Simple lyrics, simple melody, simple background music, simple voice.
These are what’s required for a nice piece of music.

JaeJoong wrote and penned the song. I was wondering what image did he has or what story has he to tell when he wrote the song. I tried to image a picture in my mind so I can understand what he’s singing better. This song has been sung with so much emotion in it. I think I am able to understand.

A guy loves a girl.
He falls in love with her unknowningly.
He starts to protect her unknowingly.
And starts to be bothered about little things of hers.
He couldn’t pass a single day not looking at her.
But her heart is not with him.
He knows that he couldn’t have her.
Yet he’s unable to give up liking her.
He wants to make her stay.
And he couldn’t stop liking her more each.

Because the composer wrote the song and sang it himself, he had written it in such a way that he matches his voice.
It is not one of the best song that JaeJoong has written but it’s another song that I’d add to the list of my “Best Listened”.
I am wondering what his voice would sound like without the music. It should be so nice that one could listen to sleep.