I was living a life of a usual high school student. Busy with school life and extra enrichment lessons and working my part time job fives times a week. It wasn’t exactly money that I needed, but having more cash than your usual allowance means being able  to live a little more extravagant life. I was looking into buying branded goods. In fact I’m never interested in any and I haven’t got one. It didn’t matter with me that most kids around me have branded goods. The can show off all try want, it wasn’t something in life that I was looking for so it didn’t bother me.

Working part time means less time for revision and sleep. But, because I stayed alert in class, my grades weren’t affected. It just meant I have less time for myself and my friends. I bid goodbye to my group of friends other other day while I went for work and they were out for early dinner or movies. I didn’t like spending money on those. I don’t encourage an extravagant student life. Those kind of life can come later when I could afford it was always a thought I had on my mind.

My survival skills? Music and comic. These are those two. I can’t give without music for a moment. I can’t allow my ears to be bare for a moment without sounds. It was also music that encouraged me most and gave me a sense of living. I came in touch with pop music during my late elementary school, but it wssnt only in high school that I really started regretting that I haven’t studied anything about music. These days, reflecting back on my life, I couldn’t help to feel that I haven’t live life to the fullest doing things that I want.

It was a slow week that week. I think it was first year of high school. That was the period that I felt a lot of stress as well. It wasn’t really manageable since there isn’t really anyone I can talk to about. My expectations of myself have always been sky high and in additional to the stress that my parents gave me. They probably didn’t realize then that I had been giving myself a lot of stress. I couldn’t sleep at night. Parents were busy with work as usual; late nights and many times leaving early in the morning. At times, I’ll hear them quarrel about things. But as they are adults I believed they can resolve it among themselves.

I didn’t know what went on and on a certain night, dad just told me that he would be going away for a couple of days. I couldn’t asked more and he left. It was a very sudden departure. Mom didn’t mention anything either but just told me exactly what dad said and asked me not to probe. I was curious. And, not to mention, worried as well. The next evening, I got a text from my aunt and she told me that dad was staying with her for the next couple days. She said that she knew he would’t mention anything to be but I’d be worried, so she chose to inform me. I was glad she did.

Couple days passed and there was nothing from dad. My patience is running it. Mom doesn’t seemed to be bothered about it at all. I started calling and texting and it was obvious that I count get through. Next day, at my work place, I texted again and I got a reply this time. Knowing that dad was checking his phone, I decided to call. We were talking about things, but he chose not to tell me anything about that issue at all. Neither did I probe about it. I was trying to hold back my tears as I spoke to him. It was just a short couple minutes talk. He hung up and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I teared and it turned into weeping and loud cries that I tried so hard to suppress.

Couple of days passed and I got another text from another aunt of time. She said that I should roughly know what’s going on by now. Both my parents refused to talk to each other. And they would’t want to tell me about it. She believed that I should be informed. The last part of her text stated that they would be signing the papers on Saturday and they would do it in discreet.

My heart broke. Nothing came to my mind. It was darkness in my eyes. I stayed like that for a while before I started to cry. I gave a call to my good friend then and I remembered that she comforted me for the whole night. It was really late when we hung up and we have early lessons next morning. I force myself to sleep.

Couple days passed with me feeling dull and unhappy. On Friday night, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about what’s going to happen on Saturday. The more I thought about it, the upset I get. I cried for what felt like the longest time. And a lot of thoughts went through my mind. My emotions turned to anger. I was resentful of them. Why did they choose not to let me know? I was in a despair.

I had never believe in the existence of saints. But what hapopened that night and the next day forced me to.

“If you really do exist, prove to me that you do. You know what I desire down in my heart.” I said what in teary eyes and then I wiped it dry and continued, “There,s no free lunch in this world. So, I am willing to exchange it with half of my life. But, if only you would also teach people who should be taught a lesson a lesson. They need to know how unbearable it is.”

No one left any house to anywhere the next day.