‘What have you been busy with recently?”

“What have you been busy with then?”

“You should know what I have been busy with, oppa. I had special trainings and after that we had discussions. And I wrote a note the other day to say I found an extra job so I’ll be working late at night too.”

“Why would you need that extra job for?”

“It’s just so I can save up more money… for some uses…” Hye was planning to go on a vacation with JaeJoong. And, of course, there was no need to save for a 2-person trip.

“If you say so…”

“I haven’t been able to talk much with you and this is what I get when I finally have time.” Hye pouted.

JaeJoong ignored that fact. He was bothered with other things than what’s going on around the room now. Someone is waiting for him outside the door. Someone that he thought only he himself can see.

“It’s late. You should be resting.”

“You realize? You’ve been asking me to go to  bed all nights for the whole week when it’s barely 12midnight!”

“It’s late. You should really rest and save up the energy for tomorrow.” In fact, JaeJoong too can’t bear to leave Hye.

As he turn to leave the room, Hye shouted, “By the way, I have all the rights to know… everything about you!” Hye was angry. Having said that, she lifted her blanket with a flip and hid under it. JaeJoong turned and glanced at her with broken heart.

“I’m sorry, Hye. Now is not the time. I have no idea what’s going on yet.” He murmured really softly under his breathe. So soft, Hye didn’t hear a thing.

JaeJoong exited Hye’s room and turned to stare at Seo’s door and then moved his sight to the living room. They were there, two of them, waiting for him.

“We’re glad you kept your promise. We were waiting for you.”

JaeJoong didn’t answer. He just walked down the steps to meet them and the exited the house.


“Hye… are you not going to wake up? You’re going to be late for work.” Seo said to Hye as she opened her sister’s door. Seo glanced around and noticed that JaeJoong isn’t around. Seo was surprised but she didn’t ask much.


“lazy bum! Wake up now! You’re late!” Seo started to pull Hye out of her bed.

“I got it. I got it. I was having a sweet dream and you had to spoil it.”

“It’s not the time to be having dreams now.” Seo said as she pointed as the clock in Hye’s room. Shocked of the time, Hye jumped out of her bed.


“Hye! Are you not going to have breakfast?”

“Sorry omma! I need to run. There’s an early morning meeting today.”

“Hye…!” Hye was out of the house and down the yard before her mom could continue what she wants to say.

“It seems like she’s been taking up different responsibilities at her work recently.”

“Should that be a good sign, my dear?”

“I guess it should be. Where’s the paper?” With that, Hye’s mom went out to get the morning paper for Hye’s dad.


For the whole morning, Hye was stuck in the meeting room and discussions about a project at work that she and her team mates are working on. She had no time to think about JaeJoong and didn’t even notice that he wasn’t around since last night. It was almost lunch time when one of Hye’s colleague approached her.

“Hye, it’s almost lunch. Where should we go today?”

“Ung?” Hye asked as she stared at her watch. “I didn’t realize it’s 12.30pm. I’ve been busy with work. I still have a couple of things to finish up on before I can eat my lunch.”

“Is that so? You can’t do you until after lunch?” Another colleague asked.

“I guess I can’t. You guys go ahead and I’ll try to join you later?”

“We’ll just head down to the cafe downstairs then. EunJung-nim says she has an email to send before she can join us and SeungHee will be meeting us at the lobby shortly. Join us when you’re done.”

“Alright.” Hye smiled at her colleagues before burying herself at her work again. She flipped through her work after 5 minutes and let out a sigh.

“So much to be completed.” She said to herself in the empty office. Then she stood up and glance around. Luckily, there really wasn’t anyone around. She heaved a sign of relief and sat back down on her chair.

“No matter how busy you are, you still need food.”

Hye heard someone spoke behind her. She turned around only to see JaeJoong standing behind.

“Oppa! You scared me. Don’t appear out of nowhere like a ghost.”

“I am a ghost.” JaeJoong said laughing.

“That’s not funny.” Hye crossed her arms in front of her chest and stared hard at JaeJoong.

“Aigooo… my dear princess is angry.” JaeJoong teased her.

“I have so many things to do these days. I only have 2 hands.” Hye complained to JaeJoong.

“No, you have four.”

Hye stared at JaeJoong with a blank look.

“I mean I can help you too.”

“Help me? How?” Hye asked feeling very puzzled.

“You will know later.” With that, JaeJoong pulled her out of her chair, grabbed her bag and put it on her shoulders and hold her by the shoulders and walked her towards the door. “No matter how busy you are, you need food. Your stomach says it is hungry.”

Hye smiled.

“What will I do without you?”

