That night, Hye did not sleep well. She was very certain that she had dreamed about something a lot but she wasn’t able to remember it after she woke up. It was bothering her because it was something important yet she didn’t manage to remember it. She was sulky the whole morning and was not in her usual self.

“HYE!” Hye did not response to Seo’s call-out and Seo was getting agitated.

“Did you hear me calling you?” Seo ran up to Hye and took her by the shoulders.

“What’s wrong with you today? You are in such a daze.”

“Huh… it’s nothing much…”

“Nothing much? And you’re not even acting like usual.”

“Tell me. What is it?”

“Seo…” Hye paused for a moment. “It’s nothing.” Hye said as she turned to walked away from Seo.

Seo felt so frustrated that she ran in front of Hye and looked her right into her eyes. “What’s wrong?” She asked being concerned but she sounded slightly pissed.

Hye isn’t someone who would keep anything from Seo. And there was something else that annoyed Seo. He has been following Hye around in their house the whole morning and now, even when Hye is out in the streets.

“Hye~ something must be going on in your mind. Tell me! You’re not even bringing Luis for a walk today.” Seo glanced over Hye’s shoulders, at him.

He gave Seo the what-did-I-do expression and tried to avoid eye contact. Seo ignored that and walked along with Hye. Seo tried to keep quiet but Hye’s actions just bothered her too much for her to remain silent for long.

“Hye~ I know…” Before she could finish, Hye break her voice.

“Seo, why are you so noisy today?” Hye sounded slight frustrated. She turned and look at her sister. Hye don’t know if she should be telling all that to Seo. As she walked, she realized that she reached the park near their house. She took a seat at one of the benches and Seo settled down beside her. He was with them all this while.

“Seo… I don’t know if I should be saying all these… but… but… it’s really bothering me a lot…”

“So, just tell me. You’ve always told me everything!” Seo sounded happier than she should usually be.

“I had a dream last night. A weird dream. As I remembered, it lasted very long. I dreamed about a face. But it was very blurred I can’t tell who he was. We were very close… like lovers maybe?” Hye turned and looked at her Seo’s face. Seo urged her to carry on.

“I don’t know… I can’t really remember… All I know was the person in my dream… He’s someone who I liked a lot… But I don’t have…”

“What is it that the dream is bothering you about?”

“I don’t know too…”

Seo turned and gave him a hard stare. He said, “It wasn’t me. Really!”

Hye and Seo sat there for a moment enjoying the bask while Hye clears her mind. He moved to seat in the shade near the tree opposite where the girls are seated. Seo continued to glare at him.

“Seo… it’s head back.”

“You sure? Are you better now?”

“I guess I am.”

That very night, Hye had the same dream again. Kim JaeJoong was in the room with her. He come to know what the dream was all about and who was the one who caused it. But it wasn’t really within his control. He sat there, beside Hye, watching her as she slept and as she dreamed about them being together.

“I didn’t know about all these too, Hye.”

“I guess when people dies, they really move on to a different realm.”

“Would there be any difference if I had know earlier?”

“The moment I die, there was a whole load of flashbacks about what happened all these times while you and I remained as strangers.”

“You found me before. And I find you now but am I able to change anything at all? If I had known…”

Kim JaeJoong was talking to himself in the room but Hye broke him.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you bringing me along…?”

“Hye~ what is it that you’re dreaming about today? Do you even realize that you talk in your sleep as you dream?”

He moved forward to touch her on the face. She felt warm. Some intense feeling went through Kim JaeJoong and he removed his hand from her face. Another flashback. He had seen something that he shouldn’t.

“What was that? I know that I saw those flashbacks when I met with that accident and eventually died but what was that earlier on?”

Someone came by the door. It was Seo. She looked at him and signaled that he should follow her. He did.

“Do you know that you’re very noisy?!” Seo was not pleasant to him. She hated him.

“I’m sorry that I disturbed your sleep.”

“It’s not that…”


“You shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be following her around like some pest.”

“Then? What should I do?”

“Can’t you just move on?”

Kim JaeJoong understood what Seo meant exactly. “I can’t. Something tells me that I had an unaccomplished mission here.”

“What mission do you have for a dead person?!”

