This was my only song track for the whole afternoon today. Listening to this several times make me feel like this is like an illusion, like a hypnotize, or like a spell.  I think Junsu’s music has mature with this song. Or rather, should I say that this is the real Junsu and the kind of music that represents him? The way he sings the song and “play” around with it is up to my expectation. You can feel the “power” of the lyrics from the way he sings it and of course the background mixing of the song does the trick as well. But, this is really a song that’s made-to-fit Kim Junsu’s voice and style. A lot of effort is definitely being put into making this song.

I was watching the MV for the first time and the first thought that came into my mind was. “I know Junsu is good at dancing within the trio, but in this MV, he seems to have surpass even his own self.” Junsu’s dance has indeed improve. The way he “cut” his dance moves and his expressions as well. I like the concept that is being used in the MV. It really suits the song. I like the dark concept.

I can’t wait to see him perform live for this song.