“Do you perhaps know…?”

“Know about?”

“I have liked you since a long long time ago…”

“Yes, since a very very long long time ago…”

“Ung?” Hye sat up and turned and looked at JaeJoong in a very swift movement. They were lying down on the grass getting the sunlight on their faces.

“Why are you so shocked?” JaeJoong asked Hye, sitting up and stared at her straight into her eyes.

“No… because you seemed to know that I liked you since a long long time ago… So… I was just wondering how did you… know…”

“I knew about it recently…”

“Recently? How? What do you mean?” JaeJoong stood up from where he was seated and started walking off when Hye stood up and chased after him.

“What do you mean with that?”

JaeJoong shrugged.

“What does that mean?”

Hye was ignored by JaeJoong again. Angry, she stopped at where she stood and crossed her arms in front of her chest and turned her head against where JaeJoong was walked. JaeJoong, noticed that Hye was not following turned back. JaeJoong stood at where he was positioned and looked at Hye.

“You’re angry?” Hye twisted her head slightly further away.

“Your neck will hurt this way. Look at me…” JaeJoong said in a soft voice and that melt Hye’s heart. She turned slowly first to look at JaeJoong. But something shocked her.

“Oppa?!” Hye was not able to see JaeJoong from where she was standing so she started to pace herself into a slow run.

“I am here. Why?”

Hye didn’t seemed to have noticed where JaeJoong was standing and ran past him. JaeJoong chased after her and grabbed her by her left arm.

“Where are you heading?” JaeJoong asked as he grabbed her arm.

Hye was starting to tear.

“Where did you go? I couldn’t see you!” Hye sounded scare.

“I’m sorry because I…” But before JaeJoong could finish his sentence, Hye cut him off.

“Oppa, you seemed different from last night. Actually, you looked different this morning too.”

“Different? In what sense…?”

“I don’t know is it because of the bright sunlight…” Hye looked at the sun and then set her focus back on JaeJoong’s face. She tip-toed slightly because it was even harder to tell where exactly JaeJoong is standing in front of her.

“Maybe it was the sun… I couldn’t make out your face a while ago…”

“You mean you couldn’t see me?” JaeJoong started to understand what Hye meant.

“It should be just the sun… You are too fair!” Hye started to complain and she started walking off.

“What?! What has that got to do with me being fair?” JaeJoong was slightly annoyed. He didn’t like it when people say that his skin is fair because he couldn’t do anything about getting darker even with sun tanning.

“Do you want me to be late? I need to get to the bus stop else I’d miss the bus.”

“The bus is not coming until a little while more. Maybe another 3 minutes?” JaeJoong was looking at his watch when he said that and he was looking very cheerful and optimistic.

Hye stared up at him feeling slight annoyed. At the side of her glance, she noticed that a granny was looking at her with weird glances like she was someone insane.

“It’s all your fault!” She murmured under her breath.

Exactly 3 minutes later, the bus arrived as JaeJoong had said. Hye stared at him as he stepped up to stop the bus to board it. Hye flagged the bus too and it stopped in front of her instead of JaeJoong. They had both forgotten that not everyone would be able to know JaeJoong’s existence.

Hye was having some special course that day for the whole day and the special training will go on for 3 days. Feeling bored, JaeJoong told Hye that he would be going somewhere else and he’d see her at home. That night, Hye returned late because the people at her class had asked her out for a group dinner.

“He needs to have a hand phone so I can tell him I’d be late… How am I supposed to let him know? Would he know..?” Hye stared up in a daze at the night sky as she thought of all these.

“EunHye, what are you in such deep thoughts? Is it going to rain?” One of her mates at the training class asked her.

“Ung? Oh… Nothing…”

“Let’s go!” He said as he pulled her hands.


“Oppa?” Hye pushed open her door, still panting.

“He’s not here?” Hye slammed her own door before JaeJoong could react. He was seated on her bed. JaeJoong heard her running across to Seo’s room.

“Seo…?” Hye asked as she opened Seo’s room door slowly.

Seo turned and looked at Hye from her study desk. “You’ve come? How was it?”

“Ung? How was what?” Hye asked as she settled herself on Seo’s bed.

“You won’t think I’d be asking about your training, would you?”

“You knew?”

“You think I wouldn’t?”

“That has never cross my mind.. But… But! That’s not what I wanted to ask! Did you see oppa?”

“Oppa? JaeJoong?”

“You don’t see him” Seo asked, slightly shocked. She stood up and walked towards Hye’s room, open the door and found JaeJoong seated at the end of Hye’s bed.  “He’s here. Don’t you see him?”

Hye peeped through her own room’s door. “I… see… him… now…”

Seo turned and walked out of the room.

“But I couldn’t see him earlier!” Hye shouted to Seo.

“Who couldn’t you see?” Hye’s mom asked as she approached Hye.

“Ung?” Hye turned to look inside her own room. JaeJoong was still seated at her bed. Hye tried to shield him from her mom’s view.

“Hye, why are you acting weird today?”

“Acting weird? When… did I? I did not!” Hye sounded much excited then she should have been.

