Although Hye has come to like Kim Jae Joong for over a very long period of time, she had never for once thought that she would get to see him in person. It was already one week after the concert they had and the memories were still fresh in her mind like it just happened yesterday. That next weekend, Hye had actually fallen sick. She was usually a healthy person because she had always been careful of what she eats or drinks and it was unusual for her to fall sick since she didn’t eat anything unusual that week. It was a sunny afternoon and Hye decided to take a small walk outside. Although they kept telling her that she looked sick but she didn’t felt that she had fever nor was her head feeling heavy at all. She grabbed a small bag and headed out. Seo caught her leaving the house.

“Hye! Where are you heading? You’re sick. You should be resting at home.”

“Don’t nag like mom. I’m just feeling stuffy and I needed a walk. You want to come along?”

“Not really. But I need to get something from the mart nearby. Wait for me!” Seo headed back to her room to take her wallet and phone. Seo was really quick. She litterally ran to her room and back to ground level. “Let’s go!”

“What are you buying?”

“Ung? Oh… nothing much. I just feel like snacking that’s all.”

“Snacking? When did you snack? It”s always me who snacks.”

“Ung? Oh. Anyways, where are you heading?”

“Hmm… no idea. I just feel like being under the sunshine.”

“Being under the sunshine? You hate the sun.”

“Yeah, I do. I have no idea why but today it’s just so weird.”

“Ung. I guess I can walk with you.”

“Why do you feel like snacking? Wait, hold on… You feel like snacking today and I feel like being under the sun. That’s so weird.”

“What’s so weird? What do you mean?”

“No, it’s like… Is that a twin thing? Because you don’t like to snack and I don’t like to be under the sun. But today, we’re both doing things that we don’t usually do.”

“You and your nonsense again.”

“What nonsense?!” Hye said, feeling slightly angry, she unknowingly lifted her hand to give Seo a slap at the back.

“What’s that for?!” Seo shouted in pain. “You don’t look like you’re sick at all. Are you faking it?”

“Yeah. Yeah.” Hye argued back, annoyed. “But really. I don’t feel like I’m sick at all. Maybe I am just tired.”

“Tired? Maybe. But you haven’t do anything much…”

Seo and Hye chatted along while they walked. It has been a long time since the 2 sisters walked and chatted under that sunshine. Both of them didn’t realize that that day was just so unusual, everything wasn’t normal. As they spoke, they didn’t realize that a monk who looked like he hasn’t left the temple for many years walked towards their direction. A monk walking on the street is not weird. But, a monk walking along that street was weird because there wasn’t any temples anywhere near the area at all and the estate they lived in was private residences estate so it was highly doubtful that any monks would just pass by the area for no reason.

“Seo, I really feel that today is just so weird.”

“What’s so weird?”

“Look! Up in the front. What do you see?”

“Up in the front…” Seo started off as she stared up in the front. “A monk…”

“Yes, a monk. What do you think he’s doing in this area?”

“I… have… no… idea…” Seo couldn’t speak in a proper sentence. “What are you so conscious about your environment today?”


“You wouldn’t even notice what’s in front of you usually.”

“Was I that bad?”

“ung… kinda…”

Hye was feeling really weird that day. She wasn’t even feeling sick at all and yet she looked sick and even the doctor prescribed her medicine and had asked her to stay at home to have a good rest. Seo don’t usually snack at all but she felt like snacking that very day. Hye was supposed to be sick yet she wanted to feel the sunshine. And at such a timely juncture, the 2 sisters chose to go out at the same time though for a different purpose. Seo didn’t wanted to accompany Hye to take the walk but she did anyways. And when she did, and they both walked, they had to meet a monk out of nowhere; like, literally out of nowhere.

They were getting closer to the monk. Although the 2 sisters did feel something odd about it, they both decided not to pursue the issue. But it wasn’t really up to them.

“Miss.” The monk started talking to Hye as she walked pass him. Hye didn’t notice he was speaking to her so she took another step forward. The monk turned around and called out to Hye once again; a louder tone this time.


“Me? Are you calling me, master?”

“Yes. It was you whom I was calling out to.” Hye stared at Seo and Seo stared back at her. Hye looked around the vincinity. She thought, “Did this master miss his way or something? I don’t think I know no monk.”

Looking at Hye’s blank expression like he read her mind, the monk continued. “I didn’t miss my way; nor did I call out to you for no reason.”

“HUH?” Hye was totally confused. “Did he just read my mind? What was that?!” She thought to herself as she stared at Seo. Seo didn’t move an inch; which under normal circumstances, she would be standing beside Hye to shield all things for her.

The monk ignored that and continued questioning, “You have someone you love deeply?”

