Once again, it’s another song that I just feel the need to have the lyrics translated into English and yet another song that I feel the translations of the lyrics is insufficient to express out the feeling of the lyrics from it’s original language – Korean. Why is the English language so lacking in descriptive terms?

I think that Baek JiYeong’s voice has totally did justice to the lyrics of the song. I was very touched by the song even when I just listen to it for the first time. It speaks of a love from a man watching the woman in whichever way he could and protecting her from behind even if his love is unreturned, he still can’t stop loving her. It is yet again another drama call “Princess’s Man” OST that Baek JiYeong has sung. Her voice always never fail to impress me. And adding on, her OST songs always never fail to create a commotion. That’s the power of Baek JiYeong’s voice. She has a voice that speaks and vocals of different ranges and colours. I believe that the drama will be a hit because even before the airing, the song has already attracted a lot of attention.

And, the composition and lyrics and mixing of the song is very well done! Isn’t that the reason why it’s the theme song for the drama and used as an OST? The song is truely written especially to fit into the story of the drama. The drama is yet again another sad love story with ancient Korean as the background.