그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한 대도 ’Cause you are the one’
I love no one but her  She took my breath away  ’Cause you are the one’

모두 변한다 해도 (난 변하지 않겠어) 그냥 내버려둬.
Even if everything does change (I won’t change) Just leave me alone

나의 그녀에겐 시간이 필요할 테니까
Because I’ll need time for her.

난 기다려야만 돼
I have to wait

때론 힘들겠지 항상 네 곁엔 완벽한 사랑이 있어.
Sometimes it’s difficult. There’s always a perfect love beside you.

내가 줄 수 없던 많은 것 세상을 다 가진 너일테니까
I couldn’t give you many things because you owe the whole world

**그대만을 알겠어 내 숨이 다 한 대도 ’Cause you are the one
**I love no one but her  She took my breath away  ’Cause you are the one

다시 내게 니가 없던 시련 또 없을 거야
I won’t have to go through the ordeal of not having you by my side again

내 품에 네가 이제 쉴 수 있도록 (rest in me..yeah.. woo)
Now so you can relax in my arms (rest in me..yeah.. woo)

네가 떠나버리기 전에 (아무것도 몰랐어)
before you leave me  (I don’t know anything)

내게 중요했던건 오! 나일뿐
What’s important to me OH! is just you

이젠 깨달았어
I’ve come to realized it now

너무 늦었지만 너를 알아본거야 하나의 사랑인걸
Although it’s very late, I’ve come to know it’s you, my only love

제발 내게 닥친 고통 속에서 나를 구해내주겠니
Please, would you save me out of within the pain that struck me?

일 년 같은 하루를 사는 게 너무 힘에 겨워 견딜 수없어
living a day as if it’s a year is  too much to bear, I can’t stand it


(Rap)Ya, the perfect man is who I be sittn’ on top with ya but more swifter stronger than your nob liquor money hoes and clothes don’t let the clues get ya they not fear.

혹시 너 기억 속에 내가 아주 덤덤하게 느껴질때
Perhaps in your memories when you feel that I’m very placid,

모닝 커피 향기처럼 곧 사라질 땐
when it’s going to disappear soon like the smell of the morning coffee

마지막 기회를 내게 줄 순 없나
can’t you give me a last chance?

다시 시작해
Start over again

넌 내가 얼마나 힘들었는지 알거야
You should know how hard it is for me

너의 곁을 떠난적 없어(Call me-)
I’ve never left you before (Call me-_

날 받아 준다면 내 모든게 변할거야
If you’d accept me, I will change everything about me

너이기를 간절히 원해 원해
I ardently want you, want you


(Rap) See time don’t stop the crime don’t stop.
So I won’t stop till I’m sittin’ on top. to every home phone and a cells gets parked, and every hard top get chopped to we drop