For the next couple of days, Hye remained very silent. There were a lot of things weighing on her mind. Seo knew what was it and she was wise to choose not to speak of it. JaeJoong kept following them around wherever they go. Seo was irritated but she couldn’t show it lest Hye realized she was irritated and start to question about it. Mom and Dad did notice the change in the girls and they questioned Seo about it but Seo eased their mind with her own logic.
“Hye… you know you have been…”
“I know we’re not alone.”
Seo know that that was a statement. And she chose to keep quiet.
“I’ve been trying to figure things out over the last couple of days.”
“I’m not alone. We’re not alone.” Hye paused for a moment before she continued, “You said before that he’s here for me. He’s following me around, isn’t he?”
Seo stared at JaeJoong who was walking beside Hye and he gave kept waving his hands trying to indicate that that was no fault of his that Hye noticed.
“Hye…” Before Seo could finish her sentence, Hye cut her off.
“Where is he now?”
“With us…” Seo didn’t want to let Hye know that he was just standing beside her.
“He’s with us even during the day?”
“Yes. In fact, it’s with you.”
Hye fell silent. A bus came and she boarded it. That wasn’t a bus that leads to home.
“Seo! Seo! Seo! This is not the bus home. Why is she taking the bus? Why are you taking it with her? She shouldn’t take the bus. You’re supposed to walk home!” JaeJoong was talking non-stop as soon as Hye settled herself down on a window seat and Seo went to settle down beside her. JaeJoong sat on a single seat that was in front of them.
Hye was looking out of the window blankly. She looked like she had a lot weighing on her mind.
“I know these are all unacceptable. You shouldn’t try to even think about it.”
“It doesn’t explain with logic, doesn’t it?”
“Alright.” With that, Hye pressed on the door bell and alighted. But the bus had already gone on for about 15 minutes.
That night, Hye went online after dinner to search about all the possibilities. JaeJoong was watching her doing that. He couldn’t do anything to stop her. There was nothing that he could do except for the fact that he existed yet Hye was unable to see him.
“I know you’re around, Oppa.” Hye started after she got tired of searching on the website. None of the results that came out satisfied her curiousity.
JaeJoong was shocked.
“I know you know every single moment of mine. But I don’t see you. I don’t feel you. I don’t hear you.” Hye was trying very hard to calm her voice.
“It’s crazy speaking into the space and nothing gets responded. I think I’m insane.”
“You’re not, Hye. I am here! But you can’t see me. How do I do to make you see me?”
“Oppa, I have a lot of questions to ask. I’m very confused.”
“What is it that you’re confused about? I didn’t want you to be vexed about me.”
“Why is it that you’re related to me yet I can’t see you but Seo can? Can she even hear you? Or perhaps even feel you?”
“I don’t know about all these either. But it seems only Seo is able to see me so far. I didn’t come here to upset you.”
“Oppa… Won’t you say something? I think I’m crazy trying to speak to someone I don’t even see or feel.” It was getting harder to try to control Hye’s emotions now. She placed her legs in front of her chest and rested her head on her knees.
“My dear… Please… please don’t be like that… I don’t want to upset you.”
“I… I was really very devastated when I learned about your death. And I was happy that you’re still around.”
“… …”
“But you don’t really exist in my eyes.”
“… …”
“You’re here but not here.”
“Hye dear… I am here!” JaeJoong was started to feel frustrated about the fact that Hye is starting to tear up.
“Oppa, I really miss you. I really want to see you. I really…”
It was at this moment that Hye started to tear up so badly. She was crying so hard in silent that it hurt JaeJoong so much. He started to pace around the room. He thought about finding Seo. But she wasn’t the best person to approach now. He tried to think of ways to console Hye but there was nothing that he could do; she can’t see him, can’t feel him and can’t hear him.
“Hye! Hye! It’s me! Kim JaeJoong! I’m here! Can you hear me?!” JaeJoong was screaming at the top of his voice.
“… …”
“Why can’t there be something done about this?! How can I stop you from crying? What could I do to stop you from being upset?”
He paced around the room more and he tried to approach Hye but he didn’t touch her. He was watching over her tearing up so badly but there was nothing that could be done to stop that. He hated himself for being so useless.
Hye was weeping so badly that her throat ran dry and she was starting to cough. JaeJoong moved to stand behind her wanting to give her a pat on her back. He tried. It failed. Hye continued to weep and cough. JaeJoong moved to stand on her right and that was the same time when Hye stood up, wanting to move to her bed.
Something blocked her and her back hit against her table with a soft bang. JaeJoong stared out at the door. No one was approaching.
“What is that for?” Hye questioned herself. She wiped her eyes that have been blurred by tears. Her vision didn’t quite come through. She picked a few pieces of the tissue off the tissue box and cleaned it such that her eyes became dry.
“Are you alright?” JaeJoong sounded worried about Hye. He was standing right in front of Hye but he didn’t touch her.
Hye rubbed at her eyes once again. “What is this…”
“What is what?” Hye was totally freaking JaeJoong out now.
Hye went totally quiet and she stared blankly at the space in front of her. JaeJoong turned around to see if there was anything behind him. There was none. He walked towards the door and tried to listen for footsteps. No one was approaching. He was worried that Seo would jump in any moment. The clock hit 12midnight. JaeJoong stared up at Hye, looking at her face, into her eyes. He went to stand at the opposite side of the bed. Hye was moving herself away from her table and towards her side of the bed. JaeJoong noticed her eyes.
The room fell into silent. Hye was moving closer to JaeJoong now. She tried to open her mouth to speak but no voice came out.
“Hye…” JaeJoong broke the silence.
“So… this… is… it?” Hye started to tear up again.
JaeJoong moved his hand towards her face, wanting to wipe that tear off.
“You’re… there’s no temperature from you.”
“… …”
“What happened exactly that I am able to see you now?”
“I have no idea…”
“Is this a dream?”
“You’re not real.”
“I am not real… Yes…”
“I am in a dream.”
“You’re not exactly…”
Hye tried to set her focus. She sat down on her bed and tucked herself into the blanket. JaeJoong stood still and watched her as she did. She didn’t speak again.
“Hye, are you turning in?”
“You’re really here. This isn’t a dream.” Hye sat up again. “I thought it was my imagination.”
JaeJoong went to seat facing her on her bed. “You should try to go to sleep.”
“No. I’m not. You’d be gone again.”
“… …”
“There are a lot of things I want to know. What does Seo means when she said we’re related? Why are you dead yet you’re here? How did you come to know about me? How did you manage to find me here? How was it possible that…”
JaeJoong broke her off. “My dear girl, a question at a time. How am I supposed to answer all that at one go?”
“I’m sorry… It’s just that I’ve wanted to know all these and I get to see you now. This could be my only chance and I need to know about all these. I think I’m going crazy. And what about…”
JaeJoong held on to Hye’s shoulders and urged her to go to bed.
“No! I’m not sleeping! What if you’re gone again tomorrow morning?”
With that, Hye sat up and stared at JaeJoong and started with her 101 questions.
There were a lot of questions that she had to clear. There wasn’t time. She didn’t know when JaeJoong would disappear on her again. She didn’t want to waste a moment sleeping away. She wasn’t allowing him to disappear on her. There was no certainty because JaeJoong have no idea either if Hye would be able to continuously be able to see him, hear him and feel him or is there a time limit for all these.
Feeling unease, there wasn’t a second to waste for the couple.
Preview Part 8
Hye stayed up the whole night and cleared her doubts. But there was one doubt which she had no answer to. JaeJoong did not have the answer either. They could only wait; wait for dawn to break. What will happen when the sun rises?
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