“Yaa, Seo! Look at this! Look at this! Look at this! Come and take a look at this! Quickly!”

“What? What is it?”

“Why are you so nonchalent about it?”

“Take a look at this?” Hye said to Seo while she walks over to see what Hye was so excited about it.

“You know! They finally have their first concert tour! After such a longggg time.” Hye continued to harp on it while Seo reads the news article.

“I thought this has been going on around their fans for some time? Didn’t you know?”

“Of course I did! It’s just that now the details are all released I’m so excited!”

“Yeah, yeah.” Seo gave Hye the what’s-the-big-deal look and walked away from the computer.

“why are you always like this? Seo! It’s on the 28th June! You have nothing on that day right?! Seo!”

“Aishh! Stop screaming at me! My ears hurt. Don’t you know how sharp your voice can be when you’re really screaming?”

Hye gave Seo the puppy eyes look and continued, “It’s the first time they have their concert after they came out of their previous management company. And they have been through a lot before achieving what they have today. You’ll definitely go with me right? I’m totally relying on you. Ung? Seo~ Ung? Seo~~~” totally ignored Seo.

“What else can I say…?” Seo sighed. Hye jumped around with excitment.

Hye was going all soft on Seo. And given Seo’s character she has no choice but to listen to her sister.
Hye and Seo are twins. Seo is the older and she always give me to Hye and  has always been very protective of Hye because Hye is very innocent and trusted people too easily. Her innocence has become her short coming because people are always making use of that to take advantage of her. Though many times, Seo will be able to settle up matters for Hye, sometimes it would be too late.

They have stayed in the same room for the last 20 years until they graduated from High School and their family moved into a bigger house with more rooms. On their 20th birthday, they were both given a room of their room although they still share the same study room with their dad. There are 4 members in the family and because Hye loves big dogs so much, she had pestered her parents to get a dog for her and had given the promise that she’d be the one taking care of the dog. It has been 4 years since they shifted and the dog is now 4 years old. He’s much heavier than Hye and stands like the height of a grown man when he stood on his back legs. His name is Luis.

“Seo, it says on the website that the ticketing date is tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? Then you’ll have to try to get it tomorrow then.”

“But, aren’t we going to granny’s?”

“We’re going over in the morning and should be back by dinner time. You can get it then.”

“Dinner time…? Isn’t that about 6pm or 7pm?” Hye started to raise her voice slightly and Seo turned back and gave her a look.

“No, Seo, I was just thinking…”


“The sale of the tickets start at 7pm. I don’t know if we can get back on time. Even if dad is to drive…”

“You can get it when we come back, can’t you?” Seo said, starting to sit up.

“You see… It’s JYJ we’re talking about. And you have no idea how popular they are. If we were to come back after 7pm, all the tickets would have been taken up… So…”

“So…? Isn’t it the same? Like you said, they are JYJ. Whether you’re back home at 7pm or not doesn’t mean you can get a ticket.”

“I know… but at least… you see, if I can get back before the time, I can still try to get it by myself.” Hye paused for a moment. “Or should I get dad to drop me off somewhere and I can head of to the PC room and…”

“PC room?! Why do you have to go to the PC room? We have computer at home, don’t we.”

“We do but their fans are scary. The tickets get sold out in seconds…”

“No way I am going to a PC room for that. And we have to come back by ourselves after that. You know how…”

“I Know! I Know. I know… If not, what do I do? Ung? I’m dying to go…” Hye was going to start to tear but Seo stopped her.

“You know what. Just go and tell dad that you’re going to the concert and tomorrow is the day to get the tickets and you need to be back home early. That’s it. Easy, isn’t it?”

“Should I…? I mean, we go to granny’s only once in 2-3 weeks and…” Seo gave Hye that irritated look again. “Alright. Alright. I got it. Why are you always giving me that look.” Hye complained under her breath but loud enough for Seo to hear it.

With that, Hye switched off the computer and went to the living room to look for her parents.


“Ommo! Dear, look at this girl. That way she calls out for me tells me she has something up her sleeves again.”

“hump! Even omma is…” Hye gave her mom the look that she didn’t like her speaking of her that way and turned to her dad. “Appa! Appa is the best, right?”

“Aigoo! What does our princess wants this time round?”

Hye giggled and settled herself on the long sofa beside her mom. She was cutting up yellow melon and she puts one into her mouth before she started speaking again.

“We’re going to granny’s tomorow, right?”

