First of all I need to say that I’m not a fan of Junsu but I admire the kind of passion he has for music and dance. I’ve always called him JYJ’s Kim Junsu and I’ve heard many others calling him musical actor Kim Junsu. I know that he has the ability in singing and dance but I wasn’t able to convince myself until I’ve seen it with my own eyes and hear it with me own ears. It was an amazing experience.

It was my first time watching a musical and I was very much excited about it. Two big reasons being, it’s Mozart! and it’s by Junsu. I went on the first show of his musical Mozart! And I was complaining about how far the venue is. It took me about 2 hours from my house.

The musical kicked off telling how Mozart grew up, came to be like and genius in music, his objective in music, left house, fall in love, his desire to see the world, get married, his regrets and how he had come to die.

Junsu, on the musical stage appeared as another Kim Junsu to me. He showed a side of himself that I’ve never seen before in any of the other stages. He is truely talented as a musical actor and as a singer. I was sitting on the 2nd floor and at the 2nd row from the back. I get a very good view of the whole stage but I wasn’t able to see any of the actors’ expressions. All the other musical actors weer very amazing with their singing and acting skills and it was truely a 2 thumbs up show.  Junsu, too, moved me with his acting skills and singing skills or should I say his skills and ways of expressing Mozart and his music. With his singing and acting, even though I wasn’t able to see his facial expressions, I could tell what kind of story he’s trying to tell. It was as if he was telling his own story and as if he wasn’t acting. It was indeed touching. The way he sung on his musical stage was very much different as that of his concert stage. As compared to his concert stage, his musical stage moved me. I can remember I was always putting on a smile and shocking facial expression at how good Kim Junsu can be. His voice, under the companion of the orchestral, really strikes one deep in. Perhaps my understanding of the lyrics helped to a certain level of impact. But I feel, even if I don’t, I would still be touched by the voice of Junsu’s. Because he definitely did manage to express with his voice, the story that the lyrics meant to convey. Thumbs up! Kim Junsu!

I was truely impressed.

-What he can improve on-

I was having a slight blockage as I think back Junsu’s performance that night to think what improvements can he make. His singing was really impressive. As a newbie in the musical scene, he has done well but I hope to see more improvements on his acting skills such that he doesn’t requires any songs or script for him to express out his feelings; but just acting alone.