Seo was getting louder as she spoke. She didn’t even realized that Hye was awake by now.

“Seo… you’re… talking…. to…”

“Why are you up at this hour?”

“I saw… him…”

“Him? Who?”

“You’re talking to him…”

“You… saw…?”

“He was the person from my dream.”

“You saw his look?”

“No, I didn’t. It was just white… and… and… pleasant… like some feeling of… feeling glad…”

“You should be back at bed and sleeping.”

“I am not a kid.”


“You know something!”

“I…” Seo was lost for words for the first time.

He reappeared again.

“Who is he?” Hye was asking Seo.

“He’s someone…” Seo said to Hye as she started at Kim JaeJoong’s face.


“Hye, calm down.” It was the first time that Seo saw Hye being so agitated she was in a shock herself.

“He’s someone you admired and loved so much.”

“Someone I admired and loved?”

“Have you always seen things?” Not trying to lie to Hye, Seo nodded.

“Since when has that been?” Hye questioned, back at her usual tone.

“Since when we were young. When our grandparents passed away. I realized it.”

“And you’ve been keeping that to yourself?”


“And… I see and feel them too?”

“You do. But you don’t realize.”

“I don’t…” Hye was trying to think back about the unusual things that she sometimes see. The unusual that she doesn’t talk to Seo about it.

Hye broke the silence, “That was him, isn’t it?” Hye said pointing at the white figure.


“How long has he been here? Why is he here? Who is it that he’s looking for? How did he come to our house?” Hye was just shooting all questions that came to her mind at Seo and at Kim JaeJoong.

She had come to know. Her reaction wasn’t that of what Seo had imagined. And of course, Kim JaeJoong wouldn’t know that she would had reacted so. She wasn’t able to see him in his original form anyways.

“Are you going to tell her everything?” He interrupted. He was worried about Hye’s reaction.

“Hye… I’ll tell you what you want to know. What I’ve come to realize. Let’s go inside before we wake up mom and dad.”

Seo tucked Hye into her bed and settled down beside her while she sat beside her, tucked into the blankets. Kim JaeJoong was standing up and looking down at the two of them. Seo was hoping that he could have seated down so he wouldn’t irritate her further. It was like the start of a Q&A.

“How long has he been here?”

“Couple of days after the accident.”

“Why is he here?”

“Because of you.”

“Why me?”

“You share a special relationship with him.”

“What special relationship?”

“I haven’t got much idea about it. All I know is you have a twisted fate.”

“Like in my dream? We were lovers?”

“Yes…” Seo paused before answering.

“How did he manage to find me?”

“When people die, they see a lot things about themselves. I guess that’s how…”

“He’s going to be here forever?”

“I don’t think he can.”

“Why can’t I see him and you can?”

“You can’t see anything since young.”

“I don’t understand…”

“What don’t you?”

“He’s… he’s… just an artist that I liked… how does that…?”

“You’ve crossed the line several times. Do you know that?”

“Crossed the line?”

“Do you rememember what you always tell me?”

“What I always tell you…” Hye was trying to think. She was fully awake by now. “Things about him…”

“Yes… I was puzzled before but now I know…”

Hye stopped questioning. Seo continued to stare at her.

“She shouldn’t be asking all these. And you shouldn’t be telling her all these.” Kim JaeJoong was interrupting them. But it was only Seo who could hear him clearly and she has chose to totally ignored him.

Kim JaeJoong sat down, crossed arm on the floor as Seo continued to stare at Hye. He was mad… But he wasn’t mad at Hye or Seo. He was mad at something else that he couldn’t exactly tell what it was.

“Seo… Will I be able to see him?” Hye broked the silence after what felt like several long minutes.

“That… I don’t know… And… I can’t be sure… Would you prefer to?”

“I don’t know. I have… I can’t… I don’t know…” Hye started to cry and she went to hide under her blankets.

Kim JaeJoong stood up and stared down at where Hye was. He signaled to Seo to ask her to do something about it but she ignored him totally.


Preview Part 7

Has Seo told Hye too many things? So much that Hye shouldn’t even know? Will Hye eventually be able to see him as what she wanted? How was it that she would be able to see him? Would Seo be approving about all these?

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