“Ung. Why?” Hye’s dad asked as he too put a piece of the melon into his mouth.

“You do remember that we’re going to granny’s after all. Don’t have any date with any of your friends. We might be cocming back later.”

“What?! Later?!”

“Dear, look at this girl. What is she up to?” Hye’s mom exclaimed at her husband.

“We can’t be back too late…” Hye murmured under her breath.

“What is it my dear princess. Why are you so uptight that we’re coming back late?” He continued as he put the other half of the melon into his mouth.

“No, it’s just that. Appa, you know that tomorrow… there’s something important that I need to do… So I was wondering…”

“Wondering?” Hye’s dad asked.

“No, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t go to granny’s. But can we go and come back slightly earlier? I mean we can set off early in the morning and come back earlier. I need to be back home before 6.45pm. No, no… to be more exact, 6.55pm is the latest.”

“6.55pm? What do you have then? Why you need to be back at such a weird timing?”

“What is it that you need to do? We were planning to have dinner before coming back.” Hye’s mom interrupted as she finished peeling off the skin of the last  melon.

“Dear, please finish everything.” Hye’s mom urged as she puts a melon into her mouth and then added, “I’ve eaten so much I’m full.”

“No, I have… I need to use the computer.”

“Why can’t you use it when you’re back?” Hye’s mom interrupted again as she clears and stood up to walk off.

“Omma! Omma is really… stop interrupting, please.”

Hye’s mom looked at Hye and shook her head.

“Can’t you use the computer when we’re back?”

“No, Appa… about that.. you see… there’s a concert going on on 28th June andI definitely have to be there no matter what. It means my life.”

Hye’s dad laughed as he started to speak, “What is so important that it takes the life of my princess?”

“So, Appa, please. Ok? Please~~~~~ just this once. I need to go.”

“Aigoo. Our princess is acting like she’s a teenager when she’s all a grown up.” Hye’s dad exclaimed while he looked at his daughter, smiling, he continued, “Alright. What is so difficutl that I can hear the request of my princess.”

“Wow! Appa is the best!” Hye exclaimed as she moved forward to kiss her dad on his cheeks.

Hye’s mom walked out of the kitchen to the living room and started nagging again while Hye marched upstairs to her room in a much much lighter mood.

“Dear, you’re allowing her to come back earlier just to get tickets to a concert? It’s only once a while that we visit your mom. She’s old and yet she refuses to move in with us but stay at the pension in the country side.”

“Our house is so lively because of Hye. She’s always like a kid…” Hye’s dad said, putting smiles on both his and Hye’s mom’s face.

“Seo! Seo! Seo!” Hye went screaming after Seo when she reached the second floor.

“I can hear you from downstairs. You’re noisy.”

“Why are you always so nasty to me? Nevermind about that. Appa has given his permission! We’ll come back by 6.55pm tomorrow and I can get my tickets!” Hye exclaimed happily. She clapped her hands together and started to imagine herself at the concert venue watching JYJ performing live in front of her.

“6.55pm. What a weird timing.” Of course, Hye wasn’t able to hear that.

Hye was unable to go to sleep that night because she was all so excited about getting the tickets. She woke up early in the morning and even made breakfast for everyone. After which, she went to the yard to find Luis and spoke to Luis.

“Luis, did u sleep well last night? This noona couldn’t sleep because she’s so excited about today. Do you know what day is it today? Today is the day that JYJ’s concert tickets will be out for sale. You do know who JYJ is right? I always play their songs in the yard for you, didn’t I? Luis, do you think noona can get tickets to the concert?” Hye continued for a long time staring at Luis as if she’s ever going to get a reply from him.

“You’re talking to yourself again.”

“I’m not talking to myself! I’m talking to Luis.”

“When will you ever kick this habit of yours?” Seo teased Hye and turned to Luis and said, “Isn’t it so, Luis?”

“Aren’t you talking to Luis now too?” Hye gave Seo that speak-about-yourself look.

“Did you make that breakfast?”

Hye gave Seo that “Why?” look.

“Did the sun rise from the East today?” Seo teased. Hye tried to chase after her sister but Seo was too fast for her.

“You’re always like that! Teasing me!” Hye shouted out in unjustice.

“What’s up with you ladies early in the morning?”

“Have you slept well, Omma?” Seo greeted her mom.

“ung. Did you prepared breakfast?”

“No. Hye did.”


“Why? I heard my name being called.”

“You did breakfast?”

