“Hye! Hye! Hye!” Hye couldn’t hear her mom calling for her from level 1. She went straight up after she entered the door to her room. She was deep immersed in her thoughts to hear or notice what’s happening around her.

“Hye!” Hye’s mom called our for her as she opened the door with a sudden swift and it startled Hye.

“What a scare!” Hye turned around and saw her mom standing at the door with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

“My dear daughter, I’ve been calling you since just now when you stepped in and my throat is all dry now.”

“I’m sorry, mom” Hye was feeling apologetic towards her mom. Not because she didn’t hear her calling out for her, but because she was still deeply immersed in her thoughts. Hye was staring blankly at her mom as her mom spoke.

“Hye… Do you get anything I just said at all?”


“Oh well, nevermind. What have you been up to lately? You seem to be lost in your own thoughts.” Hye’s mom moved to sit beside her daughter who was now sitting at her own bed. Hye was going to tear up, but she managed to hold it back.

“It’s nothing. Just… things at work.”

“Are you having a lot of stress recently?” Hye knew that she’s going to burst into tears soon. She couldn’t bear to let her mom see her tearing up. No, in fact, she was afraid that her mom would question her. Because, she would have no answers to those questions. Her mind was in a stir. Hye continued to be in daze as her mom exited the room.


There was someone else in the room. The feeling was positive. But, because Hye was too immersed in her own thoughts she wouldn’t notice a thing. There was a loud thud and it shocked Hye. It actually brought her  back to the current world. Seo was standing at her door.

“What’s that for, Seo?”


“What is it?”

“Just keep silent for a moment.” Seo moved around and her fingers moved towards the main switch of Hye’s room. She pushed the switch and it clicked off.

“What are you doing?!” Hye exclaimed, irritated by her sister’s nonsensical actions.

“Quiet.” A few moments passed and Hye was so irritated she got out of her bed to switch on the light. She then held her sister’s hand and dragged her to sit on the bed.

“Can you tell me what exactly are you doing now?”

“I can. Let me ask you some things first.”


“First, you’re having nightmares recently?”


“JaeJoong hasn’t been around for very long?”


“How can that answer be no?”

“Why not?”

“You’ve seen him?”



“Everywhere, but home.”

“Everywhere… but home… Hmm…”


“I’m doing the questions here.”

“Fine. Shoot, then.”

“Did you notice any difference in your room after he’s gone?”

“What difference is there?”


“Why are you asking all these?” Of course Hye’s question had been ignored by Seo.

“No reason why. Shouldn’t you be bathing already?”

“I am about to…”

“How long have you been having nightmares?”

“It’s been quite some time now.”

“What are they about?”

“Nothing much… Wait, how did you know I was having nightmare?”

“You talked in your dream.”

“I… What?!”

“Nevermind. Go and bath. Quick.”

“Why are you acting just like…”

“Like what?”

“Oh, nevermind.” Hye grabbed her towel and clothes and went straight into the bath. Seo watched Hye as she made every single movement and she was certain that she did not feel anything unusual about her own room.


When Hye started to bath, Seo walked around the room, patroling like she’s some dog sniffing for a bone that was hidden somewhere, lost.

“I know you’re around. Why don’t you just appear to make things easier.”

There was no answer.

“You should be able to tell what I’m made of. Don’t try me” Seo tried to threaten. “Just because we’ve been busy with our daily lives doesn’t mean that I don’t bother about my dear sister.”

There was still no answer after Seo waited for what felt like an hour but it was barely 1 minute that passed.

“I say, come on out now.” It wasn’t a threat, it was a demand.

And, it worked.

“Why are you looking for me?”

“Oh, you’re a guy.”

“If not?” That guy raised his eyebrow.

“What are you?”

“What?” That guy paused for a moment before continuing, “You used what?”

“Yes. Answer me now.”

“You have no respect for us.”


“Yes, us.”

“Just answer my question.”

“That’s not for me to say. I can’t tell you.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t find out.”

“By all means.”

” You caused her nightmare?”

“Not exactly.”

“What’s your motive?”

“I have no motive.”

“Liar. Speak up now. What are you here for?”

