Weeks passed very quickly and I was guilty that I wasn’t able to keep my promise to him. He was very understanding towards that. For the period that I was busy, he took up a part time job by doing something that he has never done before and he mentioned he was looking into possibility of debuting as an actor. I don’t doubt his ability and persistency in learning new things but he does need to polish his acting skills. He has all that support from and he knows that too.

It was a Friday and according to our conversation last night, he’s supposed to be meeting someone in the afternoon today for some discussions so I assumed that he’d be back by evening. I took a half day off but didn’t let him know. I want it to be a pleasant surprise. I drove to my house, dropped my files, picked up Jiji, who seemed like his owner is me instead of Jae, drove to the nearest market and bought some fresh food and went to his house. It was quite some time since I went and I thought I forgot his password but I didn’t. The house was speck and cleaned; the cleaning lady really did a good job. I settled my stuff and settled Jiji down. He started partolling around the house like he’s in a new environment. I, too, went around the house like I was visiting for the first time. Just that the owner was out.


I prepared a spread of dinner and lay everything nicely and it was barely 6.30pm. So, I decided to take a shower and change out of my clothes which would have smelled badly by now.

By the time I was out it was 7.00pm so I decided to give him a call. He didn’t pick up so I sent a text instead; unwilling to reveal where I am.

“Oppa, where are you?”

[ 5 minutes later ]

“It’s Friday. Aren’t you working too hard while you’re resting?”

[10 minutes later]

“you’re so busy you can’t check your text? Alright…”

[30 minutes later]

“hmm… seeing that there’s no reply from you. It looks like you really didn’t have that time. 😦 ” I added an unhappy smiley.

[10 minutes later]

“Oppa? you’re not here…?” I typed out the text but I didn’t hit the send button. I hit delete instead and sighed. “Where is he. So busy that my text is not replied.”

It’s almost 8.00pm. I turned to Jiji and turned to stare at the clock for a moment while it hits 8.00pm. I checked my phone again and sighed.

I switched on the TV and started scanning through the programs.


[30 minutes later]

I went to the kitchen and started covering the dishes so that it doesn’t attract flies or ants. And then headed back to the hall and continued watching TV.

[1 hour later]

I stared at Jiji and ushered him to come to me. He did. I picked him up and folded my legs towards my chest and I lay his back to my tights so that he’s facing me. I grabbed onto his paws and started talking to him.

“Jiji ahhh, where is this owner of yours? What time is it and he’s still not back. And there isn’t any call or messages from him after all that texts that I’ve sent out. How can he be that busy? It’s a Friday night. He didn’t say he has anything important today, did he?”

Jiji just stared at me as I rattled on and on. When I finally finished and let go of him, he moved to sit beside me. As I stared down at him, he gave me the look that says “nuna, do you think I know that any better than you?” Sometimes I find Jiji so adorable. I patted him on his head and he seemed to like it. Then I realized I haven’t gave him any food or drink whole day.

“Jiji ahh! You must be hungry and thirsty! This nuna is so forgetful! Let me get you something now.”

Seemingly to have understood me, he followed behind as I headed to him room. Jiji’s room was still decorated the way it was when I first came. There were a lot of black cat dolls and some other Jiji toys around, including what Jae would call “Jiji’s warm house”. Everything was good; just that there were too many black cat of the same size and design that it looked scary with so many pairs of eyes staring up at you. I left the light on as Jiji munched on his food.

“Jiji ahh. Eat a lot and drink some water too. Don’t overeat though. I like the size you are now. Else you’ll need to go on diet.”

Jiji stopped for a moment to look at me. I ignored his look. Sometimes he does freak me out.


[2 hours later]

I was scanning through the channels on the TV and checking my phone from time to time and yet there was no call or text. He didn’t say he would be meeting anyone tonight. I stared at the clock and back to the TV screen. “what a boring Friday night. What was meant to be a pleasant surprise turned out to be a boring Friday night to me. Waiting for someone to return to his own house.”