“Ung.” Hye said with all smiles. Everyone could feel her happiness about today but they couldn’t tell of course what exactly is the excitment all about.

“Aigoo. Our princess prepared this? From early in the morning?”

“Appa!” Hye greeted her dad excitedly.

“Have you slept well, Appa?” Seo greeted her dad.

“ung.” Hye’s dad continued as he settled himself on the dining table. “Let’s see how’s the skill of our little princess.”

Hye giggled with much anticipation. “I woke up early in the morning and prepared it.”

“Did you even sleep?” Seo said, butting in.

Hye gave Seo that will-you-die-if-you-keep-your-mouth-shut look.

After breakfast they headed down to their granny’s place. And as promised, they came back the house by 6.45pm and Hye rushed to her room the moment the car reached the house’s gate. She was out of the car even before her dad could even park it.

“Sorry, Appa! I’m going up first!” She shouted to her dad as she ran towards the  house across the yard. She switched on her computer and just couldn’t wait patiently.

“Quickly! Quickly! Quickly! This old computer can’t even work properly at times like this? Please. Please! Please.” She stared at the clock and said, “Only 5 minutes left! QUICK!”

“Oh, finally! Now, interpark! Quick! Load quickly! This is urgent! Great! It’s loaded…”

“Great! Here’s it!”

“What?! Can’t load page? You’re kdding me!” She said angrily as she hit the “refresh” button.

“Load! Load! Load! Please! Please! Ohhhhhhhh~~~~~” The page finally loaded and it was 6.59pm. “Great! 1 more minute! Right! I haven’t logged in!”

“Ok… logged in. And it’s 7pm sharp now. Refresh… Quick! Quick!”

She kept on talking to herself as she move around the page to get herself ready for the battle of JYJ’s concert tickets. She managed to load the page and grab 2 seats but another window saying “seat has been chosen” kept popping up and it irritats her a lot but she ain’t giving up until she’s sure even the last seat has been sold. 1 minute passed. 5 minutes passed. 10… 15 minutes passed and she checked again and confirmed that all seats have been taken up. Disappointed, she went to roll on her bed.

“Ahhhhh! Why isn’t there a ticket for me? Why?! Why?! Why?! Why is it so hard everytime?” She harped on as she started to tear.

She get off her bed and back to her computer. “It’s all your fault! Stupid computer! I should have just left you downstairs instead of bringing you up!” She started to hit her computer. She moved the cursor and searched for JYJ’s news on Naver. The first news that caught her eyes – JYJ’s First Concert Live in Seoul, sold out in seconds and caused Interpark website to be down. Feeling half-hearted, she took out her phone from her bag and headed downstairs.

She was whinning as she headed down about how she had failed to get the tickets. She needed a space to expressed out her frustrations so she started blogging and tweeting about it. She recevied quite a number of reply tags consoling her. Then she received a call from her friend, Shin.

“Hye~! I have good news for you!”

“What good news? Nothing can cheer me up right now. I’m so upset! Shin.”

“I’ll bet with you this piece of news will definitely cheer you up.”

“What is it? I don’t feel like listening.” Hye said to Shin as she started to tear slightly. And she was glad no one is in the living room now.

“An unnie of mine said she has extra tickets to JYJ’s concert. I saw your blog post. You’re so upset about it right?”

“YOU SERIOUS?!” Hye was literally screaming as she jumped up from her seat. “You’re serious?” OH.MY.GOD! I love you, Shin!”

“See! I told you.”

“so where’s the seat?”

“It’s not those front rows. The unnie’s friend also bought tickets so she has extra and she was asking me if anyone I know would want it and I saw your post.”

“ahhh, you’re truely my friend, Shin! I love you! Mucks! Mucks! Nevermind where the seat is. What matters is, I’M GOING!”

“Yes. Yes. The seat is at level 2 and it’s at the side. It’s quite close to the extended stage and not too far from the main stage so I’m sure…”

“You serious?!” Hye cut Shin off before she could finish her sentence. “That was the seat I wanted.”

“I thought you wanted a front row.”

“A front row would be good but…” Hye and Shin continued to chat…


Preview: Part 2

What is going to happen now that Hye will be going to JYJ’s concert and she’s going to get to see the person she has admired for the last 8 years standing on stage, making a come back as JYJ. Will there be stories that’s so extraoridinary that’s worth all the excitment that Hye is looking forward to the concert? Or will she be disappointed?

Check it out at Part 2 – You’re the Man