“And you’re saying you are not acting weird?” Hye’s mom pushed Hye to one side and walked into Hye’s room and sat by her study desk. Hye shifted her sight from her mom to JaeJoong. JaeJoong shrugged and shook his head.

“Omma… what’s the matter?”

“Do I need a reason to have a talk with my own daughter?”

“No… that’s not what I meant but… but I just came back… and… and… I haven’t showered.” Hye set her focus on JaeJoong’s face, afraid that her mom might have noticed JaeJoong.



“Why are you so out of sorts? Did you have fun?” Hye’s mom asked her as she stood and walked towards Hye and patted her on her head.

Hye’s view of JaeJoong wasn’t blocked by her mother and she saw JaeJoong gave a hard shake with his head. Hye stared at him with an annoyed face.

Maybe because Hye’s mom saw the look on her face she said, “You seemed to have a hard day. Have a good shower and rest early.” She said that as she closed the door behind her.

Hye dumped her bag on the bed and moved in front of JaeJoong.

“What was that look for?”

“What did I do?”

“Nevermind!” Hye walked away from JaeJoong and went to pick up fresh clothes to bath and change into.

Hye had forgotten about something. JaeJoong too had forgotten about it. It was an hour later when Hye came out from her shower, all ready to go to bed. She laid down on her bed and JaeJoong tucked her under her blankets. JaeJoong was about to walk away when…


“… …”

“Tell me…”

“About…? Bedtime story?”

“No… Our story…”

“Our story?” JaeJoong remembered of the conversation they had earlier this morning. “I don’t know where to start…”

“Just start from anywhere…”



With that JaeJoong started his story.

“On the day of my accident, I saw a very bright light that flashed across my face. Then, I heard someone calling out to me. I felt like I had arrived in a very strange place. That place was very peaceful. It was all white initially then there were colours and faces and voices. It felt like a hundred years have passed within that swift moment. I saw everything. I saw you. But it wasn’t the you that you are now. I saw myself. But it wasn’t the myself now. I saw many other people. I saw Seo too and I saw many other people. I think I saw your parents too but their looks were different. Then the story went on. I saw what happened. Everything that happened…”

“What? How you met with an accident? I was there that day.”

“No, not that. Remember I said this morning I knew that you liked me since a very very long long time ago?”

“Ung… You said so this morning.”

JaeJoong continued his story.

“I have no idea how to explain about the way of our dressing when we first met. It wasn’t modern and we met a couple of times or should I say many times back before? We were lovers before and before that. But our parents objected of our relationship. You seemed to be from a rich family, like you are now and I seemed to be from a family that wasn’t so well-off, exactly like what it felt like now. I saw you crying many times and then you were dragged away by people who seemed to be like your parents from before. We were seperated and we wasn’t able to meet at all. Then everything ended when your parents tried to arrange for your marriage, forcing you to marry a person that you didn’t loved and I have no idea what happened to you after that…”

“Maybe I died? Maybe I committed suicide?” JaeJoong totally ignored Hye.

“Then it because different again. This time, we were students. We were not from the same class. I was quite sure I liked you then but you didn’t seemed to know who I was. I was pretty upset about it, being quiet most of the time. During that time, you had a lover. I was always watching you from far away. You seemed to know that I was watching you but you didn’t bothered with me. You had times of happiness with your lover then. But there was one day when the two of your fought and he pushed you onto the floor. You were crying very badly. I hit him out of fury. I consoled you. You started to take notice of my existence. But that was all. You didn’t accept my feelings for you. We became slightly closer friends but that was it. Then, you dated someone new after a few months later and everything ended there. I had no idea what happened next.”

“Ung…” Hye was starting to doze off in JaeJoong’s arms.

“This life… I saw you out of that many people. But, it was too late obviously. I saw you when you went for our first showcase, our first concert, our first fan meeting, our first recording live and I saw you at the airport several times. You were even at some of our tour concerts. I saw you a few times when you walked to the supermart near my place. I was always on my way out when I saw you. Why didn’t I took more notice?”

JaeJoong stared down at the face of Hye. She looked so sweet and peaceful, asleep. JaeJoong sealed a kiss on her forehead as tears rolled down his cheecks.

“If only… If only I had notice you earlier, perhaps… perhaps things would be different…”

JaeJoong hugged Hye tighter with much remorse about his retarded feelings.


Preview Part 10
The week passed by peacefully with Hye busy with her training and preparation works that followed after that. JaeJoong was bored by the work that Hye had to do so most of the time he didn’t sticked to her. He would appear at her room at night and sometimes she would find him seated at her study desk the next morning. There were times when JaeJoong said he would be back when he failed to. But one thing, Hye was never late for anything due to JaeJoong’s help.

What exactly was JaeJoong busy with? What exactly did JaeJoong help Hye with? Would life really remain that peaceful as the couple would have liked it? Seo suddenly disapproved of JaeJoong sticking on to Hye and even threatened JaeJoong. Why did she do that?

Check it out Part 10: All good things come to an end. Or, does it not?