Basically I think the song has a “very CN Blue” feel. I felt that when I listened to it. CN BLUE has a very unique style of their own music. Or should I say the way YongHwa sings his verses? From the first time I’ve watched him sang, he has always given me that feeling “confidence”. Sometimes this “confidence” can be so “over” it can make one feel that it’s arrogant. But I feel that that’s the way the song is. The song is the kind of song that one would listen while walking in a very fast pace and not sitting down peacefully or over a book. I like the style of CN BLUE and have watched them since their debut in Korea. The group has 4 members and 2 main members sings more and 2 members does most of the rapping. Basically I feel that each CN BLUE members have their own “feel” and combined, they give a different feel. There are certain numbers, like intitution, that suits YongHwa more and certain numbers that suits the other memberes better. It is a group that has a long way and a lot of talent in music and live band music especially. I’ll look forward to their next song.

Overall, if you’re a 100% CN BLUE fan, you’d love this number at first hear. If you aren’t you’d come to like it after a few hears because the music really brings out confidence. Although the lyrics says otherwise.