The days were passing very slowly for Hye and finally it was 28th June – the day JYJ is going to have their first live in Seoul. She was all excited and spent the whole day prepraring for it. Since she has 2 tickets and Shin said she didn’t want to go, she dragged Seo along with her. Seo was very unwilling to go because she didn’t like JYJ and she has no fan of concerts. But for the sake of Hye, she would go anyways even if Hye hadn’t begged her to go. Although they are twins, their characters and mentality are very far apart just like the North and South poles. It might seems like Hye is always the one who’s giving in to Seo; but in fact, it’s the other way round. Seo, unlike Hye, has a very strong character and she’s always the leader in the duo. Hye had suggested that they go earlier so she can get some concert goods. But Seo was so reluctant so their dad voluntered to fetch them there and wait for them to finish the concert. While waiting, they would go on a long-time date over dinner and movie. Hye loved the idea. But Seo knew that their father is giving in to Hye again. Sometimes she wondered if her dad was the reason why Hye’s character was so. But one party seemed weaker will made the other party looked stronger. That was how the 2 sisters managed to get along with each other througout their 24 years.

“Hurry~ up~!” Hye said as she hold back her footsteps and pulled Seo by the hand.

“Why the rush? There’s still so much time left.”

“I know. I want to get some concert goods. And then put it in the car.”

“My dear Hye, there’s still 2 hours! There’s plenty of time.”

“Look Seo! There’s already so many people~!” Hye wasn’t listening to Seo at all. But what’s new? Nothing can get into her brain during times like this.

Hye carried on to grab Seo by the wrist and made her walk around the whole area of the concert venue with Hye getting all excited seeing posters and banners and fans and more fans. They finally arrived at the area where the concert goods are sold and there was a long queue everywhere and Hye started to queue.

“Do they only accept cash? I don’t think I have enough cash. Did you bring any cash with you, Seo? If you have lend me some.” Hye was counting the notes in her wallet as she said.

There was really a lot of fans at the venue and they waited about 45 minutes before it was Hye’s turn to get the goods. She bought almost everything because they were all printed with JYJ’s faces and 2 lightsticks so they could use it at the concert. They didnt had a bag for her but she was lucky she had a car so she could put everything on the car. She shoved the 2 lightsticks into her small bag and tried to carry all the goods in her hands. But because of her clumsiness, she couldn’t manage without Seo’s help.

“Seo yaa, Thanks! What would I do without you. You’re the best!

They headed off to the car park and gave their parents a call. They needed the keys for the car. Hye put everything onto the car and was closing up when she saw a long vehicle passed by. She managed to catch a glimpse of people on the bus and she started hitting Seo.

“Yaa! Yaa! Yaa! Seo! Look there! It’s JYJ!”

Seo looked up only to see the back of the bus but she manage to catch a glimpse of one of the member. Seo, of course didn’t know who that member was until much later. But she wasn’t bothered about it because she didn’t like them anyways. It’s not just about JYJ. She doesn’t fancy any entertainers at all. Hye was chasing after the bus and waving at the people seated at the back. Seo tried to catch her but failed. For the first time, Hye was too fast for Seo.

“Oppa! Oppa! me! Me! Me!” She started at the bus. But of course, she couldn’t be heard. She didn’t followed the bus all the way as Seo managed to catch on to her later. Seo was scolding Hye about running along the road chasing after the bus like some mad woman because it was dangerous. It was a lucky thing she wasn’t injured. They managed to catch a quick meal before heading back to the concert arena. It was already dark and people had started to enter the venue. At the venue, there were people who were urshering fans into the arena. Hye took out her tickets and find the section to their seats and went in. After she settled herself, she pass a light stick to Seo and started taking pictures of the venue and fans. Photos are important to Hye as that was what she called them memories that will remain even if they are scattered over time. It was shortly after that the concert started.

Hye was so excited about it that she was shouting throughout the concert. The trio performed many tracks and their conditions were very good that night. They were, like JYJ had always been, perfect. It left a deep impression on Seo. Seo was the one who wasn’t interested about concerts at all. But having been to JYJ’s, she thought differently about concert. Because JYJ was indeed very good. From time to time, Hye was urshering Seo to raise the light stick and wave it around and enjoy the performances. From time to time, Seo listened to her requests but was not passionate about it. When it was JYJ’s member, Kim Jae Joong’s turn to perform his solo track, Hye got even more excited.

Seo realized that he was the person she saw sitting on the bus earlier.

“Seo! Seo! You see him? His name is Kim Jae Joong. You’ve never seen any one more pefect than him right?”


“He’s Kim Jae Joong! He’s the man that I’ve always thought as my ideal type. Whoever who becomes his girlfriend is going to be so blissful.”


“I mean… he’s good looking and tall and he can really sing and he knows how to cook and he’s always nice. He has a nice personality! And is liked by a lot of people…”

“Nice personality? How would you even know that?”

“You can see it from his videos and the way how others say about him. You know. That’s because you don’t read news or watch videos about him.”