Hye gave him a blank stare. And she wasn’t prepared to answer that at all. “Why the hell would a monk be interested in that? And why would I even be telling a stranger this?” These questions flashed through her mind. Her mind was telling her to move away from the monk but her body wasn’t reacting. And Seo was just standing blindly beside Hye.

“It seems that you do have someone you love. Perhaps you didn’t realize that you do love  that someone. Or maybe it was because you have yet to meet him.”

“I’m sorry? Why are you telling me this? You’re a monk… right?” Hye asked doubtfully.

The monk continued like he didn’t hear her. “You will eventually lose that someone. This person is not fated to be with you in this life as well. Because of your past lives, you’ve been entangled with that person for the next few lifetimes.”

“HUH?” Hye literally gave the monk that look. But she didn’t stop him from saying more nor did she start to question him.

“But I see that you’ll soon get to meet him. Both of you are fated but your fates are entwined with each other…” Before anything more could be said, the monk bowed at the 2 sisters and walked off. It was only few seconds that Hye came back to her senses when Seo shook her.


“I’m not deaf.”

“You’re staring into space in the middle of the road.”

“Was I?” Hye looked around her. She tried to trace back to the monk. “Seo, did you see that monk?”

“Monk? That weird person who looked like a monk and who spoke of those nonsense?”

“Yes… what do you think he’s saying?”

“I have no idea.” Seo lied. She too was curious about it. She had always been interested about paranomal issues like these. But it couldn’t be counted as one. She pondered about it for seconds then grabbed hold of Hye’s hand and dragged her along the road. It was after some time when Hye found her senses back and began to walk on her own feet.

Another thing that’s different about the 2 sisters is that, Hye has a lot of friends whereas Seo doesn’t but Seo didn’t mind that because she had always felt that her World worked different from others and it would be weird to talk to others about it. Hye was just purely innocent and treated everyone very friendly so people like to crowd around her and sometimes taking advantage of her. For Seo, the reason why she usually lived in her own World was that she was able to tell of things that aren’t normal – paranormal things or beings that doesn’t appear as physical self.

The 2 sisters pondered about the issue for a long time and remained silent for that period.

For Seo, she was thinking about, “Who exactly is that monk? It doesn’t seemed that he was there coincidently. Was he able to tell that Hye and me would be there at that timing? Did he come to look for Hye? What was it that he meant for all those things that he had said? I don’t remember Hye tell me she loved someone. And what does he meant about past live and lifetimes. He can’t be someone who had lived for that long. What exactly was all that about?”

For Hye, “Who’s that monk? Why did he tell me all that? What is it that he knew? Was that a message? What does he meant with all those he said? Why would he be telling me all that when we just met coincidently. Was he that good that he can tell by a look? I don’t believe in all these but I am curious about it. What exactly was that all about?”

“What are you thinking about?” Hye asked Seo.

“ung? I was thinking what exactly was that all about…”

“Really? Me too! I was thinking about the same thing!” Hye was getting all excited. “Maybe that’s what they call the twins thing.”

Each time Hye said this remark, Seo would be sure to rebutt it but she was too puzzled with the issue at hand that she couldn’t care less about that.

“Seo, let’s cross over there. There’s a mart over there if we walk through here and cross another junction.”

“Mart over there? How did you know?”

“ung? Oh! JYJ!”

“What has that got to do with JYJ?”

“No, I meant JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong live around this area.”

“And how did you know about that?”

“I really like him a lot and these kind of things it’s always all over the internet. You know, stalker fans.”

“Stalker fans…?”

“Nevermind. You can never understand.”

“How much do you like him?” Seo started to question Hye in a deep serious attitude, crossing over Hye and stepped in front of her. She thought, “Maybe that was what the monk meant! I need to get this straight now.” Seo gave a serious look.

“What’s that serious look for?”

“Just answer my question.”

“Hmm… actually, I’m not exactly sure. About his matters I’d love to know but it actually don’t matter even if I don’t know. I like to watch his videos and sometimes watching them, I felt like I had known him for a long time and I can really tell what kind of person he’s like. You know, like what is he thinking and his personality and stuff… As you know, I can usually judge people easily on first meeting… well, that kind of thing I guess?”

Seo thought about it seriously again. “Can tell what kind of person he is. Able to read his thoughts. Known him for over a long period of time… What does these meant…”

“Why are you asking all these anyways?” Hye asked as they approached the junction.

