Location was at Coex hall D and the place was said to accommodate 7000 fans. I was one of the ones who managed to get a ticket and some place not that far from the stage. First ever kind of concert in Korea and it’s a concert by Junsu which gives me no reason to give it a miss. The hall was smaller than I expected but that was for the better. The orchestra team was very professional and good. I’m very certain everyone worked their hearts out for putting on such a great show. Junsu mentioned in one of his commentary section that he wanted a small venue. I’m glad he got what he wanted.

Entrance to the concert hall started about an hour before the concert started. It was quite orderly. Since it’s a small venue there’s only one entrance. I went in quite early and waited for quite some time. Inside, they kept asking fans not to take pictures or videos, but obviously not many listened. Look the fancams and there, you got the answer. ^_^

Concert Flow
Concert started on time and they actually blocked late comers. Good job! They only allowed them to enter after the introductory video was finished. The concert was broken down into two parts; musical and ballad. Junsu commented that he wasn’t going to dance, but he did in the end at the encore portion. How can you not give us a little dance, Junsu? *wink*

Intro Video
Video started off with Junsu meeting himself when he was young where everything looked small and fresh and then he went up to the second storey where young Junsu opened up an old book and got the concert kicked off with the e entrance of young Junsu at the concert venue. A huge screen was placed on stage. Junsu commented that he was told they were going to place a huge book on stage, but he was saying how huge can a huge book be and he laughed and said it was really huge. That book was a huge screen that was used on the main stage. The book flip opened the first note kicked start.

나는 나는 음악 I am Music
I wonder is it because be has been singing this song at almost every live concert of his after his musical that be got so much better with his singing and expression that it’s astounding. It was to such a point that I thought what else can Junsu do if he doesn’t sing? (Soccer player isn’t quite an option ^_^)

내 운명 피하고 싶어 I Hope to Avoid my Fate
I can’t put any comment to his performance for this song. Honestly, I can’t use words to express most of his performances for this concert. If you know the lyrics, as he sings, you can feel that each and every word of that lyrics have been expressed so heartfelt and it’s really hard not to move one’s feelings with this song. It sounded even better and more expressive than when he sang for his musical.

호랑이와 비둘기 Tiger and Pigeon &
이렇게 사랑해본 적 없죠 You’ve Never Loved Like This Before, Right?
Two songs from Musical Tears of Heaven which I listened for the first time. Oh, and Junsu spoke a whole lot of English yesterday. He introduced the song saying it’s from Tears of Heaven and laughed it off saying 천국의 눈물. So adorable. This song was a duet with Kim Sun Young a musical actress who appeared as his special guest. She’s really good.

들리나요 Can you Hear me?
Yet again, guess what? Junsu introduced this song in English too. He was quite playful and quite himself yesterday.^_^ This song is a duet with Kim Sun Young as well. Not to mention, this track pulled through perfectly too.

A New Life
Junsu went  backstage to get change and this is a solo performance by Kim Sun Young. I have to say she’s really good. Junsu introduced her as the best musical actress and I know why.^_^

마지막 춤 Last Dance
This title is from Musical Elizabeth which was performed with Kim Sun Young. Junsu reappeared as his character Death from the musical.

지금 이 순간 This Very Moment
This song is the last part of the musical act.

If I remember correctly, this is the part where they played a video with JaeJoong narrating it. Video about the filming and Junsu’s preparation for the concert.

사랑이 싫다구요 I Don’t Like Love
I think he has improved so much with his expressions for love songs that this song became so much so moving.

He changed his style of singing this song which was expected since it’s performed with an orchestra. This is the song where be started walking to both aide stages and did a little intense hip thrusting here and there which drive fans crazy. Junsu, I thought this is a ballad song? Oh, but, whatever. Now the song would be appreciated differently. LOL

You are so Beautiful
Once again an emotional ballad song that he pulled off. I think he got better from the last time I heard him sing love for this. Junsu, you’re much better with putting in emotions for love songs now. ^_^

Over here is Junsu making his commentary. He invited the Orchestra Director to play the keyboard and he asked him to comment about working with him. And, yes he playfully asked only for good comments. LOL He did the same either the guitarist for his next song. So adorable.

