Track 1 – One Kiss

I actually like the start of the song which actually brings up the whole mood that the song’s supposed to flow into and there came a slight stop before the first lyric is dropped with slowly plucked strings on the guitar before the atmosphere drops into the chorus part with much more instruments. I think this song falls a little into the rock ballad category. I absolutely know how he sounds like when he sings a total ballad from a rock or mid tempo song. The mixing of the overall music isn’t that bad and it included several different kinds or rather a wide kind of instrumental which gives off the feel of an orchestra playing behind. I like the music composition and the lyrics itself, but not both put together. Somehow I couldn’t help thinking how would the same lyrics sound given a ballad composition.  And, not to mention, the singer-composer would know his vocal ranges best and how to portray each verse of the song. If I break down the verses of the song, it’d make me realize that he actually sang it quite different – of course the feelings being put into the song is different and on the rise as the song flow towards the end. I have to mention here that the lyrics are quite poetic; especially the last verse – which explains my opinion of being a ballad composition. With a little professional help, the whole mixing of the song is different from what’s previously produced and not to mention, this is also a totally genre. I’m not going to mention about any meanings of lyrics in my whole review.

Track 2 – MINE

A much anticipated track from him and something of high expectations. This is my familiar J-rock and Kim Jaejoong usual vocal style of singing rock songs. Nothing much exciting. The overall feel of the song gives a mixture of feelings of danger, anxiety, frustration and aggressiveness. I find the bass fine but something’s definitely lacking for those drums. The kick start of the music isn’t really something I was expecting but it got better when the electronic piano came in. The intensity of his voice just gets higher with the flow of the song. I like the piano arrangement for the bridge to the second verse of the song. It isn’t difficult to imagine how he’d stand on stage, the kind of hand gestures and body movements he’d make while singing this song. Rock is rock after all. It can’t get any different or wrong. The song’s kind of a style that’s expected of him, but it isn’t just screaming and hitting that electronic guitar. it’s just his style.

Track 3 – 내안에 가득히

First note and it isn’t hard to tell the style and flow of the music – mid tempo. But I wish the style can be a little more playful. What I imagine and thought the song can be – something of a stronger and more playful style, just for the first couple lines for the first and second verse before he hits on the couple lines before chorus. This song is just so expected. Nothing of a woo wow. I hate to think that this is just any other song he sang before; different tune and lyrics that is. The mixing of the song is pleasant.

Track 4 – 나만의 위로

I like the simplicity of the song, something I believe he has yet to sing before. The mixing of the song is simple for verse 1 with just a couple instruments and then to bring up the atmosphere and intensity of the song, more instruments were added. The emotions he put into singing the song intensifies with the flow as well. Did I hear it wrongly or he really do sound a little rock? I kind of hate the drifting of his voice at the end of some note which makes me wonder if that’s necessary for this genre of song.

Track 5 – All Alone

Ballad. Yes, a ballad. Style? Yes, different style. Vocal? Yes, that familiar voice I’m so used to. The mixing of the song is very peaceful and so is the gentle note of his vocal at the start but only until the second verse kicks in. I heard this over and over for a couple of times and I wished that the song would be that peaceful throughout. But the tempo of the song changes as it goes. It makes me wonder what would the whole song sound like if it’s that slow peaceful style throughout with a little tint of dreamy and hazy vocal of his. And, if anyone realize it, I’m thinking this isn’t his usual style of singing until the later part – slightly husky. It’s different from his usual smooth and floaty voice.

This is just my fair personal review. Trying not to be very bias at all. I’m not that “powderful” with my expressions and words.