Seo left Hye’s room when dawn broke that morning. She kept trying to figure out what was it that she felt the previous night that kept her awake the whole night. She felt the need to be stronger so she could protect Hye. Hye didn’t leave her room at all that day and Seo was very worried that Hye is taking the matter in too hard but she also knew that nothing she say will get into the brains of Hye’s. Seo went into Hye’s room from time to time to check on Hye but she didn’t move an inch. Seo was frustrated after several tries and she went to pull Hye out of bed only she realized Hye was running a fever. Freaked out, she called their family doctor. Seo cooked something light for Hye and fed her medicine. That night, Seo slept by Hye’s bed side. Hye was sick for continuously two days. Hye felt better on the third night and was awake in the middle of the night. She saw Seo sleeping beside her bed and tired to get off bed with cautious. Hye went to open the door only to see something running away from her door. Freaked out, she let out a scream. Hye’s scream woke Seo and Seo ran towards her sister.

“What happened?!” Seo asked Hye as she grabbed hold of her arms.

“I… I think I… saw something out there…” Hye spoke as she shook in fear.

“Something out there? A thief? Wait here…”

“Seo, it’s dangerous. I’m not sure if that was a thief. Maybe we should wake Appa and Omma up.”

“Just wait there… And don’t move.” Seo assured Hye.

“Seo…” Hye was feeling uneased.

Seo went to check around the house but didn’t notice anything unsual. She couldn’t find anything unusual because that object had went to hid behind the kitchen. Feeling unsafe to leave Hye alone, Seo went back up.

“There was nothing there.” Seo assured Hye but was unsure about that fact. She didn’t show that on her face; afraid to freak Hye out. But Seo was determined to find out exactly what that was.

“But I was sure I saw something…”

“There’s nothing. Now, why are you awake at this hour? Are you feeling any better?” Seo asked gently as she moved her hand to touch Hye’s forehead. “Seems like you’re not having any fever anymore.”

“I think so. But I’m feeling kind of light.” Hye was nbot making any sense to Seo.

“Kind of light?” Seo asked anxious.

“Yeah. I don’t know how to explain it. Just light feeling. Maybe because of the fever, I was feeling heavy the last couple of days.”

“Oh.” Seo wasn’t convinced. “Lie down. I’ll go get you some hot milk.”

Seo went down to the kitchen and also to check around the house once more. She wasn’t able to detect anything special. She made it quick and ran back upstairs, made sure Hye finished her milk and tugged her under her blackets.

Next day, Hye was feeling all better and insisted that she would go back to work the following day. Their parents wanted Hye to rest more but Seo assured them that Hye would be alright. But the fact was, Seo didn’t want Hye to be staying in the house whole day. Seo drove Hye to work and back home for the next couple of days. Nothing special happened the next couple of days. Seo was in fact worried about Hye because her reaction at the hospital and after she came back home was totally different. Hye didn’t even bothered with reading the news about it nor did Seo see Hye searching on the internet about it. Being Hye’s sister, Seo was extremely worried for Hye but she wouldn’t ask Hye directly. Hye looked like she was braine washed and her no recollection about the incident. “Had the shock been too big?” was what Seo was worried about.

That night, Seo had a lot of work to clear so she brought them home. She could have done it in the office but felt the need to keep Hye company. During times like these, Seo would really be a nice sister to have. Seo was working deep into the night when she thought she heard some noise. She dropped everything and went towards Hye’s room to check on her. She was shocked to see what she had found walking outside Hye’s door. She approached the figure. The figure sensed her and tried running away.

“Don’t try to run!” Seo raised her voice slightly. “What are you? I know you’ve been here couple of days now. What do you want from Hye?” She spoke to the back of the figure. The figure refused to turn so Seo had no choice but to take a closer look. She saw someone she knew.

“It was you! What are you doing here? How did you even…?” Seo couldn’t finished her sentence.

“I’m sorry. I just followed the two of you here. And when I saw her…”

“When you saw her?”

“I don’t know how to explain.”

“Explain yourself. You shouldn’t be doing here.”

“I’m sorry. But… ”

“Stop apologizing. And explain yourself, I say!” Seo was getting slightly agitated.

“Hye… she’s… we’re… I am… related…”

“Related? What do you mean by related?”

“I don’t believe my sister know you.” Seo wasn’t convinced but it didn’t seemed like a lie to her. Everything was so puzzling.

“It will take a very long time to explain. But let me ask you one question.”


“You don’t seem to be afraid  of me.”

“Is that supposed to be a question?”

“Not exactly… but just that your reaction upon seeing me was unusual.”

