I actually preferred the acoustic version compared to the original version. I didn’t need to look at who’s done the mixing and compostion to know it. It just wasn’t the kind of style I was looking at Park Bom’s music. I was kinda disappointed until this acoustic version comes about.

I really need to give her the credits for her vocals. She doesn’t have a wide vocal range but manages her notes and pitches well. From this acoustic version of Don’t Cry, her unique voice stands out more and she was able to protray a message from the song. I’m not saying that her vocals in the original version wasn’t good but it just didn’t stand out due to the background music and mixing.

During the chorus part of the acoustic version starting from “it’s ok baby please don’t cry”, she didn’t fail to spend chills down my spine. Of course I understand fully of the lyrics which might also be part of the reason why.

As I listen to the song, an image and then strings of images come afloat my mind and then a story forms; a story not told true the lyrics of the song but a story that’s been told through the music as a whole – guitar sound, vocal, lyrics, feelings etc