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This song was very much anticipated by me. And I’d have to say that Junsu did not disappoint me. The 2nd time that he had sang for a drama OST officially. It cross my mind that his voice might be suitable for dramas OST. But it has never cross my mind, Junsu’s voice without JJ and YC’s voice can also stand out so well without that harmony.

His voice penetrates my heart. I know what the lyrics meant so I know exactly what he’s singing. I try not to relate to the drama. The starting of the song is actually quite low note and I find to be a new charm of Junsu to be able to hear him sing his low notes so often. And I’m sure he has gotten quite confident about his low notes these days.

As soon as the song kicks into the second verse, I have this feeling. If Junsu was to be singing this song right in front of my eyes at the moment, I’d have the tendency to want to go up and give him a warm hug.

This is a song that you can listen to upteen times and yet not get sick of it that fast.

Two thumbs up, Kim Junsu!

PS~> I expect a good album from JYJ!


This is the OST song to the drama and I haven’t been able to watch the drama so I wasn’t able to link the song to the drama. But then again, my review would be fair since no scenes of the drama will come to mind. I guess the feel of the song would be different if I’ve watched the drama and listened to the song then reviewed it.

The song feels light on the first hear. It sounds like a song that could be listened on the beach with the feel of the wind blowing into your face. I tried not to listen to the lyrics because it’s a song about non-returned love. I can’t say that the song is made for Yuchun’s voice but he didn’t sound too bad singing the song or at least I can’t think of any better voices that could sing the song. The notes of the song actually matches his vocal range. The song actually gives people the courage to be good and fall in love with someone even if their love is not returned. It’s a light-hearted song yet not a sad love song. Or perhaps it was the mixing of the background music.

It’s not one of YuChun’s best song but yet it is a song that can be listened to many times and gradually fall in love with the melody of the song.

Listening to Kim Junsu’s That Man full version for the first time. I have things to say!

Junsu hardly ever sings in low notes. Most of the time, he would be given high notes parts for all of his songs. So he didn’t get a chance to show his low notes singing capability.

From the song, I can tell that he’s very cautious at singing those low notes. But he manage to protray the song well. It has a different feel created as compared to the original version. But of course, given the credit that he’s one of the best Korean singers there’s no reason why Junsu will fail to give the song a credit.

What I feel is that, actually he sounds good singing low notes too. He should sing and practice more so he can gain more confidence and find more stability in his voice for low notes. Although there’s a slim chance he can do that unless he’s singing solo songs.

This sound is recorded live.

Thumbs up for Junsu!