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I’m sorry to people who didn’t get to buy it from their own country because they don’t import it. I’ve only tried blueberry so far and it tasted nice.
I’m no fan of these kind of drinks or canned drinks because it is always to sweet? But TiO was alright. It was too sweet. While drinking TiO, I found a nice way to write it.
Maybe a lot of people would have drink it this way too but I think most people just add ice? Anyways, here’s what I always do ^^

Firstly, mix the mixture with the amount of water as you like it. You can put lesser if you don’t like it too sweet or more if you like a stronger taste.
You can just use normal water to mix in the mixture. It melts. Do not use hot water. It spoils the taste. ^_^

Put the drink into your freeze. Remember to put a metal spoon into the cup. Somehow it helps to cool down the drink faster.
After about 2-3 hours, you can remove the drink and this is what you’ll get (picture below).

You can see that there’s a layer of ice being formed on top of the drink.
Now, all you need to do is to break the ice into smaller bites.

And this is the final end product!
Icy TiO! It’s very simple isn’t it?
You can actually take some time to drink it because it doesn’t melt that fast.
If you want more iced TiO, you can put it in the freezer for a much longer time or even freeze a whole bottle and take it out!
It melts with time anyways.

Go enjoy a cup of TiO now!


It is true that different people have different kind of skin.
But this item is alcohol free and it’s made of natural snow water so it suits all kinds of skin.
The pack is not like that of cream or lotion but of water. It is easily absorb into the skin and has a nice natural water scent and it feels icy.
If you try using a portion of it on your hand and smoothe it over the surface, you’ll see that it shines under the light because of the water reflection.
You need to allow the pack to be absorbed into your skin in circulation motion and it seeps right into the skin.
After application, you can compare both of your hands. The hand with the pack applied will feel much smoother and soft.
When you awake in the morning and wash off the pack, your face will be able to feel the difference.
It feels smoother and there’s a certain shine. Although you can feel the difference after the application, you can really see the difference after using it over a period of time.
It is recommended to be used twice a week but I feel on days that your skin condition is dry or you feel the need to give your skin some moist, you can use it.
However, no matter how good something is, it shouldn’t be applied everyday!

Try it and experience it yourself. 🙂