“That’s because I’m not intersted about him.”

“That’s true. But anways, now you know he’s Kim Jae Joong.”

“Yes. Yes.”

“Why are you so nonchalent about it?”

“What do you expect then? I’m not even a fan.”

“That’s true…”

“Ahhhhhhh! My man! Come here, oppa! Walk over here please!” Hye shouted out towards the direction that Kim Jae Joong is walking towards to. “Over here. Over here, oppa!”

Hye took Seo’s hand as Kim Jae Joong walked towards their direction. Seo was staring at him as he walked wondering what’s it about him that is driving Hye so crazy. She stared at Hye and then back at Kim Jae Joong again. Then he started to wave towards their direction and ever smiled. Hye shooked Seo’s hand really hard.

“Seo! Seo! Seo! Did you see that!? DID you see that!? He smiled at us~! oh my god! He smiled at us! And he even waved.”

“He was just looking at our direction.”

“No, no, no. I met his eyes. I’m serious.”

“Please, Hye. Stop getting crazy. He’s just looking over at our direction.”

“Whatever you say. I said he smiled at us.”

“How is it possible he saw us within so many people.”

Hye didn’t bother to argue with her sister. It was about 10.30pm when the concert ended. Hye and Seo didn’t leave the venue immediately because there was just so many people. Seo tried calling their parents but the line kept failing to get through. There were too many people around. Seo grabbed hold of Hye and dragged her towards where the car was packed. They left the crowd who was cheering for JYJ. Hye wanted to join in but was stopped by Seo. Given Seo’s good sense of direction, she managed to find the car in no time. She walked towards the car only to find her parents on board.

“Omma, Appa, why are you waiting on the car?”

“No, your Appa was just thinking that it should be ending soon and there is just so many people so the lines might not be working.”

“It’s Appa after all.” Hye said proudly as she climbed on board. Before Seo could settle herself on the seat, Hye was starting to talk about the happenings at the concert. Their father started the engine and manage to get out of the crowd, onto the main road after much struggle. Look back at the venue, Hye could see that many fans are still crowded around the venue, waiting for JYJ.

“Why can’t we wait a little longer for them to come out?” Hye started complaining but she cut everyone off by continuing her story. It was about 5 minutes off the venue are when she noticed a bus from the rear mirror. She stoppped talking and wind down the window.

“Appa, not too fast.”

“Ung? why?”

“The bus. The bus is coming.”

Seo too turned back to take a look at the bus. “It’s JYJ’s bus.”

The head of the bus passed Hye and they were driving side by side the bus now. “Appa, slower.”

Kim Jae Joong was seated at the last seat again and Hye kept waving towards him even when Seo tried to stop her several times. Kim Jae Joong didn’t even turn to look at her direction and the bus just turned into another junction. Hye, who was feeling slightly disappointed didn’t even speak again on the way back home.

Back home, she headed directly to her bedroom and check through for JYJ’s photos using her phone. She managed to find a lot and eventually downloaded and saved them on her phone. She was just so crazy about JYJ that she can go without food whole day just to blog about them. She had wanted to write a concert review that very night but was just too happy and too upset at the same time. She had thought that Kim Jae Joong would at least turn around to look at her. But he didn’t.

Seo came barging into the room. “Yaa! Lee EunHye! Aren’t you going to bath? You dirty woman!”

“Don’t come and bug me. I’m not in the mood now.”

“Not in the mood?”

“You just came back from the concert and you’re lying on your bed.” Seo didn’t continued looking at how upsetting Hye was. She walked back to her room and closed the door behind her. She knew that now wasn’t the time to talk to Hye about anything. And she knew why Hye was feeling upset and about what.

Hye reached out for her mobile to check her twitter. Her twitter mates have tweeted a lot about the concert and she wasn’t about to read them at all. She scrolled through the tweets and passed by a profile picture that looked like Kim Jae Joong. He had tweeted. She sat upright immediately to read it. He wrote as,

“I’m grateful to all fans who came to the concert today. It was a perfect performance for the 3 of us and I hoped that all fans had fun at the concert. There was so many fans at the concert and we couldn’t reach out to everyone of you, much less to remember all your names and faces. But we will never forget our fans. You are very important to us. And I thank you for being with us today. For fans who didn’t get to attend the concert, I’m sorry. I hope next time we can have more days or bigger arena so everyone can gather. Have a good night. I love you all.”

“Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! It’s Kim Jae Joong after all! That’s so him! Oh oppa, I love you!” Hye said jumping on her bed and kissing the tweet message on her phone. She acted as though her lover had just sent her a love message.

That night, she had a very nice sleep.


Preview: Part 3

Hye being such an innocent girl is actually easily satisfied. Anything good that has got to do with JYJ can easily bring her to smiles. She’s simple but her dreams are quite unreachable. She likes Kim Jae Joong and she didn’t realize that she actually crossed the line as a fan. She is no stalker and she’s more than just a fan. What exactly happened to Hye that made her realize that what she thought of Kim Jae Joong isn’t as simple as she thought it was.

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