“No.” Seo was getting irritated. “Now, tell me so what is what?”

“Do you believe in life after death? And do you believe that memories become clearer after that?”

“There’s no life after death. And for your second question, I’ve never been dead so I don’t know.”

“Then I’m telling you that memories about yourself do come back to you after you die.”

With that, the figure disappeared. Seo tired to stop the figure from leaving but failed. Seo heard someone turn the door knob.

“Ung? Seo. Why are you standing here?”

“Did I wake you?”

“I was awake. Who were you talking to?”

“Talking to? I wasn’t talking.” Seo was trying to confuse Hye by denying. “Go back to sleep. It’s only 3am.”

Hye rubbed her eyes, noded and went back to her bed. After checking that Hye went back to sleep, Seo went back to her working desk. She lost all her concentration. “Life after death. What was that about?” Seo was very curious about it so she tried to do a search online and out came many results. She read through most of them which made her even more confused because there were so many different theories so she had no idea which was true. She was determined to find out.

Seo, she was over protective for Hye so rather than having fear that night, she felt more courage in her. It wasn’t the first time tht she had seen things that didn’t existed. She had seen her grandfather after he had passed away or sometimes when they go to attend funerals, she’d see or sense things. These didn’t bother her at all. She wasn’t ready to accept things as she had seens and neither did she have anyone she could ask.

Seo was sure he wold be back.

She was right.

“I saw you again.”

“I never left.”

“Why didnt you?”

“You’re curious about me.”

“You can tell?”

“You can say so.”

“What’s your motive for getting close to Hye? I don’t think you know her.”

“She loves me.”

“I know she did.”

“She still does. Before and now and will continue to.”

“Why are you so certain.”

“I am here for her.”

“You’re going to take her away? Don’t you dare try!”

“You don’t understand what was the relationship we shared before.”

“I don’t need to understand. You’re not allowed to take her anywhere!” Seo was starting to get a little louder.

“Seo?” A soft voice called out from second level.

Seo stared up at Hye. “Did I wake you?”

“Who are you talking to?”

“I wasn’t talking to anyone.” Seo denied. Seo moved her focus from Hye to the figure.

“No. I saw you talking to someone.” Hye was starting to come down to ground level.

Flustered, Seo continued to stare at the figure and then to Hye and back to the figure as if signaling to the figure that he should get lost. Hye stopped beside Seo which now formed a triangle from the way the 3 of them stood.

“Why are you talking to yourself in the middle of the night?” Hye asked Seo, being concerned.

“I wasn’t talking to myself.”

“But there wasn’t anyone else.” Hye explained.

“I could let her know that it was me you’re talking to.”

Seo knew that she wasn’t supposed to speak to him so she gave the keep-your-mouth-shut look.

“Seo? You’re acting all weird. Is there something?” Hye was starting to question Seo.

“You know I could show myself to her and everything would…” Seo cut him off.

“Hye. It was nothing. Let’s go back up.” Seo grabbed Hye by the wrist but Hye shook it off.

Looking at the direction that Seo was staring at, she said, “No matter who you are. Or no matter what you are. I can’t see a single thing. But don’t you dare bother Seo.”

Seo was shocked at Hye’s statement because it was the first time that Seo had seen Hye acting this way. Altough it wasn’t the first time that Seo had seen things, Seo was certain that Hye wasn’t able to see or sense what she was always able to. Seo was sure that Hye was different from her.

“Hye… what do you think you’re doing?” Seo tried to grab Hye by the wrist again and pulled her back to second level.

Seo had no idea how to react to this issue because she had no idea what he meant by “I am here for her.” and “… relationship we shared before.” Seo was feeling very uneasy about it but she couldn’t show it on her face to get Hye suspicious. Seo had come to know that she was able to see things after her grandfather’s death when she was young but she had always thought that she was the only one who see them and if she figured if she had no reaction to that, no body would find out eventually.

Hye, she had no idea who Seo was talking to but she knew that something was there. She wasn’t able to see anything but she was able to sense something. What Seo didn’t know about Hye was, although Seo was able to see things, Hye was able to sense them. But because of Hye’s cheerful personality, she didn’t show it at all. What Hye didn’t know was that she was actually staring at the person she had loved, loves and will love – Kim Jae Joong.


Preview: Part 6

Will Seo tell Hye that Kim Jae Joong was actually there that night? Or would Kim Jae Joong tell Hye personally? Or will Hye be able to find out about it herself eventually? Will Hye ever get to know about it and will she ever get to meet Kim Jae Joong?

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