I have no idea from when did I start to doze off. I can’t stand it anymore and eventually lay down on the sofa in a comfortable position and fell fast asleep. Because I was so tired, it was hard for me to fall asleep. I could feel Jiji walking up towards me with what felt like small paws stepping on me with heavy weighs and he settled himself down on an empty space beside me. Then I thought I saw my phone lit up but because I was too tired to even open up my eyes, I chose to ignore it and continued sleeping.


[ 1 hour later ]

Someone had pressed on the keypads for the password to enter and the door unlocked. I moved slightly but didn’t get up to see who was it. In fact, there wasn’t a need for that. I imagined that figure entered the house and then settled down his things by the side and slowly paced himself towards my direction. He was back.

He picked up Jiji who was lying beside me.
“Jiji ahhh, I see that you’ve come back. Did nuna brought you back? You’re supposed to keep her company. Nuna is sleeping and why are you disturbing her?”

Feeling sleepy, I tried opening one of my eye and I thought I saw he walked away and put Jiji on the other side of the sofa. And then he came back to me.

“Baby, I didn’t know you came. I saw your text messages an hour ago. And I called but you didn’t pick up. Why are you here?”

I was trying to force myself to sit up as he spoke. And I started to rub my eyes. He grabbed my hands.

“How many times I said not to rub your eyes with your hands like that?”

“ung…” I yawned. “I’m tried. There’s food in the kitchen. I cooked.”
I was so tired I lie down on the sofa again as he headed off to the kitchen.

“You made all these?” I can hear him munching on some food while he spoke.

“ung… I wanted oppa to eat something that I cooked so I made those.”

“You didn’t tell me you’re coming before hand.”

“I meant for it to be a surprise.”

“hmm…” He came out of the kitchen and saw me lying on the sofa half-dead.

“You look so dead tired.”

“I am. I haven’t had the chance to really rest well after I came back from Europe.”

“Your company is mistreating you. How can they do that to my darling?”

“ung…” I was too tried to say much and I sensed drowsiness in my voice.

He picked me up from the sofa and carried me in his arms.

“oppa, what are you trying to do?”

“Bringing you to the bedroom and trying to put you to sleep.”

“I just need to sleep for a while. I can sleep on the sofa.”

“The bed is more comfortable.” He didn’t sound like he was going to allow me to sleep on t he sofa as I wished. I wanted to sleep on the sofa because it was cooling. And I liked it; the smell of the sofa.

He put me down on the bed and tugged me under the blankets then head off to close the window, draw the binds and switched on the aircon and closed the door.

“It’s better on the bed isn’t it.”

I noded.

“since what time were you here?” I could hear his voice became louder.

“about 4pm?”

“that was early.” He’s now crawling up the bed making space for himself beside him. I didn’t had to open my eyes to be able to feel his movements.

“i’ll sleep for a while. Wake me up later.”

“You can just have all the sleep that you need. There’s no work tomorrow anyways, isn’t it?”


He pulled me closer to him as we spoke and I was resting on his arm.

“Sleep well.”
I fell asleep very quickly.


Next morning, I awoke on his bed. I opened the door and hear someone at the kitchen. I walked towards the kitchen and found him cooking. I went to stand beside him.

“You’re awake? Why don’t you sleep more?”

“That smells nice. What nice breakfast have you made?”

“Things that you like.” He exclaimed with a satisfied smile.
When was the last time I’ve seen him smile like that.

He pinched on my nose and said, “I’m almost done. Go seat and wait at the table. I know you’re hungry.”

” I didn’t had dinner.”

“why not?”

“because of someone who came back late.”

“ahh… me?”

“who else was there?”

He turned back and gave me the how-do-I-know look. I giggled and he smiled. “How nice.” I thought. We are really comfortable with each other.

He put the soup on the dining table and immediately, I dipped the spoon in and scooped up the soup and put it into my mouth.

“ah!! hot! hot!”

He giggled. “You fool. I  just removed it from the stove. And! you did it to my soup again.”

I opened my mouth to defend myself but he shut it by saying, “I know. Soups are meant to be eaten, right.”

I giggled at him and bit on my lower lip.

He smiled and said, “What will I do without you?”

“why would you be?” I answered immediately