“Nothing much.” Seo was trying to hide it from Hye. Hye was too excited to concertate much on her sister. “Seo! There! Over there is the place where Kim Jae Joong lives.” Hye pointed to a high building estate some distance away from the junction. Seo stared ahead in front of her. It was on a cross junction that they had stood at and they were waiting for the lights to turn green before they could cross. It turned green quite immediately when Hye was going to start complaining that the wait was long. They were crossing over when a white sports car drove very quickly while approaching the junction. It was still green light so the car was probably trying to drive pass before the light turned red but the red light crossing light had already started to blink and turned red. The car managed to stop just before the white line of the traffic light.

“What a reckless driver!” Hye exclaimed as they stood at the junction. “Wait a minute. This car looked very familar. It can’t be that 2 person living in this area had the same car, right? Seo?” Hye was asking Seo but Seo wasn’t listening. She was still bothered about the issue. Hye took a closer look at the driver on the car. It turned out to be Kim Jae Joong. Hye was getting excited and she started waving and calling out his name. But of course she was ignored. Frankly, one wouldn’t be able to tell exactly who the driver was but Seo was getting irritated by Hye for all the excitment coming out from her. Hye had once again messed with Seo’s thoughts. In Hye’s terms, it would be “twins thing”.

They missed their chance to cross so they had to wait for the next. The lights at the other side turned red and the lights on their side turned green for the car to drive off. The white sports car started to speed off and Hye’s eyes followed it. But there was actually another red car from the other side approaching the junction. The red car didn’t stop although it was red light and hit directly at the white car. Althought the white car just started off, but because the red car was speeding, the imact was huge. It was a loud bang when both cars hit and it shook the senses of the 2 sisters. No other people were around. Hye stood helplessly staring at both cars. And Seo was quick to react. She realized that the drivers weren’t alighting from their cars and the white car was hit so hard that it flunked some distance away. Although both cars did not overturn, the impact was sereve.

Seo ran forward to check on both drivers, leaving Hye standing at where she was. Hye was too shock to react. Seo checked on both drivers and took out her phone to call for ambulances. She opened the door of the white car and found who she knew to be Kim Jae Joong. Within minutes, the paramedics arrived and the police arrived too. It was a peaceful afternoon and there was no one around. Although there was a loud bang when the cars hit, there was no one who came forth to take a look. And there were only the 2 sisters on that empty street. Both drivers were sent to the hospital. Because Hye and Seo were the only ones at the scene, they had to follow the ambulance.

Seo dragged Hye by her wrist and pulled her onto the ambulance. There were 2 ambulances but she had to coincidently board the one that Kim Jae Joong was put on. Hye seemed to come round after she saw him lying there.

“Seo, what is this?! Isn’t this Kim Jae Joong?”

“Yes. He was in the white car.”

“So I was right it was him? What’s wrong with him?” Hye asked the paramedic on board.

“Because the impact of the crash was too huge, he couldn’t stop bleeding. We have to send him to the hospital immediately. You’ll need to keep away. We need to make sure that he’s awake until we reach.”

“Oppa! Oppa! Do you hear me? Oppa?” Hye called out to Kim Jae Joong. He didn’t move an inch but all of them know that he was still alive.

“Seo, What do we do?” Why is he not having any reaction?”

“Keep calm.”

“Please. Please. You need to save him.” Hye was begging desperately. Hye was too shocked at the whole situation to react at all.

The ambulance was very fast and they reached the hospital in no time. Kim Jae Joong was sent to the emergency unit and required immediate assistance. As there was no time to seek permission for operation, the doctor went ahead. Seo who was more calm at that moment started checking up for Kim Jae Joong’s contact details and contacted his agency. The doctors and nurses went in and out of the operation room and Hye just couldn’t sit still. Because she touched Kim Jae Joong, there were some blood stains on her hands and her shirt.

“Seo, what’s going to happen? What just happened?”

“Hye, calm yourself! He will be alright!” Seo tried to console Hye.

The operation went on for hours and people from  his management company arrived shortly after. No one knew how news get around but reporters were starting to crowd around the area outside the hospital. The doctors continued to move in and out of the surgery place.

“We need more blood tranfusions.”

“You can take my blood.” Hye volunteered. “He’s blood type O. I am too. You can take as much as you want.”

“Please assist her for blood transfusion.”

“Seo, we’re both blood type O.” Seo nodded.

The operation ended in 18 hours.

“He’s still in a very critical condition. We need to monitor him for the next 48 hours. The next 48 hours would be very critical for him. Please prepared to tranfer him to the ICU.”


Preview: Part 4

What will happen to Kim Jae Joong? What will go during the next 48 hours? Or perhaps after the next 48 hours? Did he has more than 48 hours to live on? What wil Hye do for the sake of Kim Jae Joong. She thought she had lost him when he met with the mishap. But the doctor said that the next 48 hours would be critical. What is going to be the fate of Kim Jae Joong?

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