They waited at the lift lobby and the lift arrived, slightly packed but still there’s space for at least 3 people. The both of them entered. Then, it stopped at the next level again. This time, 2 people were waiting. JaeJoong signaled to Hye that he’d  be at the lobby. Before she could react, JaeJoong was gone. Hye didn’t like the missing act. And somewhat, she remembered that he didn’t come back yesterday.

Hye exited the lift and found JaeJoong seated gracefully at the sofa in the lobby. She walked towards him and in a low voice, said “Where were you last night and this morning? I didn’t see you.”

“You’ll be stared at talking to yourself.” JaeJoong has grown to be more conscious of their surroundings and accepted the fact that he’s invisible to everyone. “Now, let’s go to the cafe over there and get you some lunch.” JaeJoong put his hands on Hye’s shoulders and ushered her out of the building. There were a lott of people queuing to get food.

“What shall I get?”

“You didn’t even have breakfast.”

“Should I get egg sandwich? I’m craving for eggs.”

“You didn’t have your coffee too.”

“Tuna sandwich looks delicious.”

“You don’t like tuna.”

“Smoked salmon!”

“That’s a salad. It’s insufficient for you.”

“I think I should get a smoked salmon and a bagel and then black coffee. That should be it.”

“You should get your egg sandwich, a honey bagel and cappuccino.”

Although the queue was long, the service was somewhat fast. Before Hye’s turn, she turned and look around at the crowd and there wasn’t any seat. Then she noticed her colleagues at the other corner and decided that she shouldn’t join them.

“What can I get for you?”

“Hmm… Can I get an egg sandwich, a honey bagel and cappuccino, please?”

“Do you want your sandwich to be toasted?”

“Yes, please.”

“It’s $18.20.”

Hye made payment and was given a receipt and a waiting number. It was barely 3 minutes when her order came out. She held the tray and walked towards the direction of her colleagues. JaeJoong was following closely behind and he was whisling in a good mood.

“Hye! Come here!” SeungHee waved to Hye as he saw her approaching their direction. Another colleague pulled a chair and made space for her.

“Thanks, guys.”

“What did you buy? We waited so long in the queue and there were so many people.” HeeJoo complained as Hye settled herself.

“Oh really? I was there for less than 10 minutes and I had everything.” Hye said as she glanced around to look for JaeJoong who had walked over to the other side of the cafe to seat under the tree. Hye stared at her food and sighed.

“Why?” HeeJoo asked.

“Ung? It’s nothing. I didn’t know I ordered all these.”

“What was that?” SeungHee asked.

Everyone ate and finished everything and went back to work. Hye had like 10 tasks to be completed that day and she was all prepared to work over time like the rest of the day. But everyday, she always never fail to finish her work faster than she should.


That night, JaeJoong returned home when Hye was about to leave her office. He was surprised to know that Seo was waiting for him inside Hye’s room.

“Hye has been telling me things.”

“What sort of things?”

“Don’t pretend you didn’t know.”

“What are you referring to?”

“You’re not supposed to help her.”

“What am I not to?”

“You’re not supposed to be here in the first place.”

“… …”

“Don’t take it that I never say anything doesn’t mean that I approve of you. It’s all for my sister’s sake. Now, if you’d let her be with her things and stop doing all those things to help her.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Don’t you know? There are many things that you shouldn’t interfere and she should have done it the human way.”

“Hye is reaching soon.” JaeJoong warned.


Hye burst into her room only to find JaeJoong seated peacefully flipping though a book she placed on her table.

“Oppa…” She started as she placed her bag on the floor and jumped onto her bed. “You read?”

“Why don’t I?” JaeJoong placed the book back on the desk and turned to face Hye with his arms crossed in front of his chest. “Now, if you’d get off that bed and go to bath, you dirty fellow.”

“Let me lie down for a while.”

JaeJoong stood up and was about to reach out to Hye when Hye rolled herself out of bed. “I got it. I got it. I just came back and you want me to move.”

“You can bath and then rest later; smelling nice and feeling good.”

“I got it…” Hye pouted and added, “Don’t act like a grandma.”

“What will you do without me?”

“Why would I?” Hye asked as she shut her bathroom door to bath.


She returned to her room but JaeJoong was gone.


Preview Part 11
JaeJoong has been doing the disappearing act for most nights that Hye would return after dinner time. After some nights, she realized that he always disappears after 10pm. Where exactly did he go? What exactly did he do in between the time when he’s not with Hye. Is he trying to settle some other things that he didn’t accomplish? Hye was getting curious and was very determined to find out. She shouldn’t alert JaeJoong about it because it has to be done in secret and in her own means.

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