It is amazing how I’ve only listened to only 20 seconds of the song and I somehow know how the song will sound like. And I like the song at first hear. I’m not too sure is it because GO was the one who composed the song and wrote the lyrics. But one thing I should point out is he seems to know his weakness and his strong points. And he did manage to conceal it in this song for his weak point. As for his strong point, although he doesn’t have a unique voice, he does has a wide vocal range and although it wasn’t really fully made used of in his song, I feel he has made his voice stand out. It won’t sound right for this song to have any notes too high. I think the lyrics are simple but very descriptive. Anyone who read my translated lyrics or know Korean would have easily understood the meaning of the song. In fact, the song tells of a story. It is not hard to imagine what kind of story the song is telling. One thing that it fails to do to me, is to picturize how the male lead in the song felt exactly although the meaning of the song is being understood and a picture of the whole story did surface.

Overall, I love the song because of its simplicity and the mixing was good too.