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01. Sunset
This song is basically an intro to the next song. But, it does really bring up the tension to the next song coming up. The secretive of it.

02. Tarantallegra (ft. Flowsik of Aziatix)
I kind of like the opening of the song. It gives the impression that something happening is coming. “What music would you listen to” has been repeated many times in the whole song, but it does help to bring up the tension of the song and with “come on” on and off some parts of the song as well. Even when the song is in the chorus ver, Flowsik’s voice to match into the background music could also be heard. This song is a simple song with a lot of repreatative notes and lyrics. The part when Junsu “sing-rap” before the rap of Flowsik is a good flow into the rap part itself. From the simplicity and the arrangement of the music, it can be easily tell that the main focus of the song would be dance. And, dance track would be Junsu’s music. The “sing-rap” of Junsu in the second verse before Flowsik raps “What music would you listen to” also adds up to the flow of the whole song before the ending. The arrangement for each verse of the song is done slightly differently to bring in the flow and tension of the song as it goes. This song is in the safe vocal range of Junsu. But, through his voice, it is easy to feel the “hottness” of the song.

03. Set Me Free (ft. Bizzy)
The kick of the song and you can tell that it’s going to be a heavily autotune song. But the rhythm of the song makes it a playful song and the tempo of it makes it a song good for dance and expression. The rhythm of the song itself does have a character in it although the lyrics play a part too. Another song that definitely requires a rap to perfect it. Compared to the first verse of the song, I actually find that the second verse of the song does sound a little more bold and daring and expressive because of the rap.  The rhythm of the song is easy to remember at first hear and humming to the song is a normal act when the tune of the song is in your mind and a song that makes you want to move your body to the tune. The mixing of the last part of the song was a good “cut” to differentiate the rest of the verses of the song. But, the last line before “Oh lady lady”, I wonder if it would sound better if he had used some special effect with the voice, same goes to the second part. A catchy song, indeed.

04. No Gain
The starting of the song would make people think that it is a ballad song. But, it wasn’t, it was mid tempo. The rhythm of the song is nice and adding on the lyrics would have make it a very lovely sad song. I find it a pity that this song wasn’t made to be a ballad, but a mid tempo song. But, when the song kicks into the chorus verse, you’d come to realise that this song should actually be a mid tempo instead. And, the tempo seems to get faster as the song goes. The music arrangement for the second verse is totally different from the first, possibly because of the change in tempo. The more I listen to the song, the more I find it familiar to JYJ song’s style. This sounds more like a song for the trio. Personally, I think the song would sound a lot better if it is a ballad song with simple music arrangement.

0.5 I don’t like love
The music started with the sound of piano which is usual for ballads. I feel a little slight uneasiness when the first line of the song kicks in because of Junsu’s low vocal. He’s gotten slightly better, but I can tell that it’s still a little unstable. The flow of the music gets better when his voice starts to stray away from the low notes and into a slightly higher note. Then, after the chorus, the second verse kicks in with low notes again, the feeling of unstability. In my imagination, Junsu actually has very nice low vocal ranges that’s has his own uniqueness incomparable to JaeJoong or YuChun from JYJ. This is actually a very sentimental love song and I have to say that Junsu’s expression of the “feel” of the song has improved. Nothing much to be commented about the arrangement of the song since the calmness and tension of the parts were easily told but the music flow. The feeling that I get from the lyrics and Junsu’s voice is that he has a story to tell. Personally, I think that husky Junsu’s low vocal range wouldn’t sound too bad for this song.

06. Even if I turn round and round
I like the start of the background music then come the voice of Junsu. The low vocal range is in his safe zone, so he sounds fine. This song is a slow ballad song, but it is not as sentimental a song as “I don’t like love”. Rather, this song gives a warm feeling of love and hope. A sweet and simple melody with a voice so tenderly soft like it’s someone whispering. Junsu did a good “digest” of the song with his vocal. He didn’t jump into too high notes and did a good control of the high vocal. He has always been good for his higher vocal range, but he didn’t reach till the highest note he could reach. Which, could have gave the song a different feel; a feel that could be unsuitable for the notes of the song.

07. Intoxication
The arrangement of this version is different from the one that he sung during the musical concert. It has Italian music feel. Somehow, the flow and the feel of this version is different. It is less intense and softer, more tender. The arrangement of a music really does wonder to the feel of the song. Compared to the previous version, for the chorus portion of the song, most of it is background supporting vocal, which contributes to the flow of the song. Had he sang it instead, the feel of the would be less tender. But, even though the mixing of the song has been changed, the song could still song sexier. Looking at the lyrics of the song, it is supposed to be a heated and sexy song with a strong desire for love. But, this version speaks of a slow approaching love.

