Hye rested for 2 days during that week due to her hot fever. She was told by her boss to take a couple more days to rest if it was needed, but Hye couldn’t much as she wanted to because work was piling up. The next two weeks passed quite peacefull with JaeJoong appearing now and then in the day to take a peep at Hye. She couldn’t talk to him much about anything because she’s always busy in the day. At times, JaeJoong would just sit in with her during her meeting and she would just stare straight at him in the face with a look that says “I have a lot of things to say to you.” Of course, JaeJoong wouldn’t know that Hye was clearing up her mind of the stories she’d seen in her dreams. JaeJoong didn’t get the chance to question about it either. Night missions were keeping him away from her at night.

“Can I ask you a couple of questions?”

“I seriously don’t like the idea that you can see me.” Shadow exclaimed, walking from the back of Hye to in front of her.

“Why not?

“It was much convenient when you couldn’t see me.”

“You can just say that you’re afraid of me questioning you.”

“You can read my mind now?!”

“No. I just feel that could be so.”


“Anyway, don’t try to change the subject. I have a question for you.”

“Alright, you can ask, but doesn’t necessary mean I’ll answer you.”

Hye stared at Shadow with a glare.

“He doesn’t seem to be able to see you.”

“Is that a question?”

“Can you stop interrupting me?”

Shadow looked around because Hye suddenly raised her voice. No one was looking.

“If you realized, you’re asking me questions in broad daylight on a public street at a bench.”

Hye looked around her environment. “I’m aware of that.”

“People don’t see me.”

“That slipped my mind. It feels like you’re alive.”

“Do I look like I’m dead? I’m just not human, that’s all.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s insulting. What do you mean by that?”

“I haven’t any idea about what are you…”

“What… You used what. Like how your sister did.”

“Anyway, I’m don’t mean to argue with you about that.”

“Why can’t he see you?”

“Because we don’t belong to the same world.”

“Why do I see you then?”

“Not everyone can see me. Or rather, not everyone can see the existance of us.”


“Hmm… like ghosts? Not everyone can see them.”

“I don’t see ghosts.”

“You do, actually.”

“Ghosts? I do?”

“Kim JaeJoong’s dead.”

“Yes, he is. But I don’t see other dead people other than him.”

“You basically don’t see anything non-living, except both of us.”


“You see us because you’re meant to. Not because you’re able to right from the start. It’s different from Seo.”


“Is that what you’re curious about?”

“Not exactly. It’s what bothering me most.”

“Ok. End of session. Someone’s coming.”




“Why are you seated here alone?” Hye’s colleagues who are back from lunch saw her sitting along in the bench and approached her.

“Just doing some thinking.”

“You had lunch.”

“Yeah…” Hye lied.


The day passed quite peacefully with Hye burying herself in her work. In the day, she works, In the night, she dreams as she sleeps. There wasn’t any time that she can sort her thoughts out except during the time when she takes the bus. She’s always immensed in her deep thoughts these days. Her parents notice her change, but they didn’t question her. Instead, they sent Seo.

Seo was stand right in front of Hye’s door. Before she could give it a knock, Hye opened the door.

“Come on in.”

Seo glanced around the room for Shadow. “How did you know I’m coming?”

“I heard you.”

“You heard me? I don’t think I was so loud.”

“You came at the right time. I have things to ask you.”

“Mom and dad are worried. You do know that, right?”

“Yes. You thought of an excuse for me? I don’t suppose I can be frank about what’s going on.”

“You definitely can’t. Leave that to me.”

“Glad to have you.” Hye paused for a moment to sort out her thoughts. “I have a confession to make. I can see him. And I named him Shadow.”

“I heard.”

“Good. Is there anything you aren’t aware of?”

“You’re my sister. I wouldn’t if you’re a stranger.”

“Makes sense.”

“JaeJoong hasn’t been around with me for a long time in the night because he’s on missions. You know about the mission part?”

“Mission? No idea. First time I’m hearing it. But, nevermind. Go on.”

“Yes, missions. That’s what he told me. For what reason, I have no idea. And, he isn’t able to see Shadow. But, Shadow is able to see him.”

“That’s only normal. But, don’t ask me why. I have no explainations.” Looking at her sister’s puzzle look, Seo continued to explain, “Not everything in this world can be explained. This is not science.”

“Alright. I have been having dreams.”

“I realized. It’s been going on for weeks. But, what are they about?”

“A lot of complicated things that I don’t even know where’s the start and end. Or, should I say it’s like puzzles, something that I need to form up myself. But, the problem is I don’t know where to start. And, I only see myself in full picture in the dream. I don’t see the other people. Even when I talk to them and even if I meet them face-to-face, I can’t see their looks in the dreams.”

“That’s only normal.”

“But, I remember when I dreamed when we were young, you remembered that I always tell you about my dreams? I remember all those things and people and everything. It was so clear.”

“Those were random dreams. They are real dreams.”

“Real dreams? You mean those dreams I’m having is not real?”

“How should this be explained to you? There are many kinds of dreams. Those real dreams that you remember and see clearly are those that happens because of some brain reaction. But, those story kind of dreams that you see in your dreams, aren’t real dream. Meaning to say, they were real. They could have happened before.”

“Happened before? When? But, I don’t remember that those things took place.”

“It could be in the past.”

“Past? You mean my previous lifetime?”


“How is that possible? People have no recollections of their past.”

“Yes, they don’t Not until they are dead. Remember how JaeJoong came to find you?”

“Yes… Yes…” Hye remained silent for a long time.

Seo knew that Hye would stay like this for a long time, so she decided to leave her sister in her thoughts.


That night, Hye dreamed about many things as well. But, because it was so chaotic in her dream, she couldn’t remember anything the next day and she didn’t manage to join anything together that would end up making any sense to her. Hye decided that she would ask JaeJoong the next time she sees her. Be it in the day or at night. She need to clear up everything in her mind. And, he would be the only person that he could.

On the other hand, JaeJoong has been given missions every other nights theses days, sometimes two and sometimes more. One thing that he couldn’t remember was the reason why he was on all these missions. The very last memory that he had was the car accident that caused his death when he was alive. And, when he was dead, his memories only started from when he appeared at Hye’s house the very first night. But, the timing doesn’t fit. A day was missing.


Check it out Part 16: If we’re destined, we would definitely meet again.

Hye was thinking about JaeJoong the whole day, but he didn’t appear in front of her for 5 days already. Hye was starting to get worried. There was no way she can tell where JaeJoong is. Would JaeJoong appear again? Would Hye be able to clarify things with him? Will Shadow be able to help about that? Would there be a whole full picture of what happened to Hye and JaeJoong?