The hands on the clock that hung at the hospital’s wall kept clicking forward with a ‘tuk tuk tuk’ sound. It felt like something counting down to Hye. She was feeling very unsettled the whole night. It was barely 3 hours that have passed since Kim Jae Joong had came out of surgery and 3 hours since what the doctor had told them “the next 48 hours would be very critical for him.” These words kept ringing in Hye’s mind like her life depended on it. Her life did depended on it because it was still a shock to her although a day had already passed. She was still in shock to give her statement to the police. Seo has already given her side of the story and  it would be Hye’s turn once she recovered from her shock. She refused to budge and kept staying and staring at Kim Jae Joong from the other side of the room.

“I’m grateful that you let my sister stayed.” Seo was speaking with a representative from the management company.

“She seemed like she’s still in a shock. We can’t just let her go off like that. And, there are a lot of reporters out there. They might just approach her and ask her things about it. For the time being, although it would be best that she can rest at home, I think she needs to be here.”

“I don’t think she’s in the state to be at home. She’s still in a shock. And I doubt she would move an inch. Thanks for allowing us to be here.” Seo had totally understood the whole situation.

Hye had hated the hospital. She has hated it because of the smell. She had hated it because she was scared of blood. She had hated it because she left her favourite grandfather at the hospital when the 2 sisters were only 12. It had left a huge impact on Hye on the dad their grandfather passed on. He too, died of an accident. Although it was reckless driving caused by their grandfather, they were very young then to have to endure such pain. Hye was closer to their grandfather than Seo because it was usually grandfather who would look after Hye and get her things that she loved. After their grandfather’s death, Hye’s taste changed dramatically. She even lost her taste bud for a period of time due to shock. It could be the same this time round.

Seo ended her conversation and stared at Hye’s back. She didn’t have to approach her to know what Hye was feeling. Hye was actually crying. She hadn’t stopped tearing since she came into the ICU. Seo put her left arm on Hye’s right shoulder and whispered into her ears, “Hye yaa, he will be fine.”

“Seo, I don’t know why is this happening.”

“He will be fine.” Seo tried to assure Hye. But frankly, Seo can’t be that sure either. She just wanted Hye to feel better.

“He’s still breathing now but it seemed like it’s so hard for him.”

“Hye, don’t put your hopes down. Where is the Hye I know?”

“I don’t know… I don’t know… I don’t know…” Hye kept repeating herself as she started to weep.

“I’m sorry ladies, I know you’re upset but the patient requires plenty of rest now.”

“Yes, I know. I’m sorry.” Seo apologized to the nurse.

“Let’s go out. You need to stop looking at him for a moment.” Seo said while dragging Hye out of the ICU.

Seo lead Hye to the bench outside the room and sat her down while she get a hot drink from the vending machine.

“Here. Take a sip.” Seo urged Hye while she handed the hot drink into her hands. She continued, “I’ve called Appa and Omma and tell them not to worry.”

“Ung? Appa? Omma? Right… we’ve been out for so long. They would be worried.”

“The know we’re here.”

“Seo.” Hye started as she grabbed Seo’s hand. “What will I do without you?”

“Why would you be? Silly.”

Hye nodded as she took sips of her hot drink. She took some time to finish it and her mind started to settle slightly. She heaved out a sigh. Seo didn’t need to question her to know what it meant.

“What can I do to stop this silly girl from thinking wildly? But that man inside the room. He doesn’t seem to be doing any better. Will he really be alright?” Seo thought worriedly.

Hye dropped into silence as she stared at the empty cup in her hand. She wasn’t going to tear nor was she going to stand up and walk towards the ward again. She just sat there and stared blankly at Seo. Seo took the cup from her hand and threw it into the bin beside the vending machine. When she sat back down again, Hye rested her head on her shoulders.

“Seo, I’m really worried…”

“Nothing’s going to happen, silly. Take a nap. You’ll feel better.” Hye listened to her sister. She closed her eyes to rest her mind and went into a deep sleep. She had a dream. A dream that seemed so vividly like it was happening in real life. The images flashed through her mind. The voices that spoke penetrated her brain and into her ears. She was feeling drowsy. She started to speak in her dream which Seo hadn’t seen her done so before.

“Oppa… Oppa… Where are you going? Why are you walking away? Why are you leaving me behind again? Hye muttered on verse by verse, word by word slowly as if it was all slow motioned. She paused for a few seconds and continued, “Oppa, where are you walking towards to? It’s too bright I can’t see you. Can you come closer to me. You’re going further apart. Don’t go!” In Hye’s dream, she started chasing after the Oppa. And then she awoke herself from her dream with, “It’s so dark I can’t see you at all. Oppa?!” She jumped into an upright position.

Seo turned to look at her face.

“Hye, you ok? You’re breaking out in cold sweat.”

“I had a dream.” Hye started as she moved her arms towards her face to wipe off those sweat.