08. Breath (ft. Double K)
The mixing of the song is fine. But, somehow the starting part of “OH” bothers me. The feeling I get from this song is that the tempo is too fast and there’s no time for a rest. And, the part for “Where I ever see you” and “Where i ever will be” could be sung slower and with a slightly sexier effect. And, the part which ends with “사랑이 아냐 [not the love that I had wanted]”, I like it that there’s a pause, but if only it was said in a more mysterious voice, would it have sounded different? The music is arranged such that the flow of the rap falls into the song perfectly and then the song jumps immediately into the main part of the song. The flow of the music until there is fine, but the ending of the song is too abrupt.

09. Even if I do know
Another ballad song again, but a different feeling as compared to the previous two tracks. The vocal range of the song also falls under the safe vocal range of Junsu. The flow of the music feels slower than the two songs. Personally, I feel that this song is a perfect song for Junsu’s vocal. The third verse of the song is actually the climax of the song. He digest the song well, but the notes of the ending part is lower than the starting of the song, so there’s a slight unstability. It is not hard to tell that he has taken note when singing the last line of the whole song.

10. Lullaby
The starting of the song definitely doesn’t make it feel like a lullaby. It only does sound like one when Junsu’s voice hits in, but only for certain lines of the song. Junsu’s voice is really soft and tender with this song. He did manage to digest this song too. And, personally, I think he “plays” around with the tune and the lyrics of the song. It’s a good song to be listened when the environment around me is totally peaceful and quiet. And, then it makes me think again, how would the song sound like if it’s sung in acoustic version or piano only version. And, don’t think that the rap portion is required for this song. Although it doesn’t make the song feel awkward in any sense. The flow of the song is the same throughout, so I guess that’s the reason why the rap was added in.

11. Fever
First thing that came to my mind when the music starts was, this is definitely a clubbing song. The mixing of the song should have a cool cheography for the dance. Another dance track of the album that focues on the dance. The background vocal to contrast with the main vocal also adds on to the good flow of the song. This feels like a song that expresses “arrogance” and “authority”.

12. Tree covered in dew
Simple tune, simple lyrics, soft and nice voice, simple music arrangement, but a strong feeling. Who can make a song with “ha~ ha~ ha~ ha~” with the kind of voice he has and yet make it sounds so nice and gentle? I think Junsu’s voice makes this song more meaningful and touching. My favourite track of the album.

Overall review
Junsu definitely grew with this album of his. -the kind of music arrangment for this whole album and the songs listing. Welcome, Kim Junsu. I would have expected this album to be of more dance tracks than ballads, but it was the other way round. Most of the time when I think about Kim Junsu, I would think about dance tracks instead of ballads. Junsu has his own style for the kind of dance songs that he choses or composes. I think he should grow his style further and be more daring. For this album, I have been looking forward to the low vocals of Junsu. Upon hearing that he would have his own solo album, I thought the chance to hear his low husky voice is finally here. He doesn’t get a chance in JYJ with JaeJoong and YuChun around. But, Junsu’s low vocal has a different characteristic as compare to the duo. His low vocal range wouldn’t be any inferior to his hyungs. I guess, he just needs to have more practice and confidence about his low vocal ranges. I want to believe that the songs that is recorded in this album reflects the real identity of Junsu – Junsu’s music identity. He should also try out different kind of genre, especially those that he or JYJ has never done before. And, Junsu didn’t try to rap in this album. It wasn’t a great one for his previous rap. Rap just isn’t one of the things that he’s good with. But, I do believe that with some practice, Junsu would be able to find his kind of rap. One thing about this album, although there’s quite a couple of featuring, there’s no duet. And, the ballads songs are quite similar. Most of it actually sounds like tracks suitable for OST. Honestly, the genres of the album isn’t as wide as I’d had expected it to be. Songs that Junsu has breakthrough or that I’m satisfied with for this album: Tarantallegra, Set Me Free, Intoxication and Lullaby.


This was my only song track for the whole afternoon today. Listening to this several times make me feel like this is like an illusion, like a hypnotize, or like a spell.  I think Junsu’s music has mature with this song. Or rather, should I say that this is the real Junsu and the kind of music that represents him? The way he sings the song and “play” around with it is up to my expectation. You can feel the “power” of the lyrics from the way he sings it and of course the background mixing of the song does the trick as well. But, this is really a song that’s made-to-fit Kim Junsu’s voice and style. A lot of effort is definitely being put into making this song.

I was watching the MV for the first time and the first thought that came into my mind was. “I know Junsu is good at dancing within the trio, but in this MV, he seems to have surpass even his own self.” Junsu’s dance has indeed improve. The way he “cut” his dance moves and his expressions as well. I like the concept that is being used in the MV. It really suits the song. I like the dark concept.