“I mean no harm, alright. You’re like a tigress. I’m here to protect her.”

“Protect her? Under whose orders?”

“Someone. I can’t tell you who.”

The bathroom door opened and Seo stood frozen still facing that guy. Seo looked right at him and turned to look at Hye and back to that guy.

“Why are you still here, Seo? You still have something to say?”

“Me? Ahh… No… No, I have nothing to say.” Seo replied her sister while shaking her head. Seo is acting weird today and to Seo, Hye seemed to have notice but she didn’t question about it.

Seo left the room. One thing that she’s certain, Hye isn’t able to see that guy. Somehow, she didn’t know to feel happy about that or not. That night, Hye turned in early. But, it didn’t stop her from having her dreams again.


“Why did you ask to meet here? I had a hard time sneaking out.”

“I know.”

“Although the times we spend is very short, but I’m always happy with you.”




“The weather is nice today. Let’s just enjoy it together peacefully.”

JaeHak looked at Hye with a sorrow face, but he tired very hard to keep it from Hye. Each time, when Hye turned to look at him, he’d smile at her brightly. Hye, being the innocent her, wouldn’t have noticed anything.  The dream stayed sweet for a moment before it was moved to another scenario.


Hye was walking down a path where all houses lined up in a straight line and it was dark in the night. She was all alone. She had a piece of her outer clothing wrapped up over her head in order to cover her face. She took each step forward with much cautious. She had ran out of somewhere, onto this street, in search for something. In the dream, Hye kept walking and none of the street lights lit up for her. Then she heard sounds behind her and she turned around, scared. She then heard some footsteps in front of her. She turned around and she’s being brought to another sencario. It was a back street. It was a dead town. Scared, Hye forced herself to walk fast foward in a haste. She stopped at a corner when she heard a voice.

“Who sent you? Who are you people?”

“Cut the crap. Kill him!” A marcho guy ordered some 2-3 other shorter guys.

Then a fight broke out. Scared, Hye hid herself behind the house while she watched the 5 men fought. She saw that the man that they were trying to kill was JaeHak. Shocked, she let out a loud scream. JaeHak lost his focus on her and he was slashed by one of the shorter guys. Shocked, the 4 men fled.

“Prince JaeHak!” Hye shouted out to him as she ran towards him. She tried to hug him when he was in much pain, but because it was just a dream, when she tried to hug him, the dream shifted and the scenario changed.


“Prince JaeHak?” Hye saw him from afar. She ran towards him, only to notice that he wasn’t alone.

“Hello” Hye greeted the other lady that was with him before turning to him. Hye signaled to JaeHak to ask him who that lady is. But, Hye didn’t like the expression on his face. He was avoiding her glance as well. He didn’t bother to introduce her. The lady, didn’t bothered to introduce herself either. She glanced at Hye and then at JaeHak, as if she understood everything. She did, in fact.

“Who’s this lady?”

“She’s someone… bestowed to me.”


“Yes, we’re getting married soon.” That lady interrupted them.

“I didn’t ask you.” Hye was suddenly losing her cool.

“Stop that, Hye. She’s my wife-to-be.”

Hye kept shaking her head as she backed away from the scene. She was tearing up in her dream. She looked very heartbroken. After backing for what seemed 15 steps, Hye turned and walked, then it turned to brisk walking, then to running.

“No… You shouldn’t. Why are you doing this to me? You said you love me… You can’t do this to me. No, you can’t! You can’t!” Hye found herself weeping in her own sleep.

She was crying so badly that she woke herself up.


“No… You shouldn’t. Why are you doing this to me? You said you love me… You can’t do this to me. No, you can’t! You can’t!”

This kept ringing in Hye’s head for the next couple of days. For the next couple of days when she met Jae during the day, she wasn’t able to smile brighty at him.


Preview Part 14

JaeJoong seemed to have notice that something is not right. He tried to use his means to find out the reason behind it. What exactly had he found out? What was the thing that he exchanged with his missions? What did he realize that Hye come to know? Would that change the relationship between the both of them? Who exactly is that guy?

Check it out Part 14 Given a choice, I wished we remained as who we were, never to meet.