완전한 넌 pro 제대로 p.s.m. you’re a perfect pro, truly a p.s.m.
아직 어린 내께 또 무슨 짖을 하게 또 What kind of doings will you do to the me who is still young
이 더러운 손 좀 치워 Take away your dirty hands
상대도 하지마 Don’t even try to confront
어제의 우리가 아냐 we’re no longer the us from yesterday
눈 감아도 보여 I still see it even if I close my eyes
난 이제 master I’m now the master
끝없이 파고 들어오는 건 no. no delving like there’s no end no. no
그 정도 화보 따위에 가두려하지마 Don’t try to measure it up with fortune or misfortune for this extend
세상을 잘 봐. 너무나 멋져 Look properly at the world. It’s so beautiful
no. just do not touch me
I’m not a pierrot
더 넓은 하늘을 등지고 살고 싶어 I want to live under a wider sky
자류를 알고 싶어 더 높이 fly fly I want to know the meaning of freedom. Fly fly much higher
나만의 새각이 있어 There’s only thoughts about myself
나만의 인생이 있어 There’s only my own life
감옥 같은 그 때 추억하기 싫어 I hate having to think about the days living in a prisoner cell
영원히 Bye bye bye Forever Bye bye bye
너만의 그 생각 집어쳐 throw away those thoughts only of u
너의 그 핑계 집어쳐 throw away those excuses of yours
죽도록 더 고통스러운 날들로 가득할 테니까
because it will only be filled with those days of misery and pain
no future no freedom It’s just like a chase for us but it doesn’t matter
now we’re just gonna walk out way for the rest of my life