I can’t wait to see him perform live for this song.

It was a song that I was waiting for after hearing it twice on Park YuChun’s drama “Rooftop Prince”. It is a slow ballad song with some low notes. One of the main reason why I was looking forward to listen to this song – Junsu’s low notes. I want to know how much improvement he has made. I can’t say he didn’t disappont me or did not. He manage the song well. But, it wasn’t exactly the husky low voice that I thought would happen. Neverthe less, he did manage to sing out the lyrics of the song. I don’t mean literally the lyrics but the meaning and the feelings that the lyrics is trying to express. If you listen to it for a couple of times, you would really feel that, “Ah, I really don’t want to fall in love anymore.”

Sometimes, when listening to a certain song, you get to see some images in your mind. This is one of those songs. I would have to say the lyrics did a huge part of that influence, then Junsu’s voice and the background music. It really hurts – the lyrics. There are a lot of ballad love songs out there, each explaining a different meaning. But, this seems to refer to a love that was love so deeply and unforgetable that you don’t want to fall in love again, afraid that you’d fall into the same love trap of seperation and saddness.

Thumb up for Junsu, I’ll be looking forward to the rest of your songs from your first solo album.

1. Get Out
I like how the music started with piano and heart beat sounds. Then it went on with a dialogue by YC. But I feel it could be better if they had added a female voice too so there’s a question and answer. I had heard the song previously at their concert and I try not to do comparison with it. The mixing of this album version and the fresh version sung at their concert was different. But nevertheless, the vocal and the spirit put into singing the song is the same. The music and lyric speak about betrayal by one’s best friend and one’s lover and it kind of give a certain amount of anxiety and frustration of the lost. It could be felt through the way the song was protrayed by JYJ. The last verse of the song was very well mixed, I thought; the way it was mixed and cut really brings the song to a certain high then it comes to a sudden close.

2. In Heaven
The song started out with a slow and somewhat sad melody and then dialogues were added but I feel that it could be expressed out more sadly to suit the melody and the starting part when JJ’s voice comes in. The recorded version is nicely mixed and I like the flow of the whole song that brings it up to the peak step by step. But one thing I heard during the live they sang at the concert was the heart ache of losing someone that is close to them but in the recorded version, the feeling wasn’t as strong. But, it still feels like a sad and heart felt song. I’m sure it’d be a song that will remind people of the love ones they lost and how they hate to lose them.

3. Fallen Leaves
I liked this song the first time I heard it. It has a very nice opening with piano and violin. I like the combination of piano and violin. And JJ’s voice feels really floaty and soft when he hits the first few notes. This is a song that makes me picture something in my mind as the melody and voices sing. It is sometimes a song that brings tears to my eyes which reminds me of people I hold dear and how much they mean to me and to what extend can I make sacrifices for them. I like how they cut down the parts – which part to be sang by which member because it really songs good as a whole. Their voices totally matches in to the background melody. This is a very well-written song.

4. The Boy’s Letter
Frankly, I don’t quite like the start of the melody but it’s fine when the violin and piano melody come in because it started out low pitch. The overall mixing of the song seems to be fine. This is a very meaningful song with a nice melody that could be used to delicate the song to a love one. It is also a song that gives courage to a person. As the song goes on, the pitch starts to get higher and higher and no doubt the three voices combined would have give credit to the song. Of course, it also brings down to the person who wrote the song because he would understand the charm of his members’ voices better than anyone.

5. Mission
The very first time round when I listened to this song, I don’t like the mixing because I find it messy and noisy. But as I come to listen to it more and more, I begin to understand how it works. And of course, this song is a fast track that brings out the power of JYJ’s voices. This is a very JS-song. One hear and you’d know who wrote the song. Then I started to like the chorus of the song. It kind of brings motivation to a person when one feel lost. And needless to say, YC’s rap that was written in such a short time frame. I’m glad YC wrote the rap at first thought to suit their music style and not change it time and again to accomodate.

6. I.D.S
Overall, the song is nice. I like the chorus part as well as the background vocals. When listening to the last part of the song, I never fails to move along with the melody.

7. Pierrot
It is a nice theme to write about for a song. It is not easy to express the thought of something else that has been though of but I think JJ did a good job in writing the lyrics and not to forget YC for his parts of the song as well. Frankly, listening to this song reminds me of my teenage years when I was growing and trying to break free of the control of my parents and I never understood how the adult world works  and like a Pierrot, I wanted to have wings of my own to be able to dream and break free into a world I call my own.

