“No… You shouldn’t. Why are you doing this to me? You said you love me… You can’t do this to me. No, you can’t! You can’t!”

Hye jumped out of her bed and broke out in cold sweat. It was the sequencial dream that she keeps having after that night and tonight is already the 10th night. Everything was like a puzzle that she had to fix up herself and the story was incomplete – no, it was yet to be completed. Sometimes the dream stopped after once but at times, it continued the whole night. The amazing thing about dreams that Hye realized was, in reality everything happens by the seconds then minutes, but in dreams, everything happened in a flash within a spilt second. It wasn’t at all confusing, in fact, it told her many things within a single second – stunning yet scary at times.

Hye got off her bed while she tried to catch her breath and relaxed herself. She glanced around and realized that JaeJoong wasn’t around. He hadn’t been around at night since after that eventful night. It wasn’t because Hye didn’t had the courage to question JaeJoong about it, but she knew that she shouldn’t. It was like a taboo, like how a little girl’s candy would be taken back if she questions the capability of her fairy god mother. Hye went to wash her face and realized that it was 6am.

She sat back at her bed for what seemed to be 10 minutes that passed. “I might as well wash up and get ready to go to work.”


During the morning, Hye was busy with meetings until 11am and when she finally finished everything, she was totally exhausted.

“Why don’t you go get a cup of cold water to drink and rest a little?” A familiar voice struck from behind her.

She turned around with teary eyes. “Oppa…” She called out of him in a low voice as she tried to keep her tears from falling out.

“What happened, my dear? You look tired.”

“Ung? Oh… It’s… not… hing much…”

JaeJoong heard footsteps and he turned Hye’s chair back to facing the front.

“Hye, could you help me with these? I need to go for a meeting and I have an external meeting over lunch later. But, the boss wants this done by the afternoon. Please… Please… ” Hye couldn’t reject.

“Alright. I’ll look into it now.” When her colleague left, Hye turned around to look for JaeJoong.

“Oppa?” She paused for a moment. “Where did he go?”

“I’m here.” JaeJoong appeared at her front instead.

“When did you…”

“I was hiding as I didn’t want to confused you.”

“I don’t get confused these days.” Hye signaled to JaeJoong that she has more work to do, putting the file right up to his face. But, of course, the file couldn’t touch him. Nothing can touch him unless he allows it. Or, unless it wasn’t human or an object.

With that, JaeJoong disappeared from Hye’s sight. Hye buried herself at work again.

1 hour… 2 hours passed…

“Geez… What time is it now?” Hye was talking to herself again as she stared up at the clock opposite. It strike 1.30pm.

“Oh shit! It’s already 1.30pm! Since when did time pass so… Wait, I’m hungry…” Hye was thinking of going to the cafe downstairs to grab something. She stood up and glanced around. She was the only one left. She grabbed her wallet and phone and was about to leave when the door bell rang.



“I don’t think anyone ordered anything.”

“It has been paid for. The address is correct. Do you have someone by the name of…” Hye glanced at the receipt that the person was holding and saw her own name.

“That’s me!” Hye shouted out, without realizing that she was being too excited about a lunch delivery. She was stared by the delivery guy.

“Where shall I put these?”

“Oh… Oh! You can just give them to me.” Hye ensured that the person left the office before she turned around and head off to the pantry area.

“I’m quite sure I didn’t order these. Who was… ” Hye murmured to herself.

“I ordered for you.”

“I thought you went off?”

“I did.”

“But, why are you…”

“Because my princess would miss her lunch again.”

“My princess?”

“Yes, my princess…”

“What’s up with my princess?” JaeJoong didn’t answer Hye but showed his white rows of teeth, smiling gradiently at her.

“It’s really been a long time…”


“It’s been a long time since you smiled like this, oppa.”

“Did I?”

“You look less tired these days.”

“I guess getting used is part and parcel.”


“And, you look more and more tired.”

“Do I? Maybe it’s work.”

They heard footsteps and once again, JaeJoong disappeared.

This time, he disappeared for the whole day.


“You know that I love him. You knew it, yet why did you propose marriage?”

“I know it. But why should I let the both of you be together?”

“You know that I never love you.”

“Of course I do. I don’t expect you to now. But, I will make you love me.”

“Why can’t you just let go of me?”

“Because I love you…”

“This is not love. What you and Princess MiEun do is not call love!”

“Where do you think you’re heading to? To him?”

“Let go!” Hye was grabbed by her shoulders from behind.

Once again, Hye broke out in cold sweat from her dreams. She stared at her clock and it says 3am. She had barely slept for 2 hours but it felt so long. She went to the toilet to wash up and changed into a new set of clothes before turning in again.


“Prince JaeHak, are you studying?”


“Why don’t you come and walk the garden with me?”


“Can you teach me how to ride a horse?”


Hye was annoyed by the reaction that JaeHak was giving her. Being at 15, being at a playful age, she teased JaeHak.

“Why don’t you make me your wife?”


It wasn’t even a slight second that passed when JaeHak reacted.


Hye giggled out loud.

“I like how you let me ride the horse.”

“Horse riding is not something…”

“I know, I know, you don’t have to keep saying.”


“Your Majesty…”

“Says who you can bring the princess out as you like?”

“Please pardon me.”

“EunHye! You too! When will you ever grow up?”

“Father, I…” Hye started out but was stopped by JaeHak. Hye shook JaeHak off. “I like him. I want to marry him!”

“No, I won’t allow that!”

“Why can’t you, father?”

“You’ll marry when you’re of marriagble age, but he won’t be the man.”

“Why can’t he? He’s also a prince like…”

“What are you doing? Won’t you bring the princess back right away?” An angry voice commanded in Hye’s dream.

“Prince JaeHak… Prince JaeHak!”

The next image that was seen was JaeHak pleading for forgiviness.


This time, Hye awoke frozen in her bed. She felt numbed for at least a long 10 minutes before she could finally move. She felt that she wasn’t alone.

“Who’s there?”

“Oppa? No, you can’t be him.”

“Who are you?!” Hye screamed across her room in a loud voice.

Seo went into her room. She saw that Hye wasn’t alone. There was another presence that was being felt. But Seo didn’t know what that was. She couldn’t afford to scare her sister.

“What are you doing? I heard you screaming.”

“Screaming? No, I thought I saw…”


“It’s nothing.”

It was obvious to the both of them that either of them are hiding something from each other. Hye couldn’t tell Seo out of fear and Seo couldn’t tell Hye because she shouldn’t get Hye involved and knowing about the existence of these things. On an additional note, she herself, wasn’t too sure either.


Preview Part 13
Sometimes, the more we question about something, the more we get to know about a certain truth. Sometimes, the truth could be something desirable, but many times, it is a true fact so true and torturing that one wouldn’t be able to bear knowing the whole story behind. When we question, we choose what we want to question. And, when we remember, we have to be certain that’s worth remembering for what’s being remembered would not be forgotten even if that thought is missing from the brain, it lives in the subconscious mind. Hye wasn’t prepared for anything at all.

Part 13 That wasn’t a betrayal. It wasn’t within our means.