“Omma!!” Hye said to her mom as she entered the kitchen and placed a kiss on her left cheek.

“Yes, my dear?”

“Is there anything I can help you with?” She was already hugging her mother from behind.

“Why are you up so early? It’s barely 7am.”

Hye avoided the question and walked to the other side of the table and sat down. She started to pinch on the side dishes that has been laid out.

“Ommo! Who’s this?”


“What’s with the vibrant this early in the morning, my princess? Why are you up already? It’s hardly past 7am.” Hye’s father exclaimed as he put his brief case and coat and wanted to settle down on the chair.

“Appa! That…” Hye stood up and almost screamed because she was shocked.

Hye was seated on the first seat towards her father’s right – her usual seat and JaeJoong was actually seated on her father’s seat.

“Why are you so shocked?”

Hye shook her head.

“My little princess,  have you been pinching on the side dishes again?”

“It has become a bad habit.” Hye’s mom complained.

“No, it wasn’t! It was just too delicious!” Hye pouted and stared straight into what was opposite her.

JaeJoong had changed his seat in a short 1 second. And he was laughing at her. Hye showed her annoyed face at him.

“Why are you giving me that face?” Hye’s mom had scooped soup for them and had turned around to place it on the table when she noticed Hye’s expression.

“Ung? It’s nothing…” Hye shooked her head hard.

“Where’s Seo? Is she still sleeping? She’s always the one who wakes up about this time.” Hye’s mom said as she settled herself on the chair opposite Hye. In a swift moment, JaeJoong changed his seat to beside Hye.

“This is so new to me.” Hye exclaimed out of nowhere.

“What is new, my dear? You waking up so early is really new to me.” Hye’s dad teased her.


“Seo! Come and have your breakfast! Hye is up unusually early today. Maybe something nice will happen.” Hye’s mom teased Hye.

“Omma! Why are you teasing me as well?” Hye sighed.

“I think that already happened.” Seo started out of nowhere. “Right, Hye?” Seo said as she looked from JaeJoong to Hye in a short 1 second.

“What nice thing has happened since early morning?”

“Ung? It’s nothing.” Seo went over to sit beside her mom and avoiding sitting on where JaeJoong was seated in – her usual seat.

“You’re unusual today too. Don’t you always seat beside Hye?”

Seo ignored that question from her mother.

“I need to go to school earlier today. Dad, can you drive me?”

“You’re heading out so early? Of course I can, my dear.”

Hye looked at Seo but she didn’t say anything. She knew. She knew that Seo knew about it. Seo probably knew what happened last night and she probably knew about the fact that Hye is now able to see JaeJoong.

Hye helped her mother washed the dishes that morning; something that she haven’t done so in a long time. She initiated to wash it. JaeJoong was seated on the table beside her the whole time and watching her while she washed.

“Oppa, stop looking at me. It’s weird to have someone staring at me the whole time.”

“No, I just like how your back looks when you wash the dishes.” JaeJoong said as he stood up and moved towards Hye. He leaned his back against the wall and he’s now facing the side of Hye’s left.

“This is so embarassing! Stop staring!” Hye tried to splash some water onto JaeJoong but he avoided it.

“Omma?” Hye called out to her mother outisde her room as she finished her dishes.

“Why?” Hye’s mom asked as she opened the door.

“What were you doing? I’m done with the dishes. And I will be getting ready to head out.”

“You don’t have morning classes today.”

“There’s somewhere I want to go.” Hye shouted from the staircase. She ran up the staircase and into the room. She closed the door behind her. She stared around the room and turned back pull open her door again.


“I’m here.” JaeJoong called from behind Hye.

“What a sudden!”


“How did you…” Hye started off pointing at the door and then to JaeJoong.

“No idea. I didn’t need the door to come in. If not, how do you think I came into your room every night?”

“Every night? You came every night?”

Jae nodded.

“You were watching me as I slept?”

Jae nodded.

Hye jumped onto her bed and hid under her blankets. JaeJoong was confused with her actions.

“This is totally embarassing!” Hye shouted at the top of her voice. She draw the blanklet away from her and JaeJoong appeared in front of her covering her mouth.

“Shhhhh! What if your mother heard you?”

Hye nodded. “I forgot about that.”

JaeJoong laughed at her.

“So… it means that it works…”

JaeJoong nodded.

“Oppa, let’s head out.”


“Anywhere. Let me get ready.” Hye jumped out of her bed and started picking the clothes to wear.

“This looks nice… No… Not that bottom… that doesn’t match… No… NO… That looks fine… Hmm…. ” JaeJoong started commenting as Hye chose clothes to wear while lying sideways on Hye’s bed.

“Why are you commenting? I choose what I want.” Hye didn’t like the idea that JaeJoong thought she has no fashion sense.

“Alright. I was just saying. I shall keep quiet.”

Hye continued to choose.


Hye turned back to look at JaeJoong with an angry face.

“Alright. Alright. I got it.” JaeJoong zipped his mouth with his bare hands, signaling that he will stop commenting.

Hye chose her set of clothes and was walking towards the attached bathroom when she suddenly turned around at JaeJoong  and gave him a stare.

“You won’t peep, would you?”

“Do I look like some peeping tom to you? Who do you think I am?”

Hye nodded feeling slightly sorry that she doubted JaeJoong. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She wasn’t trying to be quick about her bath and had took about 45 minutes. She stepped out of her bathroom, all ready, only to find JaeJoong gone.

Worried, she shouted, “Oppa! Oppa! Where are you? Oppa!”

“Hey! Hey! You want the whole world to hear you?” JaeJoong said as he suddenly appeared behind her.

Hye turned around and stared up at JaeJoong with her teary eyes. She gave JaeJoong a hug.

“I thought you’re gone again.”

“I’m sorry.” JaeJoong felt apologetic that he had went away. “but you were taking too long!” JaeJoong complained.

Hye pushed herself away from him and wiped off her tears. She was slightly angry. She totally ignored JaeJoong, picked up her bag and head of downstairs. Her mother was sitting at the sofa in front of the TV, folding clothes.

“Omma, I’m leaving.”

“Ung. Don’t be too late. I’ll cook your favourite Kimchi stew tonight.”

Hye bidded goodbye to Luis and giving the huge boy a hug. JaeJoong was following behind Hye and Luis was barking at JaeJoong.

“He always bark at me!”

“Luis sees you too?”

“I guess so?”

“I’m the only one, I guess?” Hye said, feeling slightly upset.

“You’re not the only one. Your parents can’t see me too.” JaeJoong joked.

Hye turned back and stared at JaeJoong again.

“Alright! Alright. I shadn’t tease you then.” JaeJoong had put both his hands in front of his chest in case Hye would hit him.

JaeJoong followed behind Hye as she walked down the long passage to where the bus stop is. A route that he felt so familar walking down the same path for since he was with Hye. But it was a different feeling today. He had purposely chose to walk behind Hye and Hye had turned back several times to urge him to walk beside her but he ignored it and urged that she should just walk ahead. He liked walking behind her, staring at her back. That kind of feeling felt so familar. It has happened before. He liked how it is now. He liked the fact that Hye loves him and how glad he was that he found Hye. Although he regretted that he had found her only after he was dead. He loves Hye. He remembered how much he loved her and how much he loves her now. But, Hye only remembered who Kim JaeJoong was.


Preview Part 9
What is the past that Hye and JaeJoong shared in the past? What was the flashback that JaeJoong had when he realized that he was going to die. What could a ghost-human relationship come to?

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