8. You’re
JJs’ voice feels very smooth and dreamy at the start and then kicks in YC’s low sexy voice. When the second verse kicks in where JS’s voice comes in, it seems like the song entered into a different world and then when the chorus part started, it changed again. Somehow, I hear more of JS’s low pitch voice much more in this song as compared to other songs. Any fan of JYJ would have think that this song belongs to them and JYJ and how each can’t live without the support of each other just like a puzzle can never be a picture if any one of the pieces is missing. It is a song that gives hope and promises. And, I like how the rap part came in at the song and how the ending was ended with a dialogue by YC’s sexy low voice.

9. Nine
I like how the melody of the music goes for the different verses and how their voices blend into each other. And verse 1 of the first and second part feels like questions that a person would ask oneself which has been penned nicely into lyrics for a song that doesn’t feel awkward with the rest of the lyrics. The lyrics of the song tells one not to turn back to look at the past because what’s past is history and only look forward into the future and also finding soul mates who will walk that path with you and believe in them.

10. A song without a name
I like the start of the song with piano. The whole track is about the story of JJ, YC and JS written into a rap song. To me, it is rapping to tell the story and a melody to go with the rap. But the melody and lyric of JS and JJ singing sounds really pleasant to me. To put it really straightforward and frank, it is nothing like the rap songs that I’ve heard so far and it is really long for a 8-minute rap song. As a JYJ fan and someone who understands Korean perfectly well, I can appreciate the song. But to an outsider, who views it as a 100% rap song instead of a rap song that tells the story of JYJ, they probably wouldn’t be able to understand. Since the reason for the rap song is to tell of the story of JYJ but not exactly a rap song.

For JYJ.
JYJ has mature a lot in their styles of writing music. I think JYJ should put their daily lives and things that goes on around them or things that goes on to people around them into the writing of their songs. They have somewhat started to. That somehow will make the songs feel more life-like and closer to people. I remember that JJ said that he wanted people to listen to their songs and find meaning and courage from their songs. I haven’t really been able to do that quite yet. They are three talented people and I have high hope and expectations of them which I’m very sure, they would never fail to suprise me.

I look forward to their next album.

Simple lyrics, simple melody, simple background music, simple voice.
These are what’s required for a nice piece of music.

JaeJoong wrote and penned the song. I was wondering what image did he has or what story has he to tell when he wrote the song. I tried to image a picture in my mind so I can understand what he’s singing better. This song has been sung with so much emotion in it. I think I am able to understand.

A guy loves a girl.
He falls in love with her unknowningly.
He starts to protect her unknowingly.
And starts to be bothered about little things of hers.
He couldn’t pass a single day not looking at her.
But her heart is not with him.
He knows that he couldn’t have her.
Yet he’s unable to give up liking her.
He wants to make her stay.
And he couldn’t stop liking her more each.

Because the composer wrote the song and sang it himself, he had written it in such a way that he matches his voice.
It is not one of the best song that JaeJoong has written but it’s another song that I’d add to the list of my “Best Listened”.
I am wondering what his voice would sound like without the music. It should be so nice that one could listen to sleep.

This is the OST song to the drama and I haven’t been able to watch the drama so I wasn’t able to link the song to the drama. But then again, my review would be fair since no scenes of the drama will come to mind. I guess the feel of the song would be different if I’ve watched the drama and listened to the song then reviewed it.

The song feels light on the first hear. It sounds like a song that could be listened on the beach with the feel of the wind blowing into your face. I tried not to listen to the lyrics because it’s a song about non-returned love. I can’t say that the song is made for Yuchun’s voice but he didn’t sound too bad singing the song or at least I can’t think of any better voices that could sing the song. The notes of the song actually matches his vocal range. The song actually gives people the courage to be good and fall in love with someone even if their love is not returned. It’s a light-hearted song yet not a sad love song. Or perhaps it was the mixing of the background music.

It’s not one of YuChun’s best song but yet it is a song that can be listened to many times and gradually fall in love with the melody of the song.

Listening to Kim Junsu’s That Man full version for the first time. I have things to say!

Junsu hardly ever sings in low notes. Most of the time, he would be given high notes parts for all of his songs. So he didn’t get a chance to show his low notes singing capability.

From the song, I can tell that he’s very cautious at singing those low notes. But he manage to protray the song well. It has a different feel created as compared to the original version. But of course, given the credit that he’s one of the best Korean singers there’s no reason why Junsu will fail to give the song a credit.

What I feel is that, actually he sounds good singing low notes too. He should sing and practice more so he can gain more confidence and find more stability in his voice for low notes. Although there’s a slim chance he can do that unless he’s singing solo songs.

This sound is recorded live.

Thumbs up for Junsu!