I believe by Shin Seung Hoon (with keyboard)
He said this is a song for lovers. He was asking fans to admit honestly for those who came with their lovers and saying something like we should all appreciate while they are with us and not only come to regret it when they left us. Junsu sang this song with all his heart. I think he did mention about his love life? He said having a crash on one person is also considered as love. Are you saying you did, Junsu?

그런가봐요 by V.One That Seems to be so (with guitar)
He invited a guitarist from his musical Elizabeth for this song. He asked especially for fans to take note of the lyrics of the song and mentioned than this is a song that he would never miss singing when he goes to any karaoke.

정말 Really by Song Joong Ki (with piano)
Junsu played the piano himself for this track and he was asking fans for their kind understanding if he was to play it badly saying that he is a singer not a pianist. He was quite worried and reluctant to perform this track with the piano but it wasn’t easy to borrow than piano and he had no choice but to sing it with the piano. He commented something about what the Director said when he made that request, but I can’t really remember. Anyway, he played a couple notes and requested for to start over the song again. I guess he was really nervous about it. I actually find Junsu’s version better. He’s a singer after all. SORRY, Joong Ki oppa!

He made some comments here saying a lot of this fans are noona and fans insisted that most of them are younger than him. So, he said the next song is dedicated to his noona fans and for those who are younger than him, they are to imagine that they are older.

There was one section of the comment where he did “penzal Q, thank you!” and he asked fans to say thank you after that. A fan actually brought a box of Penzal Q to the concert. He playfully asked if there’s any fan who’s experiencing any headache before returning to the fan. LOL And, another section where he was asked to do the 6-steps cute act. He said he didn’t know how to do it and a high scholar year 3 showed him and he did 3 steps and stopped and shouted adorably at her saying “year 3, stop it!”. So adorable everyone burst out laughing. He did do his usual cute hand sign though but fans wasn’t satisfied with just that… So… Yeah… LOL

내 여자라니까 You’re my Girl by Lee Seung Gi
I’m not a noona so I just listened quietly to the song. It sounded really different from the original singer.

Thank u for
Junsu Xmas song. Much awaited song. He asked all fans to sing along if they knew the lyrics. This song sound so much better live. Glad I got to listen to it.

알면서도 Even Though You Knew
A song that Junsu likes and a song he sang with so much emotions yesterday.

사랑은 눈꽃처럼 Love’s Like a Snowflake
This is the first time I listen to this song live. It’s really good. This is the last song he sang for the concert.

Fans were chanting for encore followed by Junsu’s name and it got louder and louder. The encore sector kicked off with a video that was continued from the intro video.

Encore songs were uncommitted, Tarantallegra acoustic version and a short dance version. Junsu made comments before he sang the last encore song. He said it makes no difference if he was to dance for a minute or for three minutes. Both are equally tiring and he explained why he said that by explaining how he distribute his use of energy for dance songs. He also mentioned he use soccer as a form of stress release and he’s considered someone who has good stamina as compared to people of around his age and we can all be able to tell that from him heading straight off to playing soccer right after he touched down from overseas. He said he got all these freedom to play soccer now and if it was in the past, he would’t even get that chance. LOL  Last song was their Japanese song 슬픔의 행방 which he said he definitely want to sing this song on a Korean stage. And, I think this song almost brought him to tears. Well, this wasn’t the only song that almost brought him to tears.

My Comment
I totally enjoyed myself at the concert yesterday. The whole concert lasted for some 2 hours and 45 minutes. Junsu’s potential grew a lot and I’m sure he could get much better still. I’m glad to be able to see the talkative Junsu. He was always quieter with his hyungs. Two thumbs up to Junsu. But that also meant that my expectation for Junsu’s next show just got higher. ^_^

Pardon for any typo mistake. Wrote this using my phone.