“What dream?” Seo asked being concern. “Did she even realize that she was talking in her dream?” Seo was trying to hide the fact that she has questions running through her mind.

“I dreamed about Oppa. He was walking away from me and then it was so dark I fell so deep. Deep into something there’s no end.”

“Oppa? Kim Jae Joong?” Seo asked as she helped to wipe of the sweat on Hye’s neck. “That was just a nightmare.”

“But I have a bad feeling.”

“No. NO. It was just a dream. Forget it.” But in actual fact,  Seo was pondering what the dream Hye had meant.

There was a slight commotion in the room. A nurse who walked by the corridor was shouting, “Doctor! Doctor! Please come quickly. Patient in ICU number 20 is in critical condition!”

“ICU number 20…?” Hye said standing up. “Isn’t that his room…?” She rushed off toward his direction without finishing her sentence.

Inside the room, nurses were surrounded by him. Hye was watching them from the room outside as she was forbidden to enter. People from his company came into the room as well, followed by a few doctors. The  doctors checked and inspected him. They were walking around in fast motions in the room and they were all looking frantic.

“Seo, what’s happening?” Seo kept all quiet as well.

The doctors continued to try to save him. Hye just stared at the machine that kept beeping. It was the machine that reflected his blood pressure and heart beat. Hye tugged Seo’s shirt.

“Seo, what is wrong with the machine? Why is it not function? Isn’t there supposed to be wave lines? Did the machine spoil?” Hye asked a lot of questions which Seo couldn’t answer. Seo had wished that Hye wasn’t there at that moment to watch what went on. They were not supposed to be allowed in. It was supposed to be family members but they had left although staff from the company stayed on. They need to leave to avoid reporters. Only related personnel were allowed to stay on. But what made Seo and Hye. Who were they to stayed on? They were supposed to be just passer-bys who saw the whole incident.

Seo started thinking, “If that person lying there wasn’t Kim Jae Joong, we wouldn’t have been here. If Hye hadn’t wanted to take a walk and I hadn’t wanted to snack, we wouldn’t be at the cross junction. If only that red car didn’t drive so recklessly…” Seo has too many questions flashed across her mind she could have a mental breakdown from it.

“Hye… we shouldn’t be here. Let’ get out of here.” Seo suggested. But Hye didn’t move an inch. The machine continued to beep retentlessly and it was started to sound irritating. The doctors were starting to leave the room. Hye caught that.

“Doctor, where are you going? Why are you saving him? He needs your help now! He… he’s lying there… motionless… Why are you leaving him behind…” Hye pulled at the sleeves of the doctor who was exiting and broke down into tears. Seo tried to pull her to stand up but Hye just sat on the floor and couldn’t stop crying.

“I’m sorry. We did our best. Please contact his family members.” The doctor said that and left the room.

Hye stopped tearing and she just sat motionlessly outside the room. The only thing that kept flashing though her mind was the images of her dream and what the doctor last said to her. It rang in her ears and into her brain like some spoiled radio. His family members came shortly after. There was a huge commotion and Seo felt that they shouldn’t stay any longer. She dragged Hye by the shoulders and pulled her out of the room. With very much efforts, she pulled her out of the hospital and flagged a cab. They took the cab home. Throughout the journey, Hye didn’t say a single thing  but kept staring out of the window. Seo was so worried about her sister she couldn’t leave her eyes off her. She asked the driver to wind down the window for Hye so she could get some cold air on her face. Seo felt that that was what Hye would need at that moment. She needed to clear her head.

Back home, Seo announced to their parents that they were back. Seo urged Hye to take a shower which Hye did while Seo made a cup of hot milk for her. Hye had returned to her room after her shower. She had lie on her bed and tucked under her blankets. Seo put the cup of hot milk beside the bed and helped Hye to sit up. She made her finished up the milk before tugging her into bed again. “Have a good rest. That’s what you need most now.” Seo told Hye as she walked off to switch off the lights and returned the cup to the kitchen. She went up to Hye’s room again. Seo couldn’t just leave her sister alone to sleep that night. She went into the room, switched on the bed side lamp and tugged herself beside Hye. Hye was crying under the blanket. She sensed Seo beside her so she moved her body towards Seo and Seo was patting Hye to sleep. It took a very long time before Hye fell asleep. That night, Hye slept in the arms of Seo. It was hard for Seo to get some sleep.

Perhaps it was because she was sensitive to paranormal issues, she thought she felt something different that night. But she couldn’t tell what exactly was it. It wasn’t the usual sense that floated around Hye’s room. It disturbed her so much that she couldn’t find ease sleep through with it. But she couldn’t wake up to check, afraid that she would wake Hye up. She tried to picture what could it be…


Preview: Part 5

What was it that was in Hye’s room that night? What was the feeling that Seo was feeling? Would she be able to find out what was it all about? It seemed that she has a puzzle with my broken parts in front of her and she had to fix them altogether to get a full story. Would she be smart enough to figure it out? What was it so special about Seo that she could sense all these?

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