I’ve always admired Hwayobi for her unique husky voice and I think she has great vocals too. She has always managed to protray the songs using her own feelings and voice very well.

The song kicked off with the sounds of piano, something light. At the first break of the voice, it is not hard to tell that the song is going to be a sad love song. Even with the keys of the piano, it was easy to tell. Perphas because I understand the lyrics, I was able to feel what the song meant to tell. It was chosen to suit the storyline of drama Ripley but I personally feel that the song has its own story to tell.

It tells of someone who yearns for the love of someone who would actually be 100% truthful and someone who can heal the wounds that seems to have left a mark so deep it cannot be removed. And even when true love find, that person is still not able to open up her heart and trust the other party because she was hurt so badly she couldn’t take it anymore.

Even if the lyrics couldn’t be well understood, I believe that the mixing of the music and the voice of Hwayobi makes it a song with a sad story to tell.