It was a song that I was waiting for after hearing it twice on Park YuChun’s drama “Rooftop Prince”. It is a slow ballad song with some low notes. One of the main reason why I was looking forward to listen to this song – Junsu’s low notes. I want to know how much improvement he has made. I can’t say he didn’t disappont me or did not. He manage the song well. But, it wasn’t exactly the husky low voice that I thought would happen. Neverthe less, he did manage to sing out the lyrics of the song. I don’t mean literally the lyrics but the meaning and the feelings that the lyrics is trying to express. If you listen to it for a couple of times, you would really feel that, “Ah, I really don’t want to fall in love anymore.”

Sometimes, when listening to a certain song, you get to see some images in your mind. This is one of those songs. I would have to say the lyrics did a huge part of that influence, then Junsu’s voice and the background music. It really hurts – the lyrics. There are a lot of ballad love songs out there, each explaining a different meaning. But, this seems to refer to a love that was love so deeply and unforgetable that you don’t want to fall in love again, afraid that you’d fall into the same love trap of seperation and saddness.

Thumb up for Junsu, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of your songs from your first solo album.