1. Get Out
I like how the music started with piano and heart beat sounds. Then it went on with a dialogue by YC. But I feel it could be better if they had added a female voice too so there’s a question and answer. I had heard the song previously at their concert and I try not to do comparison with it. The mixing of this album version and the fresh version sung at their concert was different. But nevertheless, the vocal and the spirit put into singing the song is the same. The music and lyric speak about betrayal by one’s best friend and one’s lover and it kind of give a certain amount of anxiety and frustration of the lost. It could be felt through the way the song was protrayed by JYJ. The last verse of the song was very well mixed, I thought; the way it was mixed and cut really brings the song to a certain high then it comes to a sudden close.

2. In Heaven
The song started out with a slow and somewhat sad melody and then dialogues were added but I feel that it could be expressed out more sadly to suit the melody and the starting part when JJ’s voice comes in. The recorded version is nicely mixed and I like the flow of the whole song that brings it up to the peak step by step. But one thing I heard during the live they sang at the concert was the heart ache of losing someone that is close to them but in the recorded version, the feeling wasn’t as strong. But, it still feels like a sad and heart felt song. I’m sure it’d be a song that will remind people of the love ones they lost and how they hate to lose them.

3. Fallen Leaves
I liked this song the first time I heard it. It has a very nice opening with piano and violin. I like the combination of piano and violin. And JJ’s voice feels really floaty and soft when he hits the first few notes. This is a song that makes me picture something in my mind as the melody and voices sing. It is sometimes a song that brings tears to my eyes which reminds me of people I hold dear and how much they mean to me and to what extend can I make sacrifices for them. I like how they cut down the parts – which part to be sang by which member because it really songs good as a whole. Their voices totally matches in to the background melody. This is a very well-written song.

4. The Boy’s Letter
Frankly, I don’t quite like the start of the melody but it’s fine when the violin and piano melody come in because it started out low pitch. The overall mixing of the song seems to be fine. This is a very meaningful song with a nice melody that could be used to delicate the song to a love one. It is also a song that gives courage to a person. As the song goes on, the pitch starts to get higher and higher and no doubt the three voices combined would have give credit to the song. Of course, it also brings down to the person who wrote the song because he would understand the charm of his members’ voices better than anyone.

5. Mission
The very first time round when I listened to this song, I don’t like the mixing because I find it messy and noisy. But as I come to listen to it more and more, I begin to understand how it works. And of course, this song is a fast track that brings out the power of JYJ’s voices. This is a very JS-song. One hear and you’d know who wrote the song. Then I started to like the chorus of the song. It kind of brings motivation to a person when one feel lost. And needless to say, YC’s rap that was written in such a short time frame. I’m glad YC wrote the rap at first thought to suit their music style and not change it time and again to accomodate.

6. I.D.S
Overall, the song is nice. I like the chorus part as well as the background vocals. When listening to the last part of the song, I never fails to move along with the melody.

7. Pierrot
It is a nice theme to write about for a song. It is not easy to express the thought of something else that has been though of but I think JJ did a good job in writing the lyrics and not to forget YC for his parts of the song as well. Frankly, listening to this song reminds me of my teenage years when I was growing and trying to break free of the control of my parents and I never understood how the adult world works  and like a Pierrot, I wanted to have wings of my own to be able to dream and break free into a world I call my own.

8. You’re
JJs’ voice feels very smooth and dreamy at the start and then kicks in YC’s low sexy voice. When the second verse kicks in where JS’s voice comes in, it seems like the song entered into a different world and then when the chorus part started, it changed again. Somehow, I hear more of JS’s low pitch voice much more in this song as compared to other songs. Any fan of JYJ would have think that this song belongs to them and JYJ and how each can’t live without the support of each other just like a puzzle can never be a picture if any one of the pieces is missing. It is a song that gives hope and promises. And, I like how the rap part came in at the song and how the ending was ended with a dialogue by YC’s sexy low voice.

9. Nine
I like how the melody of the music goes for the different verses and how their voices blend into each other. And verse 1 of the first and second part feels like questions that a person would ask oneself which has been penned nicely into lyrics for a song that doesn’t feel awkward with the rest of the lyrics. The lyrics of the song tells one not to turn back to look at the past because what’s past is history and only look forward into the future and also finding soul mates who will walk that path with you and believe in them.

10. A song without a name
I like the start of the song with piano. The whole track is about the story of JJ, YC and JS written into a rap song. To me, it is rapping to tell the story and a melody to go with the rap. But the melody and lyric of JS and JJ singing sounds really pleasant to me. To put it really straightforward and frank, it is nothing like the rap songs that I’ve heard so far and it is really long for a 8-minute rap song. As a JYJ fan and someone who understands Korean perfectly well, I can appreciate the song. But to an outsider, who views it as a 100% rap song instead of a rap song that tells the story of JYJ, they probably wouldn’t be able to understand. Since the reason for the rap song is to tell of the story of JYJ but not exactly a rap song.

For JYJ.
JYJ has mature a lot in their styles of writing music. I think JYJ should put their daily lives and things that goes on around them or things that goes on to people around them into the writing of their songs. They have somewhat started to. That somehow will make the songs feel more life-like and closer to people. I remember that JJ said that he wanted people to listen to their songs and find meaning and courage from their songs. I haven’t really been able to do that quite yet. They are three talented people and I have high hope and expectations of them which I’m very sure, they would never fail to suprise